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  1. I got a great call from the Marina last weekend (my 2013 246 SSi sits in dry storage and is currently still winterized). Hey, we got some great news for you....you got a free detailing. Yeah, we pulled your boat instead of a black and white Crownline, and well, they cleaned your boat instead of the other guy's....so you got a free detailing. How about that?
  2. My boat sleeps at Holiday Marina, so we just always gas up there. Plus we get to check out the deck at the Rusty Rudder while we are tied up!
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    Well we were out on Sunday....air was in the 60's and the water was still 69 degrees. She is stored in an indoor unheated warehouse, so and although we have had lows some nights below freezing I am am still hoping to use her for another month or so...... I guess I need to think about winterization and maintenance....I am still experiencing that "new boat owner high" and don't want to give it up!
  4. I special ordered my 246SSI this spring from that local dealer and I ordered it with the 5.7 volvo DP. 300HP. I am very happy with it. Plenty of torque on the hole shot, even pulling up a 200lb slalom skier. Top end is around 46-48 mph. Plenty enough for me. However, the 257 is larger and heavier. You really should drive it and see for yourself. My point is, don't be afraid to special order the boat exactly the way you want it. Ours took about 6 weeks to arrive. I am very glad I ordered it because I was able to get what I really wanted.
  5. You will love the new boat. I am biased as I bought a new 246 SSI 2013 this summer and really enjoy it. We have the 300 hp 5.7 Volvo, and that is enough to push the 246. I hope you got a big motor in the 257, you really do need it. What you are going to love is the storage, fit and finish and just great usability of your boat. These Chaps are just the best. Enjoy the rest of the Summer!
  6. I have the arch tower on my 2013 246 SSI and there is no way to fold and boot the bimini while it is still attached to the tower. You just need to remove it. The rear section also gets in the way of the rope connected to the tower, so we normally run with the rear section removed so we can ski and wakeboard at any time. This does seem to not be an ideal set up. I was puzzled at first too. Why did they give us a boot if you can't fold it? I then figured out that it was so you can boot it after you remove it. I am still trying to figure out a way to store the rear section behind the motor in the engine or swimdeck compartment so I could put it up when I want to, but I have yet to fool around with that. It is just hanging up in my garage. I am just enjoying the boat with a slighlty smaller bimini. Enjoy
  7. Well I just ordered a 2013 246 ssi and the arch is a 6000 deer option. Yes. I did order it!
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