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  1. I don't understand your question " is there a common short location" ?

    Since the lights do come on momentarily, I do not think you have a short, if you had a short they would not come on at all. I think that you have rust built up in a socket or a bad connection some were. I would take the lights apart & clean everthing and/or replace them with LEDs

  2. Looks good. Thats were I installed mine too. I had to add a 3" deck plate to the other side to get in there. CaptScott, I would make your drip loop bigger, but thats just me. Sorry.

    No one has mentioned about DSC, I would now hook it up to your GPS. DSC is a great to call for help if something happens! It can give out your mmsi # and your position in 3 or 4 seconds.

  3. Fusion, yuck. The most expensive radio ever without blue-tooth.

    Most automotive stereos work with marine remotes. My Kenwood does.

    Why do I need blue tooth for!! I use a USB drive. Plus the fact that it has zones is a great thing. Also the having the VHF come over the speakers can come in handy. That is 2 things an auto stereo can't do for me. Never mind that it's remotes are NMEA 2K. So I don't need to run wires back to the head unit. Just tap into the bus. I have a remote on the swim platform, since the remotes are NMEA2K it can display the depth so I know when the tide does out. NOW if it had HD radio to me it would be prefect for me!!

  4. Before you take them off, draw a line down one prop to the other. In other word, from the drive to the 1st prop. Just line straight line.

    Than when you put the props back, just line up the line you made earlier.

    Your over thinking it, inless I just don't get it!!

  5. Sorry about that!! I saw the screws that holds the top on. Going back there this weekend and we will see. I just that I woulds ask rather than beatting my head aganst the wall trying. But thats how we learn too.


  6. I bought a new Sig 290 2011, & I do mean new. I got a great deal on it, so good I just could not pass it up!! The question is why did I get a great deal. The market is soft, its coming back BUT at a very slow rate. And yes the drives could be a problem, I don't know that much about that drive. I had one for 2 years & no problems. Back to the point, so the market is driving new sales down and that is going to drive used boat sales down too. What I paid for this boat was less than what I found used!! I even had a rebate. You see were I am going with this.

    I traded mine in, I saved on the sales tax but I did loose in the trade. Minus what I saved overall. OUCH!! But its gone, and they will sell it for a more I bet.

    GOOD LUCK with it!!

  7. I just got new Sig 290 last week. I have been very busy installing the GPS, VHF and more. I spent about 2 minutes looking at the cabinet that the A.C. panel & head unit are in. I want to install my Fusion unit from my old boat. How does that come apart? I did notice the screws that hold the top on. I am thinking that I will take that off first and take it from there.

    Any thoughts?

  8. Being from Boston, maybe I can clear a few thing up. There are many yacht club up here! Myself I am from the Winthrop Yacht Culb and as clubs go we share events and some people belong to more than one club.

    A fund raiser was started Mr Henneberry, the owner of the boat. He refused it stating "I only lost a boat, they lost lives & legs" or something like that. He sent the money to "The 1 Fund" The boat has a 40gal tank and has half full at the time. Thats why they were carful were & when to shoot.

  9. check your grounds to the battery. Clean them make sure they are properly attached.

    Back to basics, as in the above post. Also check the POS cables too. You may have a cable going bad, more if you have copper cables rather than tinned cables. The copper cables turn green inside and do not let enough current though.

  10. I was also having problems with the jbl remotes and after looking all around for square remotes to replace the jbl's I opted for a fusion head unit (me-ip 700 )and remotes(ms-nrx200). I haven't installed yet but they look like they will cover the exsisting holes.I just hope it turns out to be a good product.

    You will love the Fusion. Just be warned that not all IPods will work completly with it, more so in watching movies.

  11. I had the same problem when I install my Fusion. Square remote into a larger round hole. I use black starboard and routed the edges to give it a more finished look. I can't say its perfect, but it looks good and the Fusion was going in. I sould say, that the starboard filled in the gaps between the old mounting hole & the new remote.

  12. Forgive me, but why add a changer. I have been using a thumb drive for years and the ease of use and adding songs are far better. Plus, that small drive can hold 4, 5, & 6 times more songs than a changer. Not to mention the wight, room & power achanger would use.

  13. I e-mailed Chaparral last Tuesday with all of the boat problem. One of the biggest ones is the port lights. The hull is slanted, so now the port lights at the top are pitched back. This allows water to collect at the bottom. If you were to open them, that water would now spill into the cabin. I talked to a Bob there and he kept stating that there "are no know issues". Bob said that he would contact his Engineering Dept. on this after I pushed the issue though 3 emails.

    To all you Sig 290 owners: Do you have the same problem with water collecting at the base of the window? And if you were to open it the water would spill onto the cabin floor.

  14. I will never buy a new boat. Not only do they always have growing pains, but as soon as you signed the papers its worth 20k less. You can easily purchase a 2-3 year old boat still under drive train warranty for 3 more years with no issues and even upgrades for tens of thousands less than new.

    Point well taken!! But this was a 2011 left over with a rebate. Brand new!! Used boats were going for the same if not more.

  15. Thank you to all!!

    The dealer so far has been good. This friday they are coming out.

    I was more suprized at Chaparral's responce, it was very laid back and kept saying that the dealer will fix it. Not that we will work with the dealer, we will support him. Nothing like that!

    Another problem: The low depth warning kept going off for no reason.

    I have had new boats before, so I get it!! You will always something pop up, but this is too much.

  16. You did run it before you gave them the Check?

    I've used 10% ethanol all the time never a problem. The new electronic engines where made to run on the stuff. Gas stations go threw gas like "p00p threw a goose", unlike marinas. If your going to be using it every weekend there is no need to put additives in it till fall.

    At the end of the season (Sept) I start adding Stabil so its in the system when I go to put it away.


    So very true!!! What people don't understand is, there is many type of additives and the ones for water will pull water out of the air too. You need to remember what it is for. To pull water out of you tank. BUT if you not having a problem, you don't need it until winter. Only those ones that keep the fuel fresh, not to pull the water out.

    Case in point, we had a member at the club use the "water" type with almost every fill up. After a few years, he had water in the tank. The train of thought was the stuff just kept pulling water out of the air because at first there was no water in his tank. He had to pump out over 75 gals. No one else at the club was having fuel issues. If in doubt, use a Racor filter to capure the water!

  17. Last Saturday they delivered my new boat. After a few minutes, it was very disappointing!!

    I found a lot wrong with it.

    A, 4 out 5 port lights leak. The lights are pitched in, not out

    B. Heat not working.

    C. Head walls were not sealed. I took a shower and found water on the cabin floor.

    D, Throttle cables need adjusting.

    E. No sound from the TV

    F. The drain on the back side of the engine hatch leaks.

    G. Sealant on the stanchions was never wiped clean when they installed them,

    H. Helm cup holders have no drain hose.

    I. Found chipped gel-coat when the port lights were installed.

    I think there more, I just can't remember it all.

    The dealer is very good about!! Chaparral on the other hand was very laid back about it! When I asked why the port lights were pitched in, he asked for a pics of it. I was not at the boat so I said just look at any pics you have. He came back with, but I want them of your boat. I said, your the manufacture you must have pics and diagrams. Wellllll, it did not go to far........

  18. cyclops2, What kind of additvies are you talking about? There are many types and I think this peron is new to this. His boat is a 2006, so the tank in it self should be on the clean side. So there should not be too much too worry about there.

  19. When was the last time the boat was used and refueled? When was the last time the fuel filter was changed? If it was just last (6 months) fall, you could use a octane booster. Or just fill the tank to add fresh fuel to the tank,

    If it been longer than a year, I would try to start it. If it starts right up, GREAT. If not, use a 6 gal outboard tank with new fuel and try to start it again to make sure that it is the fuel or not. If it starts up, after a few minutes of trying (the fuel in the line need to be cleared out) than you know you have bad fuel in the tank and it will have to be drained.

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