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  1. Knock wood, never had that issue or heard of it with a 327. Any reason given as to how it might of happened? Other than the dreaded gear oil alarm on the ocean X's and some joy stick issues mine has been trouble free. Volvo and the dealer replaced the joystick a year ago which fixed that and the starboard drive at the end of last season which will hopefully fix the alarm. Both Volvo and my dealer have been great at addressing problems. Real sorry to hear about your electrical problem, can the affected area be cut out then replace the bad sections of wiring? This is of coarse after you address the cause. Harness replacements are not cheap if its anything like auto. Had harness problems with 3 of my trucks, after pricing replacement harnesses, I just cut into them and soldered new sections of wire for each effected wire. Don't no if that would be possible in your case or not. Good Luck!
  2. We spend most of our time in the ocean with ours. Last boat was the 287. I can tell you that it does ride better which I contribute to the size and weight difference. We spend a lot of days a year in the ocean, been out over 70 miles countless times fishing. Although we really did not use the cabin space other than storage I do prefer it over not having it just for the added storage. We do have the generator so the admiral would utilize it for those real hot days. We love the open bow for reasons Delaney stated and have no fear of ocean going because of it. You just got to be smart and pick your days. I always took the bow cover along just in case but never had to use it. I would have a hard time going back from twin engines although winterization, maintenance, and fuel is double the cost. This is by far the most favorable boat I used / owned to date. Engine access is cramped on the 327. They changed the 337 so the whole back comes up which is a big plus. The extra 1 foot on the 337 comes from the swim pad. Yes this is not a water sports friendly boat, never really considered trying it. We use the jet ski's for that. The 287 to me was a bit much too which I used for tubing a few times. Its a big jump from a 275. Not what I would call very portable on land. Ours goes in April and comes back out in October, and is kept on a lift at the house. Deciding factors for us was the ability to spend all day with the family out anchored somewhere for the day, 12 to 14 people, have a place to duck out of the weather if need be, be large enough to be comfortable spending a day in the ocean fishing, and having a 2nd engine for piece of mind when out there. You could over night with two people but we have not done yet. I added two 30 gal aux fuel tanks in the ski locker and still had storage room left. I love this boat. Now having said all that, our boating lifestyle has changed because of the 327. instead of the 60/40 spilt from cruising around with the family and fishing we are more around 80/20 favoring fishing and even family time includes fishing. Although I set up the 327 for ocean fishing including out riggers and could run a 6 line spread with no problem, we are in the process of trading her in for a CC. Bigger, more engines and better suited for fishing. Think long and hard on what kind of boating you enjoy, what your budget would be to operate and maintain then size the boat accordingly. No boat is big enough. Good luck with your search. Deal is pending on the 327, who ever gets her is getting a #$^% of a nice boat that was well maintained, she will be missed!!
  3. I have twin 380's. Most of our boating is out in the ocean. Been 60 plus miles out many times. Depending on conditions you can count on anywhere in the 1.2 to 1.4 miles / gal or 19 to 23 gal's per hour. That is at a speed of 23 to 33 mph gps. Those numbers will worsen as chop increases. PM me.
  4. Very cool video, he was in the wrong place in the food chain that day.
  5. Little more Marlin action. Little bigger than the one last year. Fishing approx 68 miles outside of OC Md inlet.
  6. I went in from the cedar closet. I could see in pretty good from there.
  7. Ran a line up to replace the front remote. Delaney is correct, had this panel off and there sat the AC unit.
  8. Still Kicking

    Hello there!

    Nice boat. Welcome, you will find some really useful information on this site. Some very knowledgeable people on here.
  9. As long as the item you add is nema 2000 compatible. Not everything is. Transducers will need a separate cable to the 741 and plugged into the jack marked. Engine monitoring will need a gateway from your engine manufacture to convert data to nema 2000 standards. Basically one cable from the GPS ran around then tee'd off for each device you wish to use the network then terminate the ends. Each device should come with diagrams giving you an idea how to go about it. Very basic description here. Not hard at all once you get the idea. I have two separate networks on my boat, one for the auto-glide system and another for engine monitoring, fusion stereo, two fusion remotes, garmin weather, vhf, two sounder boxes, and two repeater gauges. Really neat how they all work together and yes a lot less wiring.
  10. Still Kicking

    New Lift

    yours look close to mine. To move out would require extensions. I have mine apart as far as possible without hitting both the I beam or the AC intake. I questioned the same concerns with the lift company and they said it was fine. It has been fine now for 3 seasons. 16,000 lb aluminum golden lift here.
  11. Glad your nightmare is coming to an end. Only plus to this is your coming out better then you went in. Hope all goes well and you can get back to enjoying her again.
  12. Must say, if there was an award for "if there is a will there is a way" I would nominate you for it. Very impressive!
  13. That is one of the main reasons for making the switch. When I am fishing from the rear seat, I can monitor depth right there. The other of coarse is the helm control. My boat network is almost as big as my office network. Nema 2k connectivity makes things so easy.
  14. That is why I just keep the unit in my ditch bag. Have it burnt into Sharon and I's brain that if we are going down, GRAB THE BAG!! Its is kept right behind the capt. chair ALL the time.
  15. I use one of these. Of course you could easily make your own with a trip to home depot. The angle of my fill does not allow me to shove the garden hose in.
  16. Had two 29 gal aux tanks installed in the ski locker. Needed more range for the canyon runs. Installed two analog to digital cables to tie into the Garmin electronics through the network. I did loose half the room in the locker but still enough left over for what is normally kept in there. I did move the grill out and under a seat for more room. Small price to pay for the reduce fuel mileage stress. Can't see the tanks but they are in front of the table top that is mounted now to a new starboard panel to hide the tanks. Repeater showing 4 tanks.
  17. Fusion AV 750 installed: Replaced the Clarion CMD8 with the fusion along with two 200I remotes to replace the bow and stern remotes. I wanted control from my Garmin 8208 and it works like a charm. The remotes are also repeaters to display information off the network. So far I feel this setup is far better and I love the control. Install was straight forward. Hardest part was running the data lines to the bow. I did have to replace the SiriusXM tuner and ant. because the existing was not compatible.
  18. Medicare? I heard she's 24. Rumor has it that Cyclops2 is multi talented. One eye perfectly centered allows laser focus to hone in on various spots. Joking aside, I really hope all goes well and she is feeling better soon. Money spent to relieve pain and cure problems of loved ones is money well spent!
  19. When I saw the pictures you posted from I believe your Florida fishing trip with the sharks. I can assure you that if one of them came up on the end of my line, it would not be coming on board for a photo shoot. If it did, that would I believe be Sharon's last day in the ocean. She was freaking when she saw the Sun fish that with the glare she thought at first was a shark.
  20. Yes I saw that video. Really scary. I was surprised at how sharp they are. I was actually thinking of that video while reeling the one I caught in last summer. Being gored by a marlin it not on my list of things to experience. Glad that kid survived, it could of went a very different way.
  21. Over the swim pad and into the walk through. It wasn't his weight some much as his strength. Thought we had him tired out enough, I was wrong. You can catch some pretty big fish with 50 pound, you just have to be real patient. And a fish that is willing to work with you. Had a capt tell me once that he hooked a big marlin on lighter tackle once. The fish immediately made a bee line away from his boat, he saw him jump out of the water three times, spooled his reel and it was over before it started. That fish clearly was not willing to work with him.
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