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  1. boabrams

    Graphics for 2000 Sunesta 232

    Does anyone know where I can purchase the blue side graphics for Sunesta 232 - year is 2000. Also looking for the oval Sunesta 232 decals on the sides?
  2. boabrams

    Bunk spacing for Sunesta 232

    I don't have a trailer to use as a guide and am setting up my just purchased 2000 Sunesta 232 on my boat lift. My bunk height is 10" and have them currently spaced at 50" from outside edges (suggested by the dealer). With this dimension, I am hitting the I-beam in the front on the bottom of the V-hull. I can raise the bunks but suspect I have them spread too far apart and it would be easier to properly adjust versus replacing parts to raise the bunks with angle iron. Can anyone suggest bunk spacing for both fore and aft? Thanks, Bob