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  1. mrvideo

    Parasailing for Recreational Boaters

  2. mrvideo

    246 SSI TOWER

    When shopping for a boat, I fell in love with the appearance of the tower. Initially, it was purely a cosmetics reason to have it. After learning to wake board, we use our tower to pull skiers almost every weekend of the summer. To me its a no brain'r. Our bimini top mounts to the tower and folds up easily with a zipper on cover. It takes about 5 minutes to open or close including installation or removal of the cover... Only disappointing thing is we cant pull someone from the tower with the Bimini open. Otherwise We use both on a regular basis. Hope this helps.
  3. Hi Guys and Dolls, It is supposed to snow tomorrow in NJ, and i'm already thinking about the Spring 2015 Boating Season !!! I have been browsing for a new toy, and I came across these Parasails available for Recreational boaters. Does anyone have any information about these... Any feedback is great.. including after doing it a few times, does the interest wear off ?
  4. mrvideo

    Class III vs Class IV Hitch ?

    Thanks for the responses.
  5. mrvideo

    Class III vs Class IV Hitch ?

    I have a 2008 256 ssi w/ a volvo 496. I just purchased a new tow vehicle, 2012 Infinity QX56. I believe the boat weight is aprox 5400 lbs plus 1500 lb trailer... Should I be looking at a class IV hitch ? Any brands suggestions ? Thanks in advance.
  6. mrvideo

    256 SSi with no front Nav lights

    I was out for the first time this year at dusk and turned on the Nav lights. The top white light came on in both positions, but the front Navigation lights wouldn't come on. It is the type that can be flipped up or down. I rotated it several times with no success. Any suggestions for trouble shooting ?
  7. mrvideo

    Just scored this one owner 1989 2100 SX Sport….

    Congrats, it looks to be in excellent condition. Welcome to the group.
  8. mrvideo

    Diving for Gas Cap

    Yesterday I was gassing up before spending the day on the water with friends. Between the slack in the rope and a gust of wind, the boat gently bumped the dock (I did have two bumpers out..). Unfortunately, the gas cap was hanging on its silver ball chain between the two, absorbed the energy, and dropped to the bay floor. The gas attendant says it happens all the time and the water at high tide is aprox. 15' deep. Fortunately I had my swimming trunks on, dove down and started to look for the cap. The first thing I came up with was a huge Conch shell with a living snail. It took a few more attempts, and I finally came up with the gas cap !!! Now its time to get a spare cap.
  9. mrvideo

    Serpentine Belt

    I sprung a leak last summer, and the belt got wet and chewed itself up. I ordered 2 overnight. One to use, the other to have as a spare...
  10. mrvideo

    Just Got Her...

    Congrats. A Wakeboard, Tube, Skis, and a tow line and your all set.. Have Fun !!!
  11. mrvideo

    Finally found her...

    Coopaloop, I know when shopping for a new toy the excitement sometimes clouds my better judgement... I was in the same position when shopping for a boat. It seemed that the ones I found had to many hours, to few options, the wrong color, to high of a price.... My only suggestion is patience will bring you the right boat. As suggested by others, have a Survey by a certified surveyor and have a motor evaluation done with an oil test. I would recommend not having the marina that has been doing the service work do this evaluation. Get an independent evaluation. Good luck, and I look forward to seeing the pix of your new boat...
  12. I just put Lenco 12 x 12 trim tabs on and I have the Led switch. I started to play with them over the weekend. Can someone tell me their methods of adjusting their tabs and engine trim.
  13. mrvideo

    Seadek Installed - 2013 Sunesta 264 Extreme

    Looks Great ! We were just talking about getting something like that this weekend. How many deer did it set you back ? Btw, I also like the house in the background !
  14. mrvideo

    Top and Bimini Question

    It might be ok, but is it worth the gamble ? When you compare the breakdown and setup time vs the replacement cost, it seems a big $$$ gamble to save a little bit of time.
  15. mrvideo

    Trim tabs and the effects on Wakeboarding

    I just had the 12 x 12 Lenco tabs installed and am dying to try them. They were mounted on the outside. One of the goals I was hoping on is a cleaner wake when wake boarding with the bow down at 20 mph. Previously it was very difficult to keep the bow down when only going 20 mph. I would play with the trim and it seems that the better I made the wake the higher the bow.... Unless I speed up to 24+ I was constantly fighting a choppy wake.