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    I am a computer tech by trade. I like working with my hands ether building or fixing things. Into R.C. planes, woodworking but not my strong point.

    I love boating and going to new places by boat. In some cases it been a fun and a learning curve. At times living on the boat up to a week on vac.

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  1. Yes, firmware! I am finding them on the Garmin website. Go there and search for 5212 and it will come up.
  2. The 5212 is not that old. I copied this right from Garmin "Ver. 2019.1030.0, as of Oct 30, 2019," So there is new firmware! Or at least 4 months old. I would call Garmin on the G3 maps that you speak of. But I would say, that you could use them. My 741 is older and I am using G3 Vision.
  3. Can you google the bridge clearance and add the tower and/or dome?
  4. Iggy

    Transom Shower

    I would think you would still need a water heater tank. My hot water heater is electric and off the engine. Unless your hot water run right though the block, but that would not give it much time to heat up. Maybe thats all it would take? BUT...... You want to use lake water but heat off the engine. Now your hot water tank should already be setup to heat up from electric and the engine I think this would be simple, but I would use tap water not lake. You just don't know what you are going to suck up off the lake. First off, I would add sea-cock to pick up the lake water. Than tap into the system with valves or a 3-way valve to use sea water or tank water to go into the pump and hot water heater. Basically, your done! Now you could add other valves to limit where the lake water goes and filters. My fear would be to clog the screens at any sink and sand would ruin the pump . I would leave the engine cooling system alone. But thats me...
  5. Yep! I was thinking of doing the same thing. But I want to go bigger next year and who knows what the next boat will have in it.
  6. I would have to agree if you are using the base map. I did not catch that. I just know it was not a antenna problem. I would not think that the accuracy between G2 and G3 would be different at all. Differently the detail and other features. I went from g2 to g2 vision and the accuracy did not change on a 250 dollar upgrade. Details, yes!
  7. No Problem!! I would do A firmware update if you have not done one already. If you still have the problem, I would call Garmin.
  8. I was talking about a Electronic Heading Compass. Sorry I did not make myself clear on that. Thats great, all fixed. How did the map get off? Are you using the base map?
  9. You don't want to use the Base Map. It's only a rough representation of the area. So the above is a good point, but thats me...........
  10. Yep! I think in both cases (internal and external) it also depends on how many satellites the unit is seeing. The more the better in lowing the variance too. Now a Garmin 5212 uses a external GPS antenna for what its worth.
  11. Being off 10 feet+/- is not a big deal at all. More so for us saltwater boaters up here in Boston. Case in point, take any Nav buoy in Boston Harbor. We have 12 to 14 foot tides. That means that bouy can move plus or minus 12 to 14 feet from center in any direction. Thats a 24 to 26 ft swing. Now is the buoy in that exact location? Most likely it is not, so you have that error. Willie is showing a lot more than a 10 foot error. Plus you have not taken into account that the DOD has has civilian GPS accuracy to about 5 meters. So it can be off be 16 ft. So if you get into your slip and your GPS show you half way or little more into the next slip, thats normal.
  12. We well have to wait and see what Willie has to say. But, I should have add to my first post a "electronic heading compass" that is on a NMEA network. If the compass is feeding the wrong heading to the GPS, it can give you this problem. I will agree with Rambo, that it does not look like a antenna or receiver problem. Maybe a chart problem, but I think more compass.
  13. Are you using a magnetic compass?
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