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  1. Hey Guys,

    Has anyone installed an inline water purification cartridge into the PEX tubing? I was thinking of adding one in the cabin sink. I'm not real keen on drinking the water that has been sitting in the water tank. Paranoia? :scratchchin:

    I wouldn't!!! We carry a gallon or two just for that. Anything in the tank we wash and shower with.

    Now I would put a filter on the hose at the slip.

  2. I had a radar arch from Atlantic Towers. Which was 1.5" inside the tube. I drilled a 1/3" hole at the top and bottom & used a electricians snake from the top. I tied 8-10" of string to the bottom of the snake and sent it down to the lower hole. I than used a hook made from a paper clip the grab the string. Once I got the string I pulled the snake though. It took over an hour, but I got it done. If the wire is heave enough, you will not even need the snake.

  3. Just an update - I pulled out the bad Interstate SRM-24 and took it down to my local Interstate battery dealer. He checked the date code and surprisingly the battery was still in warranty :D (I just bought the boat in Feb and had no idea when the batts were replaced). He tested it and sure enough it was bad. I was going to replace it with another SRM-24, but decided to ask about upgrading to an AGM.. They gave me full current price back () and I applied it to a new Optima Blue top SC34M. So out the door with the Optima I only had to spend another $ and it has a 3 year warranty. Thought that was a pretty good score and it fits the stock battery tray with room to spare..

    Good for you!! Glade it worked out.

  4. I launch on 4/20. If it was up to me I would wait another week, but the next date the dealer could give me is 5/4. If the weather is bad on 4/20, I can fall back to 5/4. If I do for 5/4 the next open date he has 5/18 and thats just too late for me. SUCH problems!!!

    OHHHHHHHHH let me add, I am from Boston!

  5. Change dealer. A dealer who doesn't know his product is not worth spending my money on...

    True, but you can not expect him to know everthing on every boat he has. It is a small detail? To add, the boat was out in the yard & I was not going to make him go out and look.

  6. Stupid question, I don't take delivery for a few more weeks and I can not remember how many remotes there are. I am replacing the deck with a Fusion system, I want to order the right amount. From all the on-line pics, I can see something on the swim platform. Is that a remote too? So there is 2 remotes, yes, one at the helm & one on the platform? .


  7. Well, you listed the following activities do at the dealership:

    • Make scene on the busiest day to scare off other customers
    • Drive up and down the street with signs denoting the dealer's inability service a customer.

    An in-person chat with the dealer's general manager would be a more mature action and would go much further to getting the problem solved. It would also maintain a positive relationship with the dealer in the event that future problems would arise or the original poster finds another boat that he would like to purchase. As was mentioned before, mistakes happen and they may have happened outside the dealership's control.

    I'd rather confirm the dealer is at fault before placing the entirety of the blame on them.

    If the chat with the general manager goes south or does not produce any results, I would call the DOT/DMV/F&B Commission investigator about the issue. Dealer's definitely don't want to see an investigator, as they can be extremely thorough. Generally, the investigator can solve the problem.

    If that solves nothing, then it's time to call the attorney general and get the lawyers involved.

    I did not say these are the first things that you should do. But the dealer is stonewalling him, rather than to be up front and say, "here is the problem". Again, these are just ideas. As in if all else fails. Enough said.

  8. So, basically you advise throwing a temper tantrum? This will get the original poster nowhere.

    To the original poster...

    It seems you've contacted everyone about the title/registration issue except for the agency that actually issues the title and registration. Go to the source.

    In what state was the title and registration applied for (you'll know as you will/shoud have a copy of the title application in your paperwork)? If New York, have you contacted the DMV to see if the title application was received? If titling and registering in Pennsylvania, have you contacted the Fish & Boat Commission?

    Did you ever see the title in the previous owner's name?

    Is that what I said?? I did not say to yell or scream, But just enough for the other customers to over hear & be reasonable. Is what I am driving at. And I said "Again, talk to the A.G. first, than plan out your actions." What I mentioned are things that have worked for other people with these type of problems were the normal routes have failed. Why, because now you are cutting into his $$$.

    There are all just, ideas.

  9. It does not effect flushing your system, IF I understand you right. When you flush, every thing on the raw water side will get flush too.

    If you have a Volvo, at lest from the 2 I have owned, you don't use muffs. There should be a hose connection on the side of the engine, yes? So you can flush the engine with it still in the water.

    As to the closed system, I would not buy a boat with out one. It adds resale value, easier to winterize, engine run at a constant temp and I am sure theres more!

  10. I would call the Atty General first to see what the next steps would be. Than, if I had the time, I would go to the dealer ship on there busyest days and make a small seen. Just enough so yourr not unreasnable or taken that way by other customers.This would scare any new buyers. I would also demend my money back. Let face it, you have not even used the boat yet.

    I would also make it very clear to the bank and let them know what is going on. Than I would write (regestered mail) to them, that you feel the boat is stolen and your going to stop making payments.

    You could put a sign on both sides of the boat, telling your problems with that dealer. Than drive up & down the dealers street and even park in front of them.

    Again, talk to the A.G. first, than plan out your actions.

  11. AGM and lead acid batts.charge on the same setting, on multi bank settings you would want to keep them separate,but is N/A in your case, EFI or MPI it is better to use a starting battery for your #1 and a deep cycle for the # 2 or house batt. only time you get in trouble is mixing lead acid and gel on a single charging system.

    High performance AGM take a different float chrage. So your charger may need to be changed out. From ProMariner web site.

    Standard Flooded (Lead-acid) AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) -14.6 VDC Absorption, 13.4 VDC Float

    with or without fill caps

    GEL Cell - Sealed Gray Cap - 14.1 VDC Absorption, 13.8 VDC Float

    AGM High Performance

    (Absorbed Glass Mat) - Sealed - 14.7 VDC Absorption 13.6 VDC Float As in the Sears AGM

    or Oddesey brand.

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