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  1. +1 on the spun hub. Same thing happened to me a couple of years ago. I was able to idle it back to the dock, took awhile, but we made it back!
  2. Beautiful! Love it when the repair is better than the factory equipment.
  3. Hi Rich, happy to see you found a new boat! I was thinking about towing mine over to Delaware this summer when we visit with my parents. Sounds like you prefer Alum Crk vs Delaware Res.? What's the best place to launch?
  4. Great tips, thanks Pete! I have a storage cover that straps down to the trailer, I was also going to get a snap-on cover made for keeping the boat in a slip up there. I hadn't considered trailering with the cover off, just thought it would be bad for the interior (which I just detailed!) to leave it uncovered for that many miles and days in the sun and/or rain. Do you think the storage cover would tear? Also great idea on the shield, I'm sure it will get blasted with rocks & asphalt somewhere along the line. I'll shoot you a pm if we get extra time around CDL. Ben
  5. Try looking by the battery. Mine has a wire that connects the head unit straight to the battery to keep the clock running. There is a fuse on that wire right where it connects to the battery. I blew mine last year.
  6. Great check list! I don't have a good anti-theft device except for a hitch lock that is honestly pretty cheesy. Any suggestions for a good one? What kind of anti-theft chains are you talking about?
  7. Lake Pend O Reille is awesome! My good friend has a place near Priest River and takes us out, the skiing is great and much warmer than PL! Can't wait to check out the upper lake, sounds like a beautiful spot!
  8. Yes, I'm going to store it there for awhile, maybe a couple of years or longer if it works out. We try to spend a couple of weeks each year up there and figured it would be worthwhile to keep it there vs. borrowing & renting. We'll use it way more in 2 weeks there than weekends here. Yes, the water is cold! August is about the only time the swimming & boarding is nice, it's also the busiest time of year.
  9. Does anyone do any boating at Priest Lake? I am going to haul my boat out there, it should take 3 days, and then store it at Priest Lake Marina.
  10. Does anyone do any boating at Priest Lake? I am going to haul my boat out there in August and store it at Priest Lake Marina. Never done a 3 day tow either!
  11. Agreed but I would make sure to check the limits. You may want an umbrella policy to cover you if you are sued beyond the coverage limit. I have also heard stories of insurance companies not providing legal representation to clients who only have liability coverage.
  12. I replaced my transducer last year because the thru hull was leaking and I figured I might as well replace the unit since I was going to the trouble to pull it. I ordered a new one from Cecil Marine, they knew exactly what I needed. I think it was less than 150 deer. I pulled the old one which wasn't easy because it is located underneath the front part of the engine. It took all I had in me to reach the nut with a pair of channel locks! I cleaned up the hole with a dremel and got all the old sealant off. There seemed to be some water in my hull so I ended up letting it dry out over the
  13. Why has this not hit the news? I looked at the Gazette, the Dispatch, and Google News. Makes it pretty hard to track down an arsonist when no one even knows that it happened!
  14. That sucks Rich, I've always enjoyed seeing your updates. I'm from Delaware BTW! Man, what a disaster, I feel for you.
  15. Man, hard to imagine with all the rain we've had in Indiana this summer.
  16. Wow! Looks like the captain had the day off and the owner decided to take it out anyways!
  17. I got a flat a week after I put on new tires last year! It was a screw in the tire. I also threw caution to the wind and drove to the lake anyways.
  18. Thanks for all the comments! Yeah, I've been trying to play with it but haven't really found much of an advantage to using it vs. keeping it all the way in. That's why I was curious if other people have found it helps much to use it. Ben
  19. I am trying to understand how to use trim to take advantage of the fuel efficiency. Is this the only reason to "trim up" the drive after you come up on plane? I understand the physics behind the fuel savings, do you also get a better ride when you change the trim? Does it create less wake for skiers? I find that the boat will increase speed by 2-4 mph and I can throttle back after I raise the trim but it will quickly start to porpoise and make for a terrible ride. Most of the time we run with the drive in the down position because of this problem. Sounds like smart tabs would help tremen
  20. Got mine from Baldmikes, Sharkskin. It is custom made for the boat and fits really well. Mike was very helpful in ordering it too.
  21. Great pics! Where on Lake Superior?
  22. +1 to that. It would be so much fun to take the boat up there but I'd be so nervous the whole time!
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