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  1. Artie

    Speedo stopped reading

    In addition to using the drill bit, I also flush water through it until it runs clear. Get a syringe filled with water (the kind with a thick plastic tip) and connect plastic tubing (same size as your speedometer tubing) to the end of it. Then remove the speedometer tubing from the coupler (see the green circle in Tomnjo's photo above) and flush water down through the drive to push out any dirt that got farther up than a drill bit can reach.
  2. Artie

    Pink Mold on stitching seams

    My seats get some pink if stored away with too much moisture. When this happens, I leave the pink parts exposed to the hot sun and it clears up in about a day.
  3. Artie

    Towing with ecoboost

    I have a 2015 2.7 and it easily tows my 2001 216ssi. Going uphill is a breeze even when fully loaded with gear, multiple ice chests, 58 gallons of gas, and 5 people in my cab.
  4. Artie

    Replace missing cap on bravo 3 lower

    That was very helpful. Found the part quickly and ordered from Amazon. Thank you, soldier4402!!
  5. Where can I find a replacement cap/plug for my 2001 bravo 3 lower? It's the small round cap above the bolt that holds on my anode.
  6. Artie

    Anchor recommendation

    I'll be anchoring around 20-30' deep most of the time. I just bought 30' of 3/8" chain and then I already have a 100' rope. I'm curious if I should leave the chain as is at 30' or cut it down some for that depth? As far as using a shackle like the pic I posted above, how do you wire tie the end? If I put a wire or pin through the hole at the head of the pin screw, the pin can still just be unscrewed. I think i'm maybe not picturing it right in my head how that works.
  7. Artie

    Anchor recommendation

    So I went with the 3/8" galvanized chain. How do you connect your chain to your anchor? I saw some anchor shackles at the hardware store that were screw pins but i'm not sure how to seize the end of it. It seems like it would unscrew easily. Here's a similar item to what I saw: Is there a better kind that won't unscrew so easily?
  8. Artie

    Anchor recommendation

    I have that same swim deck and I LOVE IT!!! I just added a pic to my signature.
  9. Artie

    Anchor recommendation

    Ok you sold me on the 3/8" from the hardware store. Thank you!!! What length do you recommend I cut it to? Or maybe I should just measure out how much fits in my locker and then add a coupler link later if I need more? How much gas do you need to get from Walnut Grove to Crawdads? I live a couple blocks from Crawdads and would like to go down to at least Clarksburg one day but I'm always afraid of running out of gas. I have a 58 gal tank.
  10. Artie

    Anchor recommendation

    The lighter the better so that's good to know 1/2" is good too. I'm usually around 20' or so when anchoring. I launch from Discovery Park.
  11. Artie

    Anchor recommendation

    I'm planning on taking it out very soon and I'm not sure if I have time to go to a boat store before this weekend. I see galvanized 3/8" & 3/16" grade 30 chain at my local hardware store which sells by a box of 30' and it is much cheaper than 20' of 5/16" grade 43 from my local boat shop. The only difference looks like the "grade". Is that the strength? I'm assuming my rope is still the weaker link so would I be ok with this hardware store chain instead of the boat shop chain?
  12. Artie

    Anchor recommendation

    Good call!
  13. Artie

    Anchor recommendation

    Indy, I'll check out that "Box" anchor next if adding a heavy chain still doesn't help. What would be a good size rope to add onto the chain for my situation? I have a feeling my nylon rope is a bit lightweight & thin.
  14. Artie

    Anchor recommendation

    Great feedback! Right now I only have a thick nylon rope so that's probably a big problem on getting the anchor to lay flat and catch with so little anchor weight. I'm cringing at the thought of a larger anchor since it won't fit in my anchor locker so I'll at least start with getting a nice long heavy chain. I think i'll pick up 25' of 5/16" chain like Jjlai724 has. If that size chain holds that boat in your sig while in the Sacramento River then I should be good to go.
  15. Artie

    Anchor recommendation

    I have a 2001 216 SSI and an anchor similar to this: Slip-Ring Fluke Anchor for Boat Length to 22', 11lb., Blue mfg part#669-11-ZR http://www.westmarine.com/greenfield-products--color-coated-slip-ring-fluke-anchors--P005_153_001_503 I'm normally in the Sacramento River which has a fast current and a muddy bottom. My anchor never holds me in the mud but does ok in the rare occasion that I snag some plants or rocks. I'm usually loaded up pretty heavy with passengers and ice chests so I'd say I'm typically around 5,000lbs when floating with a full tank. I read that fluke anchors work well in sand and mud so do I just need a larger fluke anchor and perhaps one without that soft PVC coating? Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.