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  1. Sorry that happened but we've all have had our "idiot of the week" moments. I put hull guides for the wind on my trailer on my old 21 H2O in the garage. All that time was wasted as I ripped them off and the garage door was ripped to spreads when i pulled it out and never checked to see if it would clear the top of the garage. State Farm hated me.
  2. 244 here and water was pouring in from the swim deck ladder. They indexed 3 rows of holes only to use two of the holes and never filled in said wrong place holes. Took me a while to figure that out till I ran it with the hatch open and when I stopped, it was clear as day as these boats settle stern first.
  3. You sir, are the man!!! Thank you. Another excuse to go to Lowes (man village)..
  4. I need this as my factory one bent and the cusion tipped over the first time out. Do ya have the measurements still?
  5. Just say him a few weeks ago. Still ugly as ever.
  6. 328dude


    I had A 19 FS and liked the boat, but upgraded to the 21 FS when they came out. The 21 was a better boat IMO. It ride better as in not porpoising a lot and the weight distribution is better. take the rear cusion off the center of hatch before hitting the highway. The snaps will not hold it on at highway speeds.
  7. 328dude

    I GIVE UP!!

    I hear what your saying Hatem.
  8. 328dude

    I GIVE UP!!

    Update: The dealer called today and had me come down to look at the boat today while they did a water test. They braced the boat on the trailer, as to not stress the trailer as much with the water weight and within 15 seconds of filling the bilge with water, the drain plug plate with the 3 screws, had water pouring out behind it. They removed, cleaned and reinstalled said plate and allowed to dry and redid the test. Filled up boat past the exhaust horn and above transom plate. No leaks. They are pretty confident it's not leaking but still want to test it under load on the lake to make
  9. 328dude

    I GIVE UP!!

    Well, the boat is currently at the dealer. They are gonna find out if this is in fact where the water is coming in by filling it with water. They have never seen this before so not sure if the water test will show it leaking from the exhaust. The boat does run fine, just takes on water. They are not sure if this is causing it, but said even if it is not, this will have to be fixed. If the water is coming in from somewhere else on this boat they will address it this week and find the cause. You can't just pull this out as it is still connected to the wiring harness on the inside of the boat.
  10. 328dude

    I GIVE UP!!

    Thanks Stimpy. Yea, it's all covered but just hate that my brand new boats back half has to be completely taken out and then put back together with less than 2 hours on it.
  11. 328dude

    I GIVE UP!!

    Please forgive me for my following rant, but I'm just really disappointed in what has been going on with my new 244 Sunesta these last few weeks, and now the problems got even worse yesterday. I bought a new 244 Sunesta after upgrading from my 21 H2O. I liked the layout of the boat as did the Captain, and thought is was a good fit for our family and friends. I dealt with my dealer on on all my purchases and I can't say enough good praise about them as they have always been good to me. I purchase this new boat and before even getting it in the water, I had a power steering fluid leak that fi
  12. Upgraded from a H2O to a 244 Sunesta about a month ago. You can't really compare the boats as each are nice, but the ride in the 244 over the H20 is night and day. Bravo 3 is also very nice.
  13. Cool thing is that boat is more than likely a first production run after a fire in 1967 that destroyed the building in Ft Lauderdale. They rebuilt the factory there, but I don't think they built any boats in 68 during the rebuilding process. Not sure what year Fiberglass Fabricators became Chap but it was around that time frame.
  14. I was having the same issue finding one with the cutouts for the arch. Had a local canvas shop make a custom one for my boat. They did a fantastic job. While not cheap, it was about the only option I had. It's the sunbrella materiel, but it is heavy. They had other materials, but I like the breath ability of this materiel.
  15. I brush with Mequires Flagship Marine wax. Provides good UV protection. Wish they had a diffrent flavor.
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