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  1. It is very hard to tell. I took the small carport section out the front compartments. Best I can tell it appears to go down into a open channel (a drain which appears to drain to the engine conmpartment. I do not see a hose on it. It just has unfinished fiberglass with a hole for the water to drain in what looks like a open channel. It is so hard to see anything in that area. I have a freind that has a camera tool with a long extension I will borrow. Maybe I will have a better view to see how it is made. Question. Does anyone have this model boat that they can look to see if they have a hose l
  2. Yes, it does work. In fact, everything works on the boat less the radio remotes. The boat only has linke 11 hours on it. I bought it with only 8 hours on it from a guy in Baton Rouge. It was only use in fresh water and strored in a warehouse. It really never got rain on and stayd outdoors for the most part. It looks brand new. When I bought it, the guy mentioned it was normal to have water in thoses compartment. At the time, I took it face value. Now I know that is not the case and I want to solve the issue. Guys, I want take this time and thank everyone for the great support! We will find the
  3. The problem is NOT resolved yet. Now that we are starting to get warmer temperatures I will be putting the boat in the water soon. I did open and unscrew every section and checked every hose and fitting. Every thing appears to be in place and tight. It is very hard to service these areas where the fittings are located. Bad design in reference to servicing these areas in my opinion. I will get a few friends with flash lights to watch for water next time a put the boat in the water. I think it is the anchor section could be the issue. I do not see how the water drains out. It appears to
  4. If water gets into the anchor section, where does the water supposed go to? I unscrewed the sections of carport inside the storage compartment and checked with a flashlight (because it is so hard to access). Best I can tell, all hose fittings and hoses are in place and appear to be tight. I did notice the the anchor sections has a hole for the water to drain. But it appears it just drains in an open channel. No hose or even a fitting to connect a hose on it. David
  5. The lower ski storage always has water. I thought that was normal also. I always rinse with freah water prior to storing the boat and open all compartment and allow it to dry in the sun. I have learned over the years not to store a wet boat. So I do not have any mold. I keep a close eye on that. But I do know get water in all compartments on a 1 hour boat run with no large waves, flat water run. NOw I know I have a leak to find I will not have time to look at this until the weekend. I will keep you posted on my findings. I will get pictures
  6. Thanks for all the support gentlemen. This is my first time owning a Chaparral. Seems to be built very good. I didn't feel Chaparral would install carpet in those compartment if Engineers designed it for dry storage. I bought the boat last summer and only used a few times. The guy that I bought it from could not afford to keep it was the only reason he sold it. He claimed it was normal to have water. I guess the the boat always had a loose connection and the original owner didn't question the dealer. I will contact Chaparral and see if they will help me resolve. Thanks again for the support, D
  7. Thanks for the support. I got the my main question answered. The compartment should be dry. That's what I though but had to confirm. Now that I know, I will start looking for the leak. Thanks again, David
  8. I have a 2007 204 SSI, it only has 80 hours on it. Should it matter how fast or slow I used the boat? Is the boat designed for the storage to stay dry? It is not from rain. I keep the boat in dry warehouse. When I run the boat all storage areas are wet. I docked the boat and open the engine area and I do not see a drop of water coming in the boat. I do understand that if a stop sudden i can get some smash in from the the waves. Even under the back bench seat it gets wet. Basically I have no dry storage. Any ideas?
  9. Is it normal for the front storage compartment to always get wet? If I run taking the boat out to run the engine, when I dock the boat the carpets are always wet. Is there a plug open that should be plugged?
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