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    I am a computer tech by trade. I like working with my hands ether building or fixing things. Into R.C. planes, woodworking but not my strong point.

    I love boating and going to new places by boat. In some cases it been a fun and a learning curve. At times living on the boat up to a week on vac.

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  1. Iggy

    Fuel in Oil

  2. Iggy

    Fuel in Oil

    Personal and I can see were Curt is going with this. If the injectors were bad, I can't see how the fuel is getting into the oil. On these newer engines I could be wrong, but lets say the injector puts to much fuel into the cylinder. Most likely your engine would be running rich and the rings on the piston would stop the fuel from entering the oil pan. But too much fuel in the chamber the engine would not run. Now if the rings are going bad, than as the fuel explodes in the chamber. Some fuel maybe blowing past the rings. But you would need a ton of hour for that to happen. I would do as Curt suggested, charge the oil and see if it happens again.
  3. Iggy

    Upgrading Audio

    I can't answer your question on JL. But I have had other deck units and other boaters around me talked about Fusion. So I got one and I have had it for 5 years and its great! Remotes are much easier to hook up, because you wire from the head unit to remote and than to the next remote. You can listen to VHF channels and the weather. On the swim platform, that remote displays the depth. Its a true marine product. My wife loves it, I turn up the music in the cockpit with out turning up the cabin. It has 4 complete zones.
  4. Iggy

    Port window upgrades?

    Your better off with doing the seals. Replacing the windows means glass work and dealing with the liner on the inside. At times a place a small rag under the window to catch the water. Its a pain, but I don't open them every time I am on the boat. Good luck with it!
  5. Iggy

    Port window upgrades?

    I had the same problem. I called Chap and they did nothing on this topic. Other things they bent over backwards. But I add thin layer of gasket material to the seal. Its been six years going on seven so we will see about this year. A $5 fix per window. But how long are you going to keep the boat you need to ask your self. Every boat I bought, I thought that one was one the last one, here I am 22 years later. On my 5th boat and looking for another one.
  6. Iggy

    Is there any professional essay writing service?

    Now say that again, but in English. I really don't understand!! "research topic is something you find engaging and meaningful" is a good day out on my boat!
  7. I have twin Volvos and this was not that complicated to set up. I now can read engine date on my Garmin GPS. I only had to install a J1939 to NMEA2k gateway. Cost was 175 bucks. No junction boxes. I don't understand every aspect of it. But the J1939 is a CAN type communication protocol that uses 4 wires. The term CAN was used by a few people. I just had to configure the connector to mate the with gateway and it was up and running. I can't see this being that hard to do and set up. Once I moved the pins on the connector, that was the hard part to know what was what. It was a 10 minute install. The J1939 protocol is used in tanks, trucks, boats and more. Maybe used by Merc?? https://www.csselectronics.com/screen/page/simple-intro-j1939-explained/language/en If it is, a gateway sounds like the way to go.
  8. Iggy

    Newbie - battery / start up issue

    Yep!! I would also check the voltage at the battery before, during and after shut down. The battery voltage should be about (off the top of my head) 14.5 volts with the engine running. This shows that the ALT is putting out to recharge the battery. With the engine off, about 13.5 volts
  9. Iggy

    low oil pressure, high temp coming off plane

    good stuff.........
  10. Iggy

    low oil pressure, high temp coming off plane

    Could the filter be bad. Seems odd it happened 2 hours after an oil change. What wight oil did you use?
  11. Iggy

    low oil pressure, high temp coming off plane

    I would change the oil filter on the engine thats reading a high oil pressure. The filter may be dirty causing it to go up. I maybe wrong, but easy and cheap to do. I am thinking to, if the engine is not getting enough oil, that may cause the temp to go up. Just a thought...................
  12. As to your cord burning up... I installed this on my boat because I have seen cords burn up before. https://www.defender.com/product.jsp?name=smartplug-30-amp-125-volt-shore-power-inlet-and-retrofit-connector-kit&path=-1|328|2290035|2290039&id=3472976 But if its happened three times at different power stands and if its not happening to anyone else on the docks. Than its your boat, I hate to say. I would first use a contact cleaner on your cord, your plug and power station. Why did the main breaker on your boat and the power station trip?? Well in your salt water, spray contact cleaner in the lighthouse breaker and socket. If its stiff/ hard to switch off and on, have them replace it. Its NOT hard from them to do. But check out your breaker too. If your cord is too long, that could be a small part of the problem adding to it. The lighthouse towers come two different ways. Most places just buy the tower with no breakers and sockets, it cheaper and than the club/mariner install junk. Rather than buying them pre-wired. The Garmin units, I bet they just don't have power. The NMEA 2k network, that gives you a whole new world to add things or do things. Tap into the engines computer and display data on your GPS. Add fuel flow sensors or any sensor you may want. Makes connecting the GPS, VHF and AIS so easy. It so sounds like you have a Fusion system due to the fact that its using that backbone.
  13. Iggy

    Battery Charger/Electrical Issue

    Before you install the new charger. Do a load test on the batteries. I say this because, one year one of my batteries was bad and it fried the charger. Why the fuse did not pop, I do not know. So the beginning of every season, for 45 bucks I bought a digital load tester. As in https://www.amazon.com/AutoKraze-Automotive-100-2000-Motorcycle-Rechargeable/dp/B07LCDZ3TH/ref=sr_1_27_sspa?keywords=12v+load+tester&qid=1552272874&s=gateway&sr=8-27-spons&psc=1
  14. What kind of outlets are they? Like your house, 120V or like your car 12V?