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  1. You also have to have the trailer at the correct depth or your bow is going to get pushed off to the side, especially will high freeboard catching the wind. I always had good luck with the PVC over aluminum pole guides. P.S. Did I mention I try not to go boating when it is windy.
  2. I see both ways. Like to know what the 260 owners are using. Thanks for your reply
  3. Also, does the 260 Signature require a triple wheel trailer because of the weight? I want to purchase the Load rite elite aluminum trailer.
  4. Looking at purchasing a 260 Signature. I passed on the 1994 24 Signature because of the core plug issues during the surveyor inspection. After waiting three weeks for the seller to have the repairs done I decided to look for another 240 or 260. What size trailer would I need? I am planning to trailer the boat approx 100 miles round trip 2 or 3 times a month. I need the overall weight and bow eye to drain plug measurement for a 260 with extended plane hull.
  5. You might have a pitot tube or paddle wheel located on the transom for speed instead of on the backside of your lower unit. The tube is probably clogged. If you can get to the back of the gauge, remove the tubing from the gauge and blow compressed air back into it towards the transom to help clear it out. While you have the gauge disconnected, blow low pressure air ( 2 to 3 psi) into the gauge to see if it moves.
  6. I usually trailer my boat. I thought I was getting a good deal when I purchase gas from a gas station instead of the higher priced marina gas. Little did I know, some Marina's have ethanol free gas. With the threat of gas stations maybe starting to carry 15% ethanol gas I think the Marina gas is now a bargin.
  7. Looking forward to taking delivery of your boat only to be disappointed is not the way it should go. Hopefully the dealer will make it right and back charge the MFG. Chaparral needs to start monitoring this forum. The best advertisement comes from their satisfied customers.
  8. Not sure what the other boats have. The 240 Signatures only have a 3 wire connection, 10 gauge wire for shore power. No 240 VAC on the boats.
  9. Here is the parts list for the 2006 240 Signature: 2008 was a 250 Signature: http://forum.chaparralboats.com/publications/PartsGuides/Signature/2006/240.pdf
  10. Shore power for smaller boats is usually 3 wire, 30 amp, 1 phase
  11. Sometimes it pays to have others do the job. Just make sure they don't over charge you because of their discomfort.
  12. What is the model number?
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