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  1. I posted this a few years ago... went back and found it so here's the text and the link. Take Iggy's advice and invest in a USCG course. If one is not available, see if you can find a Good Samaritan boater who will spend some time with you and perhaps make a complete run on the water with you including launch and recovery.... I've done a few of these myself and there are lots of experienced boaters who don't need much of a reason to get on the water...Good luck. There are plenty of experts here that know a lot more than me and probably could sum this up in half the words, but since we ar
  2. nkdenton


    Hello brick, cyclops, phillbo -- still alive and kicking down here in NoALA. Still got the 246 - PuraVida is headed to dewinterize on Monday and maybe we'll get in 40-50 hrs on the water this year. There's always hope... Last 3 seasons had more family care/elder care issues and cut back on our Chap time and my time to spend here with you guys. Good to see cyclops is still the same old cyclops..... Hi to Hatem, Wingnut, and the rest of the gang. Not sure if my profile even has my info anymore but maybe I'll update it and see ya on here in the coming weeks... I might look i
  3. Not dead yet and still have the Chap. Funny how a life event like aging parents and loss of one of them totally changes a pair of boating fanatics to "gee, I hope we can get out more than three times this year." We'll see. Boat's at the dealer getting a new chart plotter installed and replacing a couple of cast aluminum parts that didn't survive the extremely harsh freezes we had last winter in normally mild North Alabama....A normal year used to be on the water by mid-April - hoping to be out by 4th of July this year. But, we dropped the season tix to my alma mater this fall so we'll extend i
  4. I upgraded from a 20'6" Tahoe to a '12 246 SSI. 20 deg dead rise to 22 deg. Never looked back, but I will say two things on this: 1) IMHO dead rise is part of the equation but boat weight and hull length have as much to do with the ride as dead rise of the hull., and 2) the first boat you buy is where you figure out what you REALLY want in a boat. For me it was a longer hull, a higher freeboard, tilt steering, and a Bravo 3 drive. My advice is to not make the decision based on ride alone but also for the total package. You might need two seasons or even three to shake out exactly what your lis
  5. Here's all I have to say on this subject: https://youtu.be/hrpI01yegm8
  6. Thanks all - I gave the service mgr at the "C" big box outfitter a chance to chase it down. Hose came loose - apparently after I planed out and ran for a half mile or so at high RPM. Not sure which hose but they just called with an apology and said the boats ready. Now, do I have the courage to leave sight of the marina again......
  7. Well, I haven't owned a 196 but I can definitely say that a 3200lb 20'6" Tahoe Q6 with an 8' beam and a 22 deg dead rise in anything more than 1 foot chop is #$^%, and that's on an inland river lake that is 4.5 miles across at the widest point. A 4500lb 24'6" Chap 246 with an 8'6" beam and a 20 deg dead rise in anything more than 2 1/2 foot chop that can't be quartered effectively is #$^%. 18" chop is okay. Your call, of course - those are the configs and waters I have experience powerboating on, as well as sailing in the Gulf of Mexico and off the Georgia coast. I can say th
  8. I did my installation myself - a DIYer with average to above average skills should be able to do it in a half day. It will take you 2 1/2 hrs to do the first one and 30 minutes to do the second one. Your tab mfr will have some installation location guidelines - mostly related to placement relative to strakes and the outboard edge of the transom. You want to go as far outboard from the prop as possible to get maximum effect from the tabs and have minimal effect on water flow past the prop and lower unit cooling water intake. I chose Lencos but Bennetts are fine as well. If you can af
  9. As Cyclops points out, you can over-rev the engine - think about running down the highway in a car w manual transmission at 90mph and then pushing the clutch in without taking your foot off the accelerator.... and yes, if your passengers are not anticipating the same turn and G force as you are (remember you are nearer the center of gravity of the hull than someone in the bow or stern) then you could inadvertently throw them overboard or into the windshield, etc. Just as you as the operator are able to anticipate acceleration and lean into it because you're feeling the throttle but your p
  10. I installed Lenco electric actuated tabs on my 246 about 3 years ago. It was the best mod to a boat I've ever done.
  11. True, but Indian canoes didn't have 250hp to do 45mph, either. Let's see if he knows what a head sea is. If he does and he knows how to run in one, then fine.
  12. Get used to it not working. Across 2 different boats and 10 years of ownership, I've had a working pitot tube speedo exactly 2.25 seasons.
  13. Impeller is one season old so barring a failure of some sort its in good shape. Will put the muffs on and see what I can see....thanks.
  14. I wouldn't. Boating on river reservoirs and mountain lakes with chop at 18"-2' beats the crap out of you in a 20 foot boat. Bow width isn't a factor one way or the other - the V hull is what is important in taking on rough water. If you don't know how to boat in a head sea, then you should probably skip this one....
  15. Agree with all here (except perhaps the PWC reco). I usually listen to make sure I'm not blowing the prop out which almost always requires trim at or near full in. The reverse chine on the Chaps make cornering a lot of fun but you have to make sure your passengers are aware and safe.
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