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    I love boating and going to new places by boat. In some cases it been a fun and a learning curve. At times living on the boat up to a week on vac.

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  1. Yup! You may be better off leaving the old wires and just fishing the new wires. Remember too, your using a Fusion head unit, so you just need one wire to the head unit, than remote to remote. Your daisy chaining them.
  2. You need to forgive, he does this to everyone and he does not mean it.
  3. Yes, you need to paint the bottom and the out-drive\s. You first need a barrier coat on the bottom. Make sure you have the proper type of zincs. I would use a slip vs trailing it. For now I am sure that a marina could pull the boat for you so you could do the work yourself. Than find a trailer, but do you really need one since in FL you can use it all year round. Than just pay once a year to haul it out and clean it and so some work. That may be cheaper than a trailer, to insure it and the up-keep.
  4. At the battery, but if your cables are corroded and if you do take a reading at both you will see a voltage drop. Thats why you need to clean and check the battery switch and its cables. Also there are You Tube videos how to do this on a car. Its the same thing!
  5. First thing I would do. Clean and check all the connections to the batteries and the battery switch. Even at the alternator and its belt. After that, use a meter and check the voltage with the engine off and running. With the engine running, you should read about 13.8 to 14.3 volts. If not, thats a problem. Engine off, you should be reading about 13 volts.
  6. I will say this. The boat needs to be balanced on the trailer before you drive away. Meaning that rollers or bunks and the post my need to me moved so the boat is balanced. Without doing that, the trailer may sway uncontrollably. Personally, I would go after the bigger trailer. If you buy a bigger boat, you are all set.
  7. I have a Sig 290, so I am no help on where to install stuff. But I do like my Fusion system. On the remotes, you can go to there wed site and down load the dimensions. I changed over from Clarion and had no problems. But that would depend on which remotes you have to which Fusion system you want. A good file will make the opening bigger too.
  8. A having a paddle. In Mass, you only need one on anything that is 16 feet or less. Thats what Sea Tow is for, to replace the paddle.
  9. Yep! and I would use it.
  10. It should be located thru the hull, in the engine compartment. If it was me and I had to replace it. I would install a fish finder. This will give you not only depth and water temp, but a view as to whats under your boat.
  11. Yep! To many, aberrations to remember. Have you ever seen Good Morning Vietnam??
  12. Your towing wight should higher than that, no? But I don't know the size engine and rear end. My 2013 F150 was about 10,000lbs and I loaded more weight that in the bed. My last boat that I trailed was 6.500lbs than 1,800 to 2,000lbs for the trailer, than 500lbs food, fuel, water, gear and 350lbs for me and the wife. I must have been hitting close to 9,500lbs. You could hear the engine work, but it did it and never had a problem. My Sig 290 is just to heavy to be towing now.
  13. Yep! I am not too far behind you on that............................
  14. Yep! For what its worth, I called fireboy on having it recharged. They said, as long as the gauge is in the green and to wight it to see if its NOT lighter than it should be. Than you are all set. Its not like the small ones that have an expiration which I was supersized that these don't have.
  15. It works off of the Negative side of you blower and the panel light. What are you confused about?