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  1. On a Sig 270, I don't see the boat using 50A plug. Maybe it may use two 30A plugs. One for A.C. and one for the house. It just depends on when and how the boat was built. My Sig 290 uses one 30 amp for the A.C. and the house. Eaton makes a very good power station for what its worth. Remember too, that the code has changed as of this year. All marine power stations now need to be GFI and trip at 30ma, not at 100ma as used in a home. If your on a lake this is very important, since most marine electrocution happen in fresh water. Your question should really go to a marine electrician, not one that only does homes or commercial buildings.
  2. You may want to install Racor filters. https://www.defender.com/product3.jsp?path=-1|311|2349059|2837510&id=133761 Its not hard to do at all.
  3. I would first start off by down loading the color wiring diagram. Use a 12v battery and test each light or set of lights. Meaning, the color for brake lights does, the brake lights come on. And so on............... As Phil said to, check the wire loom. Meaning look at all the wires going to and down the trailer. Do they all look good? If you had a short, I would think a fuse would pop, in you Explorer.
  4. Why so short? The longer the better. I saw a 25 footer tie up at out transient dock. He's lines were so short, a small wake from a passing boat ripped out one of his cleats.
  5. Makes sense. If you add the 2 numbers you should come close to the boats and trailer weights. Just to double check.
  6. They do use green as part on the boats bonding system. But i do not see Chap leaving loose ends like that. The buss bar would be mounted and a heavier wire used. Just too unprofessional!
  7. There are so many other ways to hang fenders. But every boat and need/placement can be different. If you go to 3M's web site, 5200 is more permanent. You may want to use 4000UV fast cure. With out the fast cure, your looking at 36 to 48hrs. The fast cure is about 12 to 24hr and starts to skin in 20 minutes. Where that 5200 will drip down making a mess.
  8. On my Sig 290, If shore power was turned off, than the batteries would take over. The same for the reverse. But my D.C. breaker is a push button, not a switch. On the D.C. side, I added a switch to shut the fridge off. I installed under the galley sink, but it can go anywhere. For me, when its on the hard, in the winterizing and commissioning her. Shore power is a far reach and I don't need the fridge running. So the switch to turn it off came in handy.
  9. Can you reuse the old wire? Can you find another path?
  10. yes, why?
  11. Yes, but you must connect the ground wire too. Or it will not work. The green wire is a control wire. I forget which way it works, but for ensample. Use a SPDT switch, apply ground and the combiner will be forced open. Apply Pos, and the combiner will be forced closed combing the two batteries. OR is it the other way around, but thats how it works giving you full control, No connection, puts it into an "Auto" mode.
  12. Below from the Blue Seas manual. By mounting closer to the battery, your runs to the battery should be shorter. * Larger wire sizes may be required to minimize voltage drop in long wire runs. For more information please use the Circuit Wizard at www.circuitwizard.bluesea.com Just saying, but ether place will work.
  13. Yes, Also there are better placed to buy LEDs.
  14. The arc/vsr can be installed almost anywhere. Closer to the batteries the better. It does not need to be mounted next to the switch.