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  1. Coming from a VP 5.7Gxi in my 2004 Four Winns 230, I haven't noticed any increase in loudness. I would guess that the 6.0 is quieter than the 5.7. You certainly notice the higher RPMs though!
  2. MisterScott, with my new 264 Sunesta, same engine with 12 hours, 70 gallons of fuel, 2 adults and 3 kids - I had a WOT of 5750 and 47 GPS and 49 on the speedometer at 4500' elevation. Did another test at 15 hours, 80 gallons of fuel and 5 adults and 3 kids with the same results! This boat hauls a$$ and sounds amazing. One question for you though - what is the top end of you analog tachometer? Mine is 6000 with red lining beginning at 5200 RPM. With this engine, the WOT RPM is 5600 to 6000 and redline is above 6000. I think that they installed the wrong tach on my boat since according to the an
  3. One correction Shepherd - after playing with the our new 2013 264, with each push of the toggle switch the LED arch lights go from Purple - Blue - Red, then the 4th push is what my kids are calling Disco Mode - a soft diffusion from each color to the next over a period of about 10 seconds, then the 5th turns the lights off.
  4. Well, I hung around at the dealership for 4 hours waiting on the crane. When it finally arrived, I got a few pictures, but it was so late in the day that they didn't want to open up the boat and leave it exposed through the weekend, so I didn't get any interior pictures. However, the salesman apparently couldn't stand it so he made room indoors Saturday and took a couple of teaser photos for me.
  5. I know! It will be at the dealer tonight, and I will be there first thing in the morning. The begins the restless nights before I take it out for the first time next Friday.
  6. It's about two weeks off, but I'm just tickled to death. Would have been nice to have it for this weekend, but it'll do!!! Boating up here is an incredible experience. Check out Yellowtail Dam on the Big Horn river. Some of the most beautiful scenery. Not a lot of services, just a little camping. We base out of Canyon Ferry Lake outside of Helena. It's pretty there, and plenty big to find your own private area.
  7. TJY99

    Our 2013 264

  8. I just received a call from Chaparral that our boat is built and loaded on a truck! And it's headed here and will be at the dealer Friday! I asked the Ann (the Chaparral VP who called) for a picture of it on the truck. Hopefully she will be able to deliver. I also confirmed with the dealer that they had the trailer (which they do!) and that they are prepared to take delivery Friday. They have a crane scheduled to off-load it and will clear their schedule to begin prepping it. I will be there for the off-loading and I'll get a bunch of pictures then. I will also go through it with a fine-tooth
  9. I'll second the WOW! Really nice setup. We ordered almost the same boat - non-extreme - Sunesta. I can't recall ever seeing a boat with tinted windows, but I think I'm going to have to have that done once the boat shows up. Congrats and enjoy!
  10. TJY99

    Cockpit Speakers

    Check the fader or balance?
  11. Well, I haven't been able to find the blinker fluid or the muffler bearings in ANY of my cars, so I doubt that I would be able to change the oil myself. When I do any bit of mechanicing, I'm more than likely to break whatever I'm trying to fix. I'm not willing to even touch anything on this new boat. Randall, I did read about your experience and WOW, I can't belive that all of that stuff happened. QC failed big time. I guess all I can do is hope for the best. But I will mention to the dealership that they should go over the boat with a fine toothed comb before I even see the boat for the firs
  12. Thanks to you all for the support. I like the idea of having the dealer come up to service the boat, but to be honest, I don't think they'll go for it. However, they do have a branch dealership only about 30 minutes away, but it's sooooo tiny. This boat wouldn't fit into their service bay, but maybe they can service it outside. I'll bet that they've never had a boat this big there, given the saleman has shared that ours is the second largest boat they've sold - the first being the dealship owner's Chaparral. I'll discuss with them as the delivery date gets closer. I'll be sure to post a bunch
  13. We have been notified that our new boat will be delay due to the arch manufacturer being unable to provide our arch in a timely fashion. Before we placed the order the first week of March, I had our salesperson check to make sure we would have our boat before our summer boating season. The response I got was that there would not be a problem meeting a 2 month order time - putting the boat in our hands no later than the middle of May. This date jived with our plan to break in the new engine over Memorial Day weekend. But it's not to be so. We were called by the area rep last week letting us kno
  14. TJY99

    Tow Tubes

    I have been using an inverter connected directly to the battery and a Coleman 120v air pump. Works like a dream. I have the 12v torpedo pump and hate it. Even the largest 4 man raft fills up in less than ten minutes in the middle of the lake with the 120v.
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