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    I am a computer tech by trade. I like working with my hands ether building or fixing things. Into R.C. planes, woodworking but not my strong point.

    I love boating and going to new places by boat. In some cases it been a fun and a learning curve. At times living on the boat up to a week on vac.

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  1. Iggy

    VacuFlush In-Line Filter

    What model do you have?? I would find the outside vent on the side of your boat. Then go inside the engine compartment and trace the hose back to the filter, if there is one.
  2. Iggy

    What color to buy?

    On Hatem's comments" No, I guess you can't read. I am agreeing with him. I think your to busy laughing at your self!! Black would be more affected by the sun. Again, I am agreeing with Phillbo, read it again. BUT, for what ever reason my black is not. Why, I can't tell you. Also, Phillbo is right on, you and I have not experienced the affect of the sun since we are in the northeast. Futzin, in some ways is right!! Where we live will have an effect on our boats. I do agree with him, not completely. As in any boat, how well is it taken care of? And you are, to use your words " I was being presumptive."
  3. Iggy

    What color to buy?

    Yes, very true!! I have black too, and it does buff out with a high shine!! But the black will show every nick & scratch too. I will agree with Phillbo, the effects of the sun on my white is worse than on my black. Why I don't know, but after 7 years the black buffs out great where the white I must really work on it.
  4. Iggy

    Adding Fresh Water

    Yep! Water just kept going the vent, I had to disconnect the vent line from the fill and install its own thru hull vent. Water just kept going the vent
  5. Iggy

    Newbie here! Sound system question

    I think and who am I. Is get some paper, draw out what your head unit, amp and remotes in a block diagram. Than go back to the each manual for the inputs and outputs to where they are going to each block. Use different colors to keep it straight in your mind. Set up two or three of these, one for speaker wires and one for power and remotes in order to keep it simple. OR what ever works for you. I am sure the kicker amp is a great amp. But you might want to stick with Fusion. There support is very good and they try to make it simple.
  6. Iggy

    H20 Fuel Vent Fix/Problem

    Your setup, is more than norm. And yes I am sure you have a filter, Its the one hanging off your engine. For others so the is no bad info. There is no filter on the vent, maybe a screen so the bugs can't get down there. Case in in point. My boat was in the dealers yard for 2 years brand new. So now I am afraid that water has formed in the fuel tank. So having twin engines, I installed 2 Racor filters between the tank and the fuel filters off the engine to help capture any water. As the DR. put it, now you can un-do the drain plug to remove any water or just to see if there is any. Its about a 30min job per engine to install. The had part is finding a place to install it.
  7. Iggy

    H20 Fuel Vent Fix/Problem

    All the more reason to add a Racor filter. Good luck!!
  8. I don't see that trickling water will work. What comes to mind is icicles off a roof. The water just gets so far and freezes. Remember to, salt water freezes at 28 degrees.
  9. Lower the drive so all the water drains out.
  10. I would go for the heater. But it must be wired in a safely. On you next boat, I would go with a closed cooling system. Worst case than, new heat exchanger.
  11. Have you cleaned the lamp contacts and checked the connections to the bow light. Your not saying is there LEDs or not, but if they are LEDs, there are no lamp contacts.
  12. Iggy

    Newbie here! Sound system question

    For a head unit, I would look into Fusion. https://www.fusionentertainment.com/marine?gclid=Cj0KCQiAmuHhBRD0ARIsAFWyPwhasbF4zjhy-J55_F8X246x6APQLdTQ5f6rwSp7A3lAuul258sPSE4aAsatEALw_wcB
  13. Iggy

    GPS / Chart Plotters

    Keep in mind, a chartplotter is sun light readable were a phone is not.
  14. Iggy

    Dead Batteries

    Once you put a load on the batteries it will, as you put it "awaken". It makes seance, the charger tops off the battery/s to a complete charge and than shuts down. Which now the charger can be rated "green". As I mentioned, I have two a 30 & 40 amp charger. The house bank was on and up and running showing a 2 or 3 amp charge. The other was asleep, the starting bank and I thought it was dead. Let me add, I had my boat in its slip on shore power for the past week. House side looked good, because I must have turned the radio or something on pulling power off the house bank.
  15. Iggy

    Dead Batteries

    I have 2 of these chargers on board. One day I thought the same thing, the one for the starting batteries just had the blue power LED on. Nothing else on it was lite. To find out, it was in a sleep mode.