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    Handheld VHF radio

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    Try testing it with a voltmeter, just to be sure you have power there
  3. Iggy

    Convince me: AGM vs lead acid

    My understanding is, that AGM will give you the best of both worlds. High starting amps and can be deep cycled. I would Google "lead acid vs AGM battiers" I have twin Volvos and my AGM's start that both engines with out a problem of the past 8 years. I think what the Volvo bulletin is getting at. If the deep cycle battery is too small, than you will have a problem. If that deep cycle battery is over the rated CCA for that engine, it will be fine. From what I have read, that is the problem, not the fact that it is a deep cycle battery. Remember too, size for size between the two, the CCA rating is lower on deep cycle. Also AGM you can bring them down to 40% were lead acid is only 50% before you will have ill affects. This maybe brand dependent on AGMs but I know, not on mine
  4. Iggy

    Convince me: AGM vs lead acid

    All I can say, I have 5 of them, Two for starting and 3 for the house. Three of them are 10 years old and the other 2 are 8 years old and still going strong. I leave them in the boat in the winter for at least 6 months with out charging them until the spring. When I reconnected the batteries and shore power 2 weeks ago. The charger was displaying a rate of 2.5 amps. It only took about 2 hours before the charger when into sleep mode. Not bad for 5 batteries over 6 months sitting in the boat over the winter. Also, when we go away, we sometimes take a mooring. The 3 batteries will last around 24 hours, running the fridge, lights, sump and water pump and the head.
  5. Iggy

    gasoline tank capacity

    Congrats on the boat!! The first basic rule on fuel is, "1/3 out, 1/3 back to home and 1/3 in reserve." Under that rule you will almost never run out. One of my first days in boating it was a great summer day. The weather turned! I burnt up more fuel fighting the waves and the wind and coming back on fumes. Now I use that 1/3 rule. The other tool to use, "Gallons Per Hour" rate on our GPS. If you burn 10 GPH at 25 knots and you just put in 80 gals. Than it should be simple and just do the math.
  6. Iggy

    Installing SiriusXM Tuner

    Call Fusion, see if they know anything.
  7. Iggy

    Helm switches have no light

    Are your Nav lights on? But to be honest about, underway at night its not a big deal.
  8. Iggy

    Bottom Paint Questions

    As I mentioned, ablative (soft) paint. But thats me?
  9. Iggy

    Bottom Paint Questions

    Yep!! But my bellows lasted 8 years in salt water. I went in the slip in May and come out in October. So the drives never went more than half way up.
  10. Iggy

    Bottom Paint Questions

    Are you saying that after you bottom paint, you still need a diver to clean your hull?
  11. Iggy

    Bottom Paint Questions

    I found that this paint works the best on the out-drives. I tried the spray on, but this will give you a better coat and its glossy. https://www.defender.com/product.jsp?path=-1|2200442|2200447|2200453&id=2108143
  12. Iggy

    Bottom Paint Questions

    I would use an ablative, not a hard. The hard will build up over time and then it will need to be soda blasted off.
  13. Iggy

    Bottom Paint Questions

    I don't think you will louse that much speed " down less than 5 MPH in most cases". Maybe 1 or 2 MPH I would think. I do agree with rjbergen except on painting the drive. Do paint it, but you MUST use a non copper bottom paint. I do it every year to the drive and hull. Its been 7 years now with this boat and so far so good. I just finished painting last week and the boat goes in next week. Who is going the work? You are a boat yard?
  14. Iggy

    Radio not coming on

    Break out your meter!! It could be as mentioned above, but you could have a bad connection too. The meter is the only way to know for sure.
  15. Iggy

    No water to head

    Sound like a blockage at the head or the valve is not opening.
  16. Iggy

    Attaching fenders to boat. Need opinions

    I have added small folding cleats.
  17. Iggy

    oil problem

    Sound like the power steering reservoir. Are there any hoses? If so, where are they going?
  18. Iggy

    Tidal behavior at an inlet

    From the movie, it looks like there was a storm off shore due to the size of the waves. Also, I don't know the area but I would think only headway speed would be allowed. It looks like a canal of some sort. Also, some boaters were not looking at the marine weather for wave size. You really don't want to look at the tides, but the current speeds. What I mean is, I have gone through the Cape Cod Canal and Woods Hole. The waves going though the canal are generally around one footers. But the currents can reach 6 to 7 knots in ether direction. Woods Hole the waves are bigger but the same currents.
  19. Iggy

    Battery charging and alternator

    You need to do the math. You have two 1000 amp batteries. If there half dead and I would not run them any lower. Thats 1000 amps that need to be put back. Using a 10 amp charger, thats 100 hours of charging. (the math holds true, but I think your battery specs are wrong) You are using a battery isolator to recharge the batteries. Not all, more so the older isolators have a 0.6 voltage drop. So you batteries never get a full charge, you might want to look at your specs. A combiner or ARC may be better. BUT, I think you mean 100 amp hour and the battery is rated for 1000 amps of cold cranking. Two separate things. But at 12 to 12.4 volts, your batteries are at 50% discharge. If you go beyond that, you run the risk over time of not taking a full charge. You could install, larger alternators and/or use a small generator. What some boaters do so they don't burn out the alternator/s with a heavy loads of re-charging. Is to ran there getset or generator for 20 to 30 minutes to power there on board charger/s. Than start there engines to finish recharging them.
  20. Iggy

    Bedding Bolts on Swim Platform

    Use the butyl!!
  21. Iggy

    JBL Stereo Replacement Questions

    I installed a small 5 circuit fuse box under the helm. For GPS, VHF, NMEA2K and alike. I had to drill from the starboard side in the engine compartment up to the helm. I installed extra switches as needed. As in https://www.defender.com/product.jsp?name=bep-contour-generation-2-spray-proof-switch-panel-fused&path=-1|328|2290000|2290003&id=768041 And https://www.defender.com/product3.jsp?name=blue-sea-systems-st-blade-fuse-block-without-negative-bus&path=-1|328|2290021|2290030&id=1334726
  22. Iggy

    VP Impeller removal tool?

    I change mine out every other year and just keep a spare on board. Then I use the spare one and buy a new spare. Why keep the used one and in the water or not, it does not take that long to replace it.
  23. Iggy

    NMEA 2000 Engine Gateway

    That does look right! But I thought the round type was all analog and I guess I am wrong. Maybe Yacht Devices can tell you more based on the year and model. It can tell you everything!! But its really on how the boat is set up. On my boat, the fuel gauge is not part of the wiring to the other gauges. So NO fuel level, but from memory, all the data from both engines. As in tech, temp, voltage, oil temp, oil pressure and more...............
  24. Iggy

    Stock Transducer

    Yes, but remember too! The stock one is just looking for depth. If your using your GPS/Fishfinder, it will not give you a pic of the bottom. You will need to install a 2nd transducer that is compatible with your unit.