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    NMEA 2000 Engine Gateway

    That does look right! But I thought the round type was all analog and I guess I am wrong. Maybe Yacht Devices can tell you more based on the year and model. It can tell you everything!! But its really on how the boat is set up. On my boat, the fuel gauge is not part of the wiring to the other gauges. So NO fuel level, but from memory, all the data from both engines. As in tech, temp, voltage, oil temp, oil pressure and more...............
  2. Iggy

    Stock Transducer

    Yes, but remember too! The stock one is just looking for depth. If your using your GPS/Fishfinder, it will not give you a pic of the bottom. You will need to install a 2nd transducer that is compatible with your unit.
  3. Iggy

    VP Impeller removal tool?

    Channel locks work great to get it started, than just use your hand to pull it out.
  4. Iggy

    NMEA 2000 Engine Gateway

    Is your tech square or round? If it's square, you can tap into it with a gateway. If it's round, I don't think you can.
  5. Iggy

    NMEA 2000 Engine Gateway

    I only used one gateway to read the data of both engines.
  6. Iggy

    NMEA 2000 Engine Gateway

    Well good luck with it!! When I did it, I had to move pins around.
  7. Iggy

    NMEA 2000 Engine Gateway

    Did't we talk about this before and I turned you onto Yacht Devices? I bought it last year and it worked great! But you must know your pin-out on the boat side of things. In other words Can+ and Can- wires
  8. The impeller should come with a tube of grease just for that reason.
  9. Iggy

    Wave Height and Safe Boating

    This is hard to answer! As some one else said, there are so many factors......... Wind, rain, are they slow rollers, going with, against or broad side. I once hit 15 foot waves. But they were so slow and far apart you did not realize how big they where. For me, 1 to 2 footers are normal. Once going to Provincetown from Boston we were in 3 to 4 footer, but the packed a punch and just slammed the side of the boat. We had to do headway. But lets put it this way, you need to look at EVERY thing. Weather, between start to finish. Is there a harbor to duck into along the way. Also knowing your boat and how good you are. Do you have the RIGHT equipment on board. Meaning radar, A.I.S., VHF and GPS to help you though your travels.
  10. Iggy

    Shore Power Circuit Breaker Replacement inquiry

    I would go to a Marine store and try to match it up. Some are interchangeable. Also Defender.com
  11. Iggy

    How do we clean up spammers?

    I tried that weeks ago.
  12. Iggy

    JBL Stereo Replacement Questions

    Your right on that point.
  13. Iggy

    Weight limits

    I would call the the D.P.W. or the Highway Dept.
  14. Iggy

    JBL Stereo Replacement Questions

    So the way the speakers are wired there is no control of volume between them. This is where the zones on the Fusion deck come in handy.
  15. Iggy

    JBL Stereo Replacement Questions

    I have the Fusion 700 unit and now 5 years old. Works great, sounds great and the remotes will display NMEA2k data. Whats great about the Fusion too, is the zones. If you have the newer Garmin GPS, that too can control the Fusion head unit.
  16. I get what your saying............ Have one of your friends look at it too. Sometime another set of eyes may see something you don't. My microwave is in there tight too, but If I open the door. There is barely enough room to take the bolts out. Point being, is there a cover or panel on the coffee maker that can be removed. As a last resort, I would shut the breaker off or unplug it and take it apart to get it out of there.
  17. Iggy

    AC Maintenance

    To compare, look at other boats around you. As to the refrigerant, you could be right.
  18. Water is going to come in. Just stuff a rag in the hose, don't clamp it. You don't want to damage the hose What does come out, your pumps will handle it.
  19. Iggy

    What kind of oil does it need?

    The same power steering fluid as your car.
  20. Iggy

    AC Maintenance

    I would say, about 5 or 6 minutes. Not 15, but also check your water flow. Is the stream of water coming out the same as when you first got the boat.
  21. Iggy

    Can this trailer be modified?

    No problem...........
  22. Iggy

    Can this trailer be modified?

    Your not putting the trailer closer but adding a swing away tongue. Well plus or minus 2" maybe but not 2'
  23. I would go to the Chap web site for manuals. Maintenance: oil, out-drive oil , filters and impeller. And a good looking though everything.
  24. Iggy

    Can this trailer be modified?

    I don't think you would need to move the wheels. Just move the winch post in order to balance the boat on the trailer. You may need to move a a set of rollers/bunks, but I doubt it. Years ago I went from a 25' Crownline to a 26' Fourwinns on the same trailer. The Fourwinns was heaver and the deal just move the post.
  25. Iggy

    Overheating, losing coolant.

    I would bet if you do have a block, its in the heat exchanger. Thats where the smallest passagers are.