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  1. Hey buddy!  I see you've been popping in every once in a while recently.  How are things?  Did you get the new boat?  We need to hook up again!


    1. Still Kicking

      Still Kicking

      Hey, yea been in and out a few times checking things out.  I was watching your windlass install progress.  How have you been.  Last we communicated you were having some health issues.  Hope all is going well!!

      Yes this will be my third season with the new boat.  2017 everglades 435.  Been having a blast fishing on her.  Is your email and phone the same, I'll shoot you some pics sometime.

    2. Hatem


      Big Rob, how are you?  Great to hear from you.  I figured you bought it, just wasn't sure.  I'm guessing you guys must really be fishing like crazy now, ey?  Justin was just talking about how great that trip was and how much fun we had.  I posted some pics on an Ocean City thread that Monkeysea opened about going there. 

      Yeah, I had a pair of gallstones that were almost an inch in diameter and would cause me so much pain when I would eat anything that I lost so much weight (I was down to 125 on December 12th, 2016) and I thought it was over.  Went to make sure my will was straight and everything was I order and that freaked Cindy out so bad that she went to my primary care doctor and the gastroenterologist and started screaming at them lol.  She said "my husband lost half his body mass and fat and you people aren't even setting him up for surgery to remove the gallstones?!  He's in so much pain every night screaming and looks to be on his death bed and you people aren't taking this seriously!!!"  This was on a Monday in April of 2017.  By Thursday I was in surgery, they took my gallbladder out and the next day I was able to eat again.  I guess I starved my body without even knowing it.  Once my weight started coming back, the doctors told my wife that I didn't complain enough to them about the pain, otherwise they would've had me in surgery sooner LOL!  Can you believe it?  I almost died because these idiots thought I didn't complain enough.  Thank God I'm back up to 195lbs but I tell ya, it took about 9 months to a year to regain my weight and it was the worst time of my life, for sure.  Didn't have much reason to be happy and to be posting on this @#$%@# hole loool.

      Anyway, yes, same email and same number please send pics when you can!  I say hello to the lovely Missus!


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