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    Out side of Boston
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    I am a computer tech by trade. I like working with my hands ether building or fixing things. Into R.C. planes, woodworking but not my strong point.

    I love boating and going to new places by boat. In some cases it been a fun and a learning curve. At times living on the boat up to a week on vac.

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  1. CMary

    Great Idea Iggy!! I am just not sure of the boats yet just looking around now. Any suggestions beside Chaparral...:unsure:




    1. Iggy


      Carver and Silverton are all good boats. I have been lookin at Doral & Cruiser Yachts . Doral is out of business now but all there parts (more so the engines) are still out there.

      I would stay away from all the lake boats, like Chaparral, Bayliner, and a like.

      Sterndrives are more work and cost more in maintenance. In boards (diesels) with a bow thruster unless your that good and I am not.    

      Be aware too, that 90% of this forum are lake boaters. They all mean well, but never had to deal with tides, currents, salt water, rough seas and ...................................

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