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    Salt water usage

    If your looking for a alarm system/camera and your club/marina has WiFi. I would look for something that would work with that. Cellular will cost you a lot more...... As to salt, been boat for the past 6 seasons in salt, never flush the engine and never had a problem.
  2. Iggy

    RPM Gauge not working properly

    Check the connection.............
  3. Iggy

    sink issues

    Did you turn the pump on??
  4. Iggy

    Boat won’t start! Please help!!!

    If it was over heating. When was the last time the impeller was changed, you need to ask yourself? I would check the breaker that seats on top of the engine first. If needed from there, break out you volt meter. Do you have power from the battery on out. The battery switch, cables to the helm and so on.............
  5. Outlets are 110 A.C. (Shore power) and the battery is 12v D.C. like your car.
  6. Iggy

    Water Pump fix on 2017 26 ft Sunesta 380 VP

    If the seal was gone, it would have been leaking and air getting in. I replaced mine and it was easy. About an hour and I never did it before. In other words, its easy!
  7. Iggy

    Fresh water boat in the Salt

    Yes, flush is not that important as the anodes.
  8. Iggy

    A/C drain on Signature 270 question

    I would bet it goes to the sump pump. Most AC unit seat to low, to dump over board.
  9. Iggy

    Replacement LED Arch Lights

    Look at Super Bright LED.com
  10. Iggy


    From the diag. above. If the House is on or off, the house battery will charge up.
  11. Iggy

    Fuel Pump / Fuel Filter Issue?

    Fuel filter is short money and simple to do. I would try it first! Than go from there............
  12. Iggy

    NEMA 2000 gateway CAN data cable assistance

    I have done it, but I have Volvo engines.
  13. Iggy


    Yes, mine too if I am understanding it right. But every setup is different. In MJ's case. I would trace all the wiring to get a clear picture of the setup. In Hatems case or mine, we have a VSR/combiner that can charge the other batters up even if the battery switch is set to off. The combiner or VSR will close connecting the two POS wires causing both (or in my case 3 banks off) batteries to charge. This is not an uncommon setup, but a very piratical one.
  14. Iggy


    Just trying to understand. So your batteries are combined on Position 1? On "Both" too?
  15. Iggy

    Ever witness a boating accident?

    Google "boats on nix's mate" This is on the edge of Boston Harbor
  16. Iggy

    Battery Question

    I would read the specs on your battery. I too have AGM but from Odyssey. There specs show its good to minus 50 deg. Your could be different is what I am driving at. So I would look it up. Now cyclops does have a point. I would check to see if the charger is set to the right battery type.
  17. Iggy

    Ever witness a boating accident?

    All bridges, at lest everyone that I have seen. Has a No wake zone around it. On the right side of the bridge has a no wave sign.
  18. Iggy

    2006 330 Signature Engine Mount Cracks

    Yep! Fixing the glass is easy. Using West Systems epoxy. Whats the cause and the fix.... You may have to pull the engines or just left them enough to work on the mounts. But as Richard says.....
  19. Iggy

    Towing with ecoboost

    I had a 3.5 ecoboost 2015 (and the newer ones are better) towing 9500lbs with no problems. I now have a 3.5 ecoboost 2018, but I don't two any more. I would spec it out......... Remember -- The bigger the cab, the less you can tow. The truck becomes heaver.
  20. I change my drive oil (I have twins) in the fall. In the spring I always check it and its always lower. What happens is that air pocket finally come up to the top of the drive. I just top it off.
  21. Iggy

    Volvo Penta Complaint

    Good luck with it! there are u tube videos on this too.
  22. Iggy

    Volvo Penta Complaint

    I have twin engines (4.3L 2011) and about 5 years ago one of my pumps failed too. BUT, it was my fault because and being the first time I installed the O-ring wrong. Point being, yes there is no rebuild kit. I talked to a firm in Fl that does rebuild pumps, but they say you run the risk of cracking the housing. So I bought a new one and have not had a problem with ether engine since.
  23. Iggy

    Battery dead after 4 weeks non use

    Yep! I would start there. You may also think about a 5 or 10 watt solar panel to keep the batteries topped off.
  24. Iggy

    Mood Lighting Addition

    Try Defender.com
  25. Thats easy, you make up short line with a chain hook. You take the hook and put it on the chain and than cleat the line. OR as Richard pointed out........ Hook http://store.americancrane.com/item/cm-alloy-carbon-hooks/cm-grade-80-alloy-clevis-grab-hook/cm-grade-80-alloy-clevis-grab-hook-2?gclid=CjwKCAjwpIjZBRBsEiwA0TN1r-Uys7yCdulG2-8_XlHutYHYnG0LknCo_ctNMgKkLzQTXQEoxfEBEBoCYyQQAvD_BwE