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  1. Mine foams too when it gets wet from the people getting out of the water. Mine is pretty dark, maybe that does add to it getting hot. I think it looks awesome though. https://goo.gl/photos/n6TdMiqqzk1YksvT9
  2. Be aware this stuff gets hot. I'm a little disappointed with it.
  3. Has anybody had problems with their bluetooth range on their boat? I have a 2006 330 and if the phone gets past the helm it cuts out. The head unit it in the cabin. My previous head unit, I installed an aftermarket BT adapter and now this year a whole new head unit with built in BT. Same problem with both. I'm considering getting another after BT adapter and install it back in the cockpit and running an aux cord to the new head unit. I've made sure the radar and VHF radio are turned off.
  4. Foghorn

    Bilge Pump

    That happened to me once and there was a bunch of mud stuck under the float switch holding it up. You might want to start with a hose.
  5. Just read an article on this yesterday in www.Boatingmag.com Sorry can't paste the direct link.
  6. Foghorn

    Lewmar Windlass

    I agree with "Rook", I don't see anywhere to adjust mine. It's a Pro-Series 1000. Anybody have other ideas? It seems to have something on the side that one can turn by hand, I believe I have it as tight as I can get it.
  7. With my 260 we used to hang a garbage bag on the grab bar in front of the sink in the cockpit.
  8. This doesn't solve your problem but when I have a bunch of people on board and we are just on the hook, after we fill up a garbage bag, I'll hang it over the side on a cleat. I call it slumming it but makes some additional space.
  9. Foghorn


    I'll be interested in seeing what people say, I could use something like that too.
  10. Foghorn

    2002 260 Sig

    I had an 01 260 and the only real problem I can remember is the waste holding tank got a hole in it and had to be replaced. @#$%@#ty job.
  11. I think it's still all supply and demand that sets the prices
  12. I also went from a 260 to a 330. You'll love it Sorry, I can't comment on your question. I have the 8.1's with outdrives.
  13. Aside from cleaning it and having look ready to go for the buyer. Price it well. Once you've decided to sell it, it's no longer an asset, it's a liability. The value is less tomorrow than it is today.
  14. If you put on less than 50 hours a year and only change your oil once, do you do it immediately before you go to storage, the beginning of the year or sometime in between? Last year, I didn't have time to do it in the fall so I just told my storage facility to do it. They didn't do it until the spring and said "it just sits in the pan." I thought I read it's best to do it right before storage? Think it's ok do still put a few hours on it after it's changed before it goes to bed?
  15. Foghorn

    Head filter

    Love it. Can't wait to give it a try.
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