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  1. People read the internet and believe all is fact. Someone just a few posts above posted one with BOLD lettering as if they were making a point. Almost everything in that article is false.
  2. That article is garbage. Fuel injection didn't magically appear in 2012. Boats have had fuel injection for 20 + years. The fuel system is not sealed on a fuel injected boat, no more than a carb'd. The 3.0 went fuel injection for emission reasons not any other. Not all 2012+ engines have electronic throttle control. THE MARINE INDUSTRY NEVER DEVELOPED THEIR OWN FUEL INJECTION. General Motor's engines use General Motor's fuel injection. It's not marine specific. In fact, all GM Performance crate automotive engines use MEFI!!!!
  3. It took me a few days to hunt down and fix the wiring kludges the previous owner did on my boat to "fix" things. There is nothing wrong with how the boat is wired, if something isn't working right fix the problem, don't bypass it just to $%&# off the next owner and make them spend hours fixing it correctly.
  4. Don't move any wiring. Find the drain.
  5. Do you turn off the battery switches?
  6. I only added a total of 150 pounds of weight to my boat (two batteries, inverter, A/C).
  7. This is like trying to have a conversation with someone claiming the world is flat. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chevrolet_Big-Block_engine#8100
  8. Okay you do know that the 496 in your boat bares no resemblance to the 496 from the 1960's right?
  9. The only good fuel injection installed on a boat engine is what's on the Volvo 380. My carb'd engine has computer controlled ignition with a rev-limiter (TB5). Had to get towed home 3 weeks ago when the module went bad.
  10. Do you have hard paperwork specs to back that up? I do. Talk to me like an adult not like a child and come with proof or goto bed.
  11. I have 400 hours on my 5.0 carb and it runs better than factory specs. I get 5 MPG at 30mph. Beat that with your fuel injection. You can't.
  12. The 496 8.1 liter engine has never. Ever. EVER. Been installed in a boat, car, motorcycle, gokart, scooter with a carburetor. To say the "496 crowd" with carbs is having trouble is bull@#$%@# because there has never been a vessel powered in the history of mankind that has rolled off the factory floor that has ever been powered by a 496 with a carburetor.
  13. There has never been a 496 to ever roll off the showroom floor with a carb in boats or cars. That is a Vortec truck engine that was released in 2001 and discontinued in 2009 by GM.
  14. I have a Mercruiser 5.0 220hp engine. I cruise at 3000rpms around 28mph and top speed 45ish. Hauls around and gets on plane instantly with 6 full sized adults on board with just half throttle. Wasn't like that when I got the boat! Propeller brand does not care what brand outdrive you have. I can honestly tell you from trying 5+ props (3 and 4 blade aluminum and SS) the best propeller for the 215 SSI is the Vensura with medium sized PVS inserts. Also smart tab model # SX9510-80. They fix the issue that all cuddy cabins have: Too much passenger weight on the stern with none in the bow. Y
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