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  1. 3 minutes ago, Randall Harbert said:

    What do you clamp the spring clamp to? The negative jump start post or something metallic like the cleat? Just wondering...probably never use it but would like to know..thanks for sharing!

    Neg side of your battery. But this does not stop some one from getting hurt or killed. It just protects your boat. 

  2. 19 hours ago, rjbergen said:

    Fusion MS-RA70NSX is great. It supports Bluetooth, SiriusXM, and NMEA2K network. You could save money and go with the MS-RA70 if you only want Bluetooth and FM radio. 

    yep! or any Fusion head unit.

  3. 1 hour ago, Mike Up North said:

    Thanks...That's a start but I think I need more explanation if you can help more. Did you move the pins (or cut & splice) on the tach plugin? Or on the gateway adapter? I have attached a picture of the harness plug that comes to the helm (normally connected to the tach) and is now plugged into the yacht devices harness unmodified.

    I appreciate your help!



     I moved the pins to match up with the Yacht Device explanation of what there wire is looking for. So Can low of the gateway to Can low of the tech wire which for me was Light Blue. It may not be light blue in your case. If not, you need to find out what wire does what.  


    BUT, it looks look the color code is right. Take a meter and check for ground and 12v on red and yellow.

  4. I hate to say it. But any good boater should carry a knife on him. 

    I have picked up lobster traps, small trap bouys under the surface. Even fishing lines. One storm I had to cut a boater free from his cleat. 

  5. 9 hours ago, ramoszx12r@comcast.net said:

    450 hp on a 4.3 v6. What you have a super charger on it?

    As I mentioned "total of 450hp". So that's 225hp out of each engine. No supercharger.

  6. I have a 2011 290 with 4.3L. Seams to have plenty of power for me. A total of 450hp. Gets right up on plane. 


    Maybe it needs a tune-up. But are the fuel pumps making a high pitch noise. If yes, there could be failing. Mine did last year and after installing two new ones it got up on plane quicker.

  7. I had almost the same problem with a boat I bought that was one year old. It only had 19hrs on it and I could not find the problem. A friend helped me and he looked at the impeller housing. It was all scored from sand! The last owner must have beached her and sucked it sand.  

  8. 53 minutes ago, chasingmemories said:

    Another DEDICATED boat gadget, is a tool kit that STAYS on the boat, with the specialty tools for the boat.  (I know it doesn't sound particularly sexy, but super useful)  

    I have a dedicated toolbox, that has (along with the normal tools)  a fuel pressure tester that screws onto my fuel rail, the two special propeller sockets required for service on my outdrive, and the marine grease needed to put them back on, and a digital torque adapter to torque them down.  It is SO nice to not have to think about that stuff.  I also have a "powerprobe" that either goes directly to the battery or a power outlet that allows me to check for either power or ground, and allows me to inject power if I need to.  Very helpful to know if power is there or not.  The other "Specialty" tool that I have used so much I would replace immediately if lost is a flexible nut driver for the hose clamps.  It works so much better than either a socket or a screw driver it really is worth every penny, and it was quite inexpensive.  Great for winterization to remove hose clamps.  

    Nothing wrong with that!! We need tools and parts when under way.

  9. I do have a closed system. But my 290 with twins is a 2011 model. Its been in salt since day one and it stays in the slip all reason. So far so good! So its now 8 years going on 9. So I think you can get a few more years out of it. I would wait before removing the manifolds at least two more maybe 3 years. If your going to remove them, than I would replace them.  

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