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  1. You are right. If the plates/gaskets are not the right ones the coolant will run out of the motor.
  2. Are the batteries connected? Have you taken a voltage reading? Are the battery switches on? Have you cleaned and check the battery connections? I would think that you blow two breakers at the same time
  3. I would ground the tank any way I can. Boat fuel gauges are not very accurate. When under way, I use my GPH (gal per hour) to get a better feel for what is left in the tank.
  4. I would do it your self. Its easier than you think.
  5. Iggy


    Makes prefect seance to me. This must be on a 50+ foot boat.
  6. Yes and no........ The longer the run the bigger cable you are going to need for the same load. Thats one reason why you find the bow thruster battery in the bow.
  7. Note how short the battery cables are. The shorter, the more amps it can handle.
  8. Yes, there never used at the same time. Thrusters use a lot of power than a windless. So you will need to do the math between gauge wire, load and distance.
  9. Run it up to temp and check!
  10. You forgot about diesel! My next boat is a in-board. No more outdrives!!
  11. Buy a bigger boat! Thrusters take up a lot of room. Also, you will need at least a group 24 battery install in the bow.
  12. Out boards have there own problems. There are pluses and minuses to everything.
  13. Personally, I would mount the biggest GPS unit that I could. Meaning, ether in front of the gauges or on top of the helm. When your doing over 20 knots, small screens are very hard to read.
  14. I agree with the two upper post. I can't see why that engine or drive can not be rebuilt. That said, I have twin 4.3L engines and that run great after 300hrs and 9 years.
  15. Get the bigger boat. Think ahead as to how you are going to use it.
  16. Iggy

    Galley Fridge Spec

    Just think about the weight. I use 3 group 24 AGMs and the last me 24hrs. Total weight 150lbs and total amp hours 230. So that gives me 150 amp hours of power. Than a start the genset.
  17. Its also called DSC. Great in a life threatening emergency! Every boater should have it. Ok, maybe not on a small lake.
  18. Yep, you just need to size it to the sq footage to your engine compatment.
  19. So you plan to keep the engine running?? Most boaters would add 2 or 3 batteries and do the math at to load + run time vs battery amp hours. This will tell you how long you can use the system without ruining the batteries.
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