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  1. I have taken the boat out four times now and just noticed some missing screws from my trolling motor mount. All of them were loose and cannot get them to snug up. I was wondering if lock tight should be applied or if that would not make a difference. Anybody else having this problem? Fixes?
  2. I have a 2013 H2O with 10 hours on it and I noticed my lower unit oil reservoir is showing the level at the add oil line. Is this normal for a new motor that is being broken in? I want to say that someone said it is normal but not sure. Also, is there a particular lower unit oil that I need to add or is any acceptable?
  3. They are surge disc brakes. The fifth pin keeps the surge brakes from engaging while backing. A 4 to 5 pin connector is only 10 or so deer and can be bought at most boat dealers.
  4. If you have trailer surge brakes then you must use them. The reason being, when you back the boat up the trailer brakes will engage unless you have the 5 pin adapter connected. The fifth pin detects when your in reverse and will disengage the surge brake system. I learned that when I first used mine.
  5. I want to do the hatch install on my port console as well. Does Chaparral sell the additional hatch door to match the other one and if so do you know how much?
  6. Yeah I live in Kentucky and was hoping for a boat ride tomorrow but looks like rain all day
  7. When you remove your drain plug does it have the tube connected to drain your engine oil? Ours does and will make the 20 hour engine oil change much easier.
  8. I have the Have the FS version and I am already looking to put an additional fish finder up by the trolling motor. I also have taken on very little water in the hull.
  9. I have a red 2013 H2O and love it. I have 5 hours now and have not had it above 3200 Rpms or about 41mph. I have varied the throttle and have me not used a drop of oil or gear oil.
  10. I agree cyclops, here recently anything mechical and computer related has problems. The last thing I want is an error code while I'm 10 miles from the ramp that keeps me from getting her back there for some BS reason.
  11. Thanks for the info. So when the trolling motor battery level drops in will send surges, makes sense.
  12. I like the plug idea so I can remove it wires and all when we go skiing.
  13. Great ideas all. I just wander how much draw there is to my cranking battery running two fish finders the last I want to do is to kill my cranking batt. The way I look at it is, if my trolling battery is going dead I won't be fishing anymore anyway and wouldn't need my finder up at the bow anyway.
  14. Learning here and open for all suggestions. The wires for the finder do not plug in. They're are just wires.
  15. Yes 12v. Since I will be mounting the finder on the bow next to the trolling motor mount I was thinking about just running the wires down and over to the receptacle plug in for the motor. That why the wires would not be exposed?
  16. Sorry for confusion. The current fish finder was installed by factory to the battery for the boat. I wanting to install another one and I'm not sure where to actually hook it up at in the front of the boat. I don't have much experience with wiring but if someone told me where to hook it up at I could. I guess would I just run it back to the trolling motor battery instead of having two of them pulling the main battery? I would've to just splice into the trolling motor plug in at the front of the bow?
  17. My boat is a fish and ski model and came with a trolling motor already mounted. I was trying to find a power source besides the trolling motor itself to power the additional depth finder. I didn't know if any other H2O owners had any experience with this.
  18. That's just it, they don't use synthetic oil from the factory. We called and ask them.
  19. I was thinking of putting a second fishfinder by trolling motor with a trolling motor transducer. I was wondering what would be a good power source to run it off of, trolling motor itself, lights? Any suggestions?
  20. True it's only a few more dollars. It's kinda like Radon in your house, you either believe it's bad or you don't.
  21. I thought about that lampchop. Fuel and oil are two different things in a four stroke. I just think its funny a mechanic would talk me out of more money if he didn't have too. I believe he was just being honest. I think after a few years I might run synthetic but not a must in a brand new engine.
  22. Haven't boat any wax yet, suggestions? Also what type of cleaner do use just to wipe it down. I was thinking of something like Mcguires cleaner/wax.
  23. Top speed is supposed to be around 52Mph. I have hit 40-41 a couple times but only for a few seconds and have varied the throttle from 25-41.
  24. Ok new mechanic it is, thanks guys:)
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