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  1. Jowee

    water leak question

    Thanks for the info. I went back out and ran just water through and had no leakage so that makes sense. Thanks alot . This forum is priceless.
  2. 2010 20 ft SSI 4.3 Volvo. First off, I keep my boat in a heated garage most of the winter but a couple of days ago I needed the room and pulled the boat outside. I havent pulled the plugs but the last two nights it got down to 30* each night but was 50*-60* during the day so I really wasnt worried too much about freezing. This morning I woke up and when I looked at the thermometer and saw 29* it worried me a bit. I know it needs to stay sub 30* for a while to do alot of damage but it still unnerved me. So I went out this morning and decided to go ahead and do a full winterization. Started the motor with water running through just to get the motor up to temp. every thing in the motor compartment looked good. I dont if it was just because I was looking for something bad but I saw water coming down the transom and noticed water seemed to be coming from bottom bellows pictured. Outdrive was fully down so I thought that water would just be coming from ports at the reat of the outdrive. Is something wrong? or does the bellows just need to be tightened?
  3. Installed my new Aerial Freeride tower installed and 20 new LEDs inside boat.
  4. How does it adhere? Is it DIY friendly?
  5. Thanks for the quick reply. I actually just recieved a call back from my dealer and he informed me that the 3 position lounge was no longer available for the walk through side and was for the port side. If you notice, the '12 models have the lounge on the port side. My '10 did not. my question to him was, why wasnt the WHOLE sun lounge then replace with the new design? If they were having that much of a problem, why wasnt it recalled? I can tell you. That was a HUGE selling point to my wife when we bought the boat. She spends all her time back there while we are anchored and watches the kids swim with a beverage in her hand. Kind of hard to do laying flat. Shes ready to tow the boat back to the dealer and demand something be done! lol. But I have sent an email to Chaparral in hopes of a resolution to this.
  6. Has anyone had problems with their 3 position sun lounge? I have a '10 206 (bought new in mar '11) that halfway through the summer last year, the sun lounge back would not stay in position. My wife was the only one really using it and shes onle 5' 3" 100lbs soak and wet! I looked at the brackets and they seemed to be bent. Before winterization, I took it in and the dealer replaced with a new cushion and brackets. Took the boat out yesterday and the first time I put the back into position it slams down and will not hold still. I guess what I want to know is, Is this an issue that Chaparral has had with this design? I noticed on the '12 they moved the lounge to the other side. Sorry so long but this is really pissing me off.
  7. Jowee

    2011 206 ssi

    Thanks everyone. That was a bit of a pain but worth it cause......while i was down at the prop i found that I have a trim cylinder leaking fluid! better to find it now under warranty I guess.
  8. Jowee

    2011 206 ssi

    I give up. Can someone please tell me where the drain is for the drive on this boat! lol. Its a 4.3 Volvo Gxi-J with a SX-A drive. I cant see a plug anywhere. No mention of it in any of my documentation. Thanks in advance.
  9. I purchased a '11 206 SSI this year brand new. 4.3 Volvo. I am having trouble keeping the throttle to stay in a set position while cruising. it slowly slows down and really annoys me. is there something I can easily tighten up at the motor or at the throttle itself. I know, Its under warranty but dealership is 2 hours away and if its an easy fix or common problem would rather do it myself. thanks
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