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  1. Chett

    SSX Graphic

    Thanks, I did and they don't have my color. I will take a 256 SSx decal and make it fit. Waiting for dealers to open tomorrow and see if still available.
  2. Chett

    SSX Graphic

    I am in need both sides of 2009 236 SSX graphic Carbon Red 14.00403. Any body have a good source?
  3. Chett

    SSX Graphic

    I am in need both sides of 2009 SSX graphic Carbon Red 14.00403. Any body have a good source?
  4. I had a similar problem and ended up being the ECM. My ECM did the very same thing to the injectors when it was warm. There ended up being a retro ECM and harness that solved the problem
  5. Chett

    No idle

    Was out this weekend on a buddy's boat because his brother was the DD. All was good until the second stop of the poker run. Alarm and 2 beeps every couple minutes. Called my mechanic and he said the IAC was the cause. So we limped around and made it to the last stop. The next morning got on line and found the the 2005 IAC is the same as a 2002 Ford or Lincoln lx. That's crazy because his motor is 5.0 MPI Chevy block. Found that part at Oriellys. Installed using the same gasket and all was good. So if any body has this issue here is the fix. Happy boating and be safe.
  6. I have a complete windshield for a 196 SSi.
  7. Anybody have the list for the Volvo Penta?
  8. Chett

    Mobil 1 oil

    Did you buy 2 and get 24 deer back?
  9. Chett

    Mobil 1 oil

    It says that it has to come from "participating dealers", but Walmart is not listed nor is the $24 for 2 jugs listed. Anybody have issues with their rebates?
  10. Can anyone tell me who makes the stainless steel fittings for Chaparral? I am looking for THRU HULL - 3/4" SS SHORT THRU HULL (Cockpit Liner Drains). Thanks
  11. I use Black Magic. It stays on all year. I saturate the seams and the vinyl stays looking like new for over 15 years. No tears or seams coming apart. I done this on every boat I've owned. Now using on the 236 SSx.
  12. I have a 2009 236 SSX and I was wanting to add a thru hull fitting with a scupper to the cockpit drain that now dumps into the bilge. Has anybody done this and what size did you use? There is a 3/4 hose now but I can increase that with a pvc fitting. I don't know why Chaparral has a cockpit drain that goes into the bilge on this higher end model.
  13. My brother's boat is named "Marderitaville". My kids say I should name mine " Waste N Away" and put the 2 side by side. What ya'll think?
  14. I'm just thinking here but it may be the perfect pass causing the issue.
  15. Chett

    Fuel problem?

    Try replacing cap and rotor. Same thing happened to me and that fixed it.
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