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    I am a computer tech by trade. I like working with my hands ether building or fixing things. Into R.C. planes, woodworking but not my strong point.

    I love boating and going to new places by boat. In some cases it been a fun and a learning curve. At times living on the boat up to a week on vac.

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  1. Iggy

    depth gauges

    True, but you will see the bottom come up real quick. If your using sonar/fishfinder I would want it to work at 0 to 18kph. To each their own..............
  2. Iggy

    depth gauges

    Yep! In other word, no air or bubbles.
  3. I would check the contactor. That is where all the control wires meet (in most cases but not all) and it sound like the problem area. Since the controls failed almost one after the other. Corrosion?
  4. Thats great, but I think you need a bigger boat already. The kids get bigger fast and if your Admiral is like mine. There going to want a real head/bathroom.
  5. If your really good and I am not there yet. You can router starboard and give it a real finish look. This guy does great work and he stand behind it! http://www.buckwoodcraft.com
  6. The baitwell?? But what you could do is..... Get on you boat and stay as far aft as you can. Open the engine compartment and drop some food coloring enter the water. Than rock the boat, port to starboard to mix it. Than walk to the bow and check and I would give it a little time. Some water is most likely trapped by the stringers, so that would come up first. Just a thought? If it was the water system, your pump would be cycling on from time to time.
  7. My 2 cents? What we are looking at is a liner when they build the boat/s. So the build everything and then drop it into the hull. So the water it coming from between the liner and the hull. With that said, could the water becoming from the engine compartment or the anchor locker as some one already mentioned? Now you (Mr. Lake) mentioned in the first post "which is in a marina". I have a 290 and when I step on it ( I am 175) the boat rocks and pitches. Could the water be running down from the engine compartment due to your wight forcing the water out? What may seam like a small amount of water under the engine is now be forced into a small space. Just a thought.............................
  8. Thanks, thats what I thought. But I was hoping it was 24V and wanted to know more. With a 24V boat would mean less wight and cost in building it. My friend has a 55 footer (long story so I am making it short) and 90% of everything runs on 120V A.C. which I thought was odd. But now most of the wiring can be 6 to 8 times lighter due to small amp load. Cost and wight goes down.
  9. Diesels have not really caught on here for the smaller boats. I went to France a few times and rented diesel engine cars. For the most part, they started right up, great pick up off the line. I almost forgot that it was a diesel. I wish my current boat was, but my next boat will be. I would say, that engine would be great! It has a closed cooling system too. Did you get the 24V version or the 12V?
  10. You are right! I just learned something, thanks. See I came off of the tech which made it a easier install. I only needed the gateway itself, I just needed to configure the pins on the connector of the gateway. Connecting four wires I was done which gave me data to both engines. I have a 2011, so when they switched from analog to digital gauges I "think" was around 2008. This all sounds cool, four wires (twin or single engine) carries all the info but fuel level to your gauges. Less wire, less connections, less wight and a simply install. Now I googled when J1939 came out. The search come back with "first doc released in 1994". So I am thinking and not sure it might have hit marine engines 8 to 10 years later. You may want to post what you used to interface with your engine's harness for others. I found this on Yacht Devices site: Connection to EFI Engines (Gasoline, 2004-2005) Only engines equipped with an MEFI4B controller and later are supported (for example, 8.1 Gi-E, 8.1 OSi-A, 8.1 Gi-EF, 8.1 GXi-D, 8.1 GXi-E and many other). An adaptor cable for the Marine Data Link Connector is required (available in accessories on the ordering page). The cable has both male and female connectors (Y-connector), so you can use diagnostics equipment with the Gateway connected. IV.1.2 Connection to EGC Engines (Gasoline, 2005 and Later) Note: If an EVC system is fitted, see the EVC section details. The Device is compatible with all EGC engines (8.1Gi-H, 8.1GXi-G, 8.1OSi-D and many other). Device is connecting to EVC/Vodia 8-pin Deutsch connector with adaptor cable (see Appendix F, available in accessories at ordering page). The cable has male and female connectors both (Y-connector), so you can use diagnostics equipment with Gateway connected.
  11. Mr Murry can not use a gateway since his gauges are not J1939/digital. But with the fuel sensors he can display GPH & KPH and in it self is a big help. Case in point, I will play with my trim to see my KPH go up a little. In this way I know my boat is trimmed out (I hate to use this word) perfectly. Now you can install more sensors for more info, as in fuel level, oil temp. I would not get too crazy in this. For the sake of others, Dan is talking about NMEA 2000 not NMEA 0183.
  12. What type of ports does the MFD"s have. That will tell you what kind/type of camera you can use. If there fairly new, I am sure it has HDMI port. Even my 5 yr. old Garmin 741 has a BNC video port. On other note, I like Simrads radar! The newer models can do relative bearings.
  13. Iggy

    Drainage holes

    Good point! Now I have a 2011 Sig290. Mine has what I call a manifold that the galley, head and wet bar sinks connect too. Along with the cockpit floor drain under the helm and the drain in one of the cockpit storage floor. So that 5 points that drain into the one manifold.
  14. Well I am not going to see anything about your stepmom. We don't know the circumstances. BUT, good luck with the boat! there is Defender.com & https://www.easternmarine.com/
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