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  1. On 10/16/2019 at 8:03 PM, Phillbo said:

    I built my tunes for quality sound, not LOUD. My music is typically being played at a level that the friends in the boat rafted up next to me can still carry on a conversation with me from their boat.  


    I hate having to yell over music to have a conversation. 


  2. I get it!! But Hatem you are so full of you'er self that you should work for M.I.T. They need a answer man at 77 Mass. Ave. Cambridge. You could make millions and leave use poor boaters alone. 


    But I get it, chances are you will not blow your self up. BUT, you could is the whole point and I don't want to be that one that makes these suggestions and it happens. BOOM!!! 

  3. 2 hours ago, Rambo said:

    Since you are in that silly mood again tonight - ONE WAY TO SETTLE THIS IS TO PROVE IT.

    Why don't you get that special shopvac you use, vac the holding tank first then move onto the gasoline tank.

    If s--t does not hit the fan, you prove your point, and as a reward, Iggy is going to pay you a visit.

    If things do not go that well, please do not post the aftermath pictures.


  4. 14 hours ago, Klub Marcus said:

    I already updated the software and downloaded new charts this past weekend. It was simple and I used an old 2 Gb microSD card that I had laying around. The hardest part was waiting for all the data to transfer from my phone to the chartplotter. I'm still using split screen because it looks cooler and I can see bottom details. ActiveCaptain also has updates from boaters that can be cross checked by other boaters in order to make up for chart errors. I appreciate the advice and inputs, gents.

    Yep! Its not that hard to do as I was saying. I added a second unit, I have radar and If one pooed the bed I would have the other.  

  5. 8 minutes ago, Dustin Mustangs said:

    My 2008 264 Sunesta came with a 100cf Fireboy unit.  They are set up with a harness that leads to an indicator light on the dash and I have seen some reports that it also cuts power to the blowers when discharged.   

    I just called them, as I need a replacement, and the current pn is CG20100227-B.  I imagine using one from this line in your application is a safe bet and they have a worksheet on their website for determining the proper size.

    Yes, just do the math for the Sq footage. I bought the next size up to be on the safe side.

  6. 6 hours ago, Hatem said:

    This is what the USCG requires for boats under 26 feet.  So if your engine hatch conforms to what they're describing in this requirement, you will need a B-1type fire extinguisher.  But I would call them (the USCG) if this detailing seems a bit ambiguous as to your situation and find out directly from them.  Then take that info to your insurance co.


    If I'm not mistaken, the bolded part applies to boats with outboard engines.   Sounds to me like your insurance co. might have a point.  Question is, why didn't Chaparral install one from the factory.  Maybe they read the requirements differently?

    Fire Extinguisher
    (Must be Coast Guard approved)

    One B-I type approved hand portable fire extinguisher. (Not required on outboard motorboats less than 26 ft in length if the construction of the motorboat is such that it does not permit the entrapment of explosive or flammable gases or vapors, and if fuel tanks are not permanently installed.)

    Two B-I type OR one B-II type approved portable fire extinguishers. Three B-I type OR one B-I type PLUS one B-II type approved portable fire extinguishers.

    Hatems post has nothing to do with that requirement.


    That type B1, is only a 2lb dry powder extinguisher. Nothing to do with an auto system.


    But if it was me, i would do it anyways.

  7. On 10/4/2019 at 5:09 PM, Hatem said:

    Coming from you, it actually makes me wanna blow chunks, as in puke my brains out.  

    You would do that for me? Please take pics of it, I know others here would like to see that too.

  8. 12 hours ago, Hatem said:

    I realize the transducer shoots straight down, that's why I was telling you that won't do you any good for depths ahead of you.  What you can do is use it as a guide to check the accuracy of the depth readings on the navigation chart.  That's what I was doing with my G2 Bluevision Chart because it hadn't been updated since 2015.  So I would check the GPS or smartcraft depth to the navigation chart depth and they were spot on with hardly any changes. 

    If you're in the Albemarle Canal and Elizabeth river feeding into the Chesapeake Bay and you're worried about changes in depths from sandbars moving and dredging and even an older chart depth on your brand new Suncoast with  742xs (which would be so crazy to be perfectly honest with you) and you just bought the boat so it's brand new, you have 2 options.  Actually 3 to get completely updated.  1) Ask the dealer if they updated the SD card in the GPS before handing it to you.  If not, have then do it.  2) Do it yourself, it's pretty easy. 3) Go into "Owner's Manual" and find out which built in chart vision you have.  It's not 20 or 30 years old LMFAO! lol (not laughing at you just laughing at what was said by someone else).  Here's what should be the same 742xs and find go to Owner's Manual and see what built-in vision card is being used.  You should have the G3 without a question which I just added to my 741xs and it is AMAZING!  Call your dealer also and ask them if they updated your SD card.  Then you should be all set.


    Is this the split screen you're on?


    That's fine if it makes you boat comfortably and I've boated the Chesapeake bay and in some areas I was in 1.3ft f water.  So I know how bad it is believe me.

    But if you're 742xs has the G3 built in, you're all updated but you can check anyway.  I've compared the depths in many areas to my Smarftcraft and transducer depth on the G2 before I updated to the G3 chip and they were spot on.  I'm almost positive yours has the built-in G3 and if you put it on navigation chart like this, you should have ALL your updated depths around you.  Look at that and all you need to do is look to the right at depth (which would be your transducer depth reading) and compare it to any of the numbers you're seeing on that screen and I bet you they will be spot on or LESS, even, since those are posted depths at LOW TIDE.  So if you're cruising at high tide, you'll be getting a deeper reading than the little depth markings.



    To set the record straight......


    The users manual will NOT tell you what version you have. You can find it in the unit itself. Most dealers will NOT upgrade the unit before you buy it.

    There not geared to handle that and dont want to break the seal before you buy it. You should be doing all the updates your self. They are easy to do.

    Most importantly those ring that Hatem mentioned are NOT at low tide. There at what is called "means low tide". Which is just an average. Look at a good tide chart, low tide could be a "minus" tide. Just as at the height of high tide it could be a plus tide. Say on a full moon. So its higher than normal. So a low tide could be higher or lower than normal. 


    This is why we call him Johnny Dangerous.  


  9. 7 hours ago, dan02gt said:

    It's probably a Airmar B60 or it could be the CHIRP version. 

    Yep! But you can add on other types of sonar to a 741 or 741s.  I could up grade Down Vu. Not that I would, but could.  Which I would need to add or replace my transducer too.

  10. 20 hours ago, Klub Marcus said:

    I have a Garmin 742XS and split screen the depthfiner and chart display. I'm worried about running aground and correlating what we can sightsee with what's on the chart. I'm barely scratching the capabilities of the unit. I updated it with the ActiveCaptain app and I'm scrounging around the house for a spare SD card for additional storage.

    By splitting the screen, that will give you the contour. Which "could" give you an idea of whats ahead of you.


    But what Hatem is not asking you, as to which Fishfinder/sonar you are using. I have a 742 too but I am using Garmin's Side View.  Thats where as he put it "all the foolishness that was posted to discredit it."  As to the depth rings, some of those sounding, map dependent, are 10, 20 even 30 years old. the bottom changes over time, storms or just the tides going up and down.  Its a fair guide, but I would use caution!