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  1. Wholesale marine has some kits for a resonable price i am just wondering if they will be benafical
  2. I just bought a 2004 254 sunestia with the 5.7 gxi this last winter so im just getting it out the boat preforms great but i was wondering if trim tabs would give the boat more control planing and handling chop
  3. Thanks that was helpful mines a 95 to 1 so ithink im good i put the fuel pump on and im getting 5000 out of it so i think im good now loving my chap
  4. Thanks guys i appreciate the help. Now if my fuel pump would get here i could take it out and run it
  5. No i bought it out of California its a repo,I live in Ut i got to try it out once in november before i was forced to park it and look at it all winter and it was only running WOT 4200 rpm it just seems low , my old OMC Cobra would run 5200 rpm but i dont know about the GXI 5.7 with the duo prop, I was told it has an F 6 set of props
  6. I recently bought a 254 sunestia with the gxi 5.7 what prop should i be using for my elavation between 4000 and 6000 feet
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