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    Will turn over but won’t start

    I did not read every single word in the past posting. But, you did replace the impeller. The impeller housing will need to be replaced to. I am sure that the sand has scored it and even with a new impeller, it may still over heat.
  2. Iggy

    Winterizing Help

    On the engine: If it is a closed system, doing the engine is doing the heat exchanger. That is where 90% of the sea water is and there is already AF running though the engine just like a car. If it is closed, it a lot easier to do than an open system. The hot water tank for showers is total something else and must be winterized too.
  3. Iggy

    1/2 inch braided line weakest point

    Well................ Some people would say, use the 8 stranded line for your anchor. https://www.defender.com/category.jsp?name=8-strand-plaited-(by-the-foot)&path=-1|2078767|2078768&id=2078771 It more like the 3 stranded, but stronger. I use the 3 stranded for both, anchor and docking. It almost sounds like, your line is too small for that size boat for that to happen.
  4. Iggy

    1/2 inch braided line weakest point

    Don't be sorry! We are here to help each other. But the two things are very different from each other.
  5. Iggy

    1/2 inch braided line weakest point

    Stronger or not, is not the real point here. The 3 stranded line has more give or act as a shock absorber. This will explain it better than I can put into words! https://www.mastermarinelines.net/rope-basics.html But 1/2 stranded line is rated about 7,500 lbs Tensile Strength. The braided lines, and there are a few type are general stronger. But for this use your looking for more stretch, than a stronger line. Look at this https://www.boatus.com/magazine/2015/june/tying-up-at-the-dock.asp Figure C in crossing the lines. FYI - From the pic, your in a slip, not on a mooring.
  6. Iggy

    1/2 inch braided line weakest point

    You want to use the 3 stranded line. It takes the shock and acts like a spring. A lot better than the 8 stranded that you are using. I noticed that you are only using 4 lines, but I get it. your using the 4 pilings. Rather that go straight from piling to boat. Why not cross them, on each side. This will give you more spring action in the line, less were on the lines and on your cleats. Also, I would put out fenders, but thats me...........
  7. Iggy

    Nasty Sewer Smell - Jabsco Manual Pump Head

    On " there is one sea cock which i assume is the inlet for the fresh water" That is not fresh water, but lake or sea water. That too can smell from seating in the lines. Its not uncommon to change over to the on-board water tank to stop it. You may want to talk to your dealer on your setup.
  8. Iggy

    How to Anchor and Sleep Safely

    Good point! Yes, at anchor your anchor light must be on. But if its LED, they use so little. On a mooring, there is no need for the anchor light to be on.
  9. Iggy

    How to Anchor and Sleep Safely

    Yep! Anchor alarm. You may want to set a two anchors at a 45 to each other. You could say, making a V with your boat at the bottom of the V. Myself, I would pay for a mooring if that service is around. On the batteries, you may want to rethink how there set up and what will be on. It sounds like you need to bring someone on board and have them look at it and make recommendations. On the same idea as Texas71, my 3 house batteries have nothing to do with my 2 starting batteries except in recharging them.
  10. Iggy

    280 signature - Kohler generator- fault blinking

    Not to say something stupid...... But did you check the ground wire from the genset to the panel. I don't have a genset on my boat, but that would be the first thing I would look at.
  11. Yep!! I pump the boat, than I flush down about 6 or 7 gals of clean water. Rock the boat, and pump out again for the winter. After that, i flush down about 1/2 gal of AF. Fot me, it works.
  12. Normal bleach has chlorine in it. Chlorine should NOT be used in a Vac-u-flush system.
  13. Iggy

    NEMA 2000 gateway CAN data cable assistance

    Mine was a much easier install. The gateway went in line with the tech. Four wires that handled the info from the two engines.
  14. Iggy

    NEMA 2000 gateway CAN data cable assistance

    Yep! I have the square Tech display. I was able to plug the gateway in line with the tech. My problem was that I needed to move the wiring pins on the connector to match up with the tech. Meaning "pos can" to "pos can" Than "neg can" to neg can". From the factory, the pins were wrong.
  15. Iggy

    NEMA 2000 gateway CAN data cable assistance

    Do you have the square tech gauge? Also look at the link.
  16. Iggy

    NEMA 2000 gateway CAN data cable assistance

    2011 4.3L engines. The engines should be J1939 protocol. I installed this http://www.yachtd.com/products/engine_gateway.html
  17. Iggy

    Best GPS/Chartplotter

    Have you ever been caught in the fog? I know I have. Left the slip and it was a clear day came back that day in the fog. Or a week later from being on vacation. Not just once, but it happens at least twice a year.
  18. Iggy

    Electrical Issue

    I would check the connections at the switch. I bet there is a problem there, but take your meter starting from the batteries and work your way to the switch.
  19. Iggy

    dead head

    I hate to say this, but ", but I think it has to have power to head unit to light up (via blue wire)." Take your meter so you know. Check starting from the amp back to the battery IF that blue wire is sending the signal back to the amp. On my system, what would be your blue wire. Must be at 12v for the amp to turn on. You may want to down load the manual on yours.
  20. Iggy

    Can the 230 or 250 Suncoast's handle the ocean?

    First and formost!! Its an open bow boat that can get swamped very easy. If you get hit with a wave broadside or the bow goes below a big wave. Your going to take on a ton of water. You might want to install one or two extra pumps on board if thats your plan. Two years ago I saw a bow rider going up the Cape Cod Canal. They hit a 2' wave head on, will they where not very happy. they were wet from head to toe.
  21. Iggy

    Best GPS/Chartplotter

    Looks like a very nice unit!! Just beware that it does not support radar.
  22. Iggy

    Ever witness a boating accident?

    Oh NO!! Top speed is more like 10 knots and cruises at 7 to 8 knots. It main engine is only 330HP. Dratft is 6 1/2 feet and more like 7 feet fully loaded with fuel and water. Its not built for speed, but for getting you across the ocean.
  23. Iggy

    Ever witness a boating accident?

    That looks like a 55' Nordhavn. Thats not a boat, but a ship!!! Just to blow your mind!!!!!!!! It holds 2600 Gals of fuel, 600 gals of water. If it runs out of water, they can flip a switch and turn on a 25 gal per hour water maker. One 330 hp diesel, with a small fly engine if the main engine breaks down. Half of the systems run on 120V A.C. to reduce wight in the wiring for long runs. So there is aways 120v to plug into being powered off a very large inverter. There are two alternators on the main engine, one 150a and one I believe is a 300a to keep the batteries charged up for the inverter. Two gensets, one 20k and a 6K backup. I just want the 6k backup one! Oh, it also has stabilizers that are active. So when you get int those 10 or 12 foot waves, it feels more like 2 or 3 footers. A true blue water boat! I helped a friend bring his up from Fl.
  24. Iggy

    Gaining Experience - Night Time Boating

    I would so no. Mine is a black box unit that ties into my NMEA2K backbone. So the boat shows up on my chartplotter. More like a radar and GPS overlay.