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  1. I'm very new regarding boats, but I really fell in love with this one and couldn't resist buying it last year in June. It has less than 20 hrs. Went to see lakes Horsetooth, Boyd Lake, and Carter Lake. Because of the drought we couldn't boat much longer. I love this new experience. May needs right now are to add more hand rails to go up and down the ladder , it's kind of hard for me and my family. Should I go to any hardware store and get them or need to go to my dealer? When I park my boat in the lake the feel I need to add more cleats so more bumpers can be attached. Or I'm wrong? The only downside about my Chap is the radio. Try to connect my iPod and couldn't get good sound from it, so I just turn it off and radio alone doesn't have a good sound either. It seems to be a radio defect. Any ideas? Or should I get a new radio. A little upset because was planning to get the tower this Spring with nice speakers. I'm in Northern Colorado area Fort Collins