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  1. Gregoryszabo

    Fuel leak signature 270

    Agree. I hired someone to drain the tank and clean it out before I started my work. Too risky with gas and gas fumes. And I replaced the tank with a new one.
  2. Gregoryszabo

    Fuel leak signature 270

    Ok. Weather here over weekend is supposed to be bad. Will try to put something together with some of the pics so you can see what I did.
  3. Gregoryszabo

    Fuel leak signature 270

    PM'd you. Just did mine in the spring. Was pretty easy to be honest. Can walk you through what I did...
  4. How did you get your fuel tank out of your boat ? Did you take the engine out? I saw your photo and wanted to know how you replaced it and found the holes?



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    2. Gregoryszabo


      I can send you pics so you can get an idea how I did mine.  Your boat is probably very similar. Let me know your cell number and I can text them over to you. Easier than posting on this site.  Took me all of 1 hour to remove all the other tanks, cut out the bulkhead and the floor, and pull the tank. Just as easy going back in, maybe 2 hours or so for the install and fiberglass work. I thought it was going to be much more difficult. But was rather easy...  - Greg

    3. Shanendoah Forbes

      Shanendoah Forbes

      I was thinking about cutting out the platform right above the tank in the aft sleeping area and getting at the tank from there. I was considering trying those bladder systems that someone posted on this site...I am just hesitant to start cutting the fuel tank itself. Would rather remove and replace tank if I can. Glad to hear you had an easy time with it.  What a relief! I'm currently stressing a bit.

      check this http://atlinc.com/atl-marine-fuel-bladder-tank-installation.html

      I would be really interested in any photos you can send. My number is 415.302.5849. My email is sforbes@paragon-re.com


    4. Gregoryszabo


      Not sure of the layout of the 270 vs my 260. Would think they would be somewhat similar. Will send you some pics so you can see what I did.  Might give you some ideas on how to tackle yours. I bought a small Dremel saw and got the offset blade so I could cut right to the edge of the saw.  That was the best purchase I made. I used a sawsall and the Dremel saw and a drill. That's it. Shop vac too. Was pretty easy. I will try to post something for the forum too. They seem interested. 

  5. Gregoryszabo

    Sigbature 280 Waist tank?

    Had my waste tank made by Speedy Tanks in Bayville NJ about 4 years ago. They make them out of a heavier gauge aluminum and export coat the outside. Tank is holding up great.
  6. Gregoryszabo

    1994 signature cruiser leaks

    What about the line that supplies the sink in the cabin? That's lower than the water tank, I would think. Did you use the sink in the cabin?
  7. Gregoryszabo

    Roller trailers

    I have a combo trailer. Bunks up front, rollers in the back. When I am launching the boat, I just have to break the friction on the front bunks and the boat slides into the water. When I load the boat, the front bunks will hold the boat in place so I can secure the winch cable and safety cable. For me, it works better than an all bunk trailer as it makes launching easier. And better than an all roller trailer as it makes loading easier. But that's just my opinion.
  8. Gregoryszabo

    Swim Platform

    Yep. Did it myself. Took the crate the platform came in and add some 2x4 legs to get the platform close to the right height then shimmed it the rest of the way. Drill 2 holes first, bolt them on tight, not too tight. Then drill the rest. Remove the two bolts and use a lot of 5200. Took about 2 days to put it in. A day and a half to measure and sweat it out (first time I drilled into the hull) , then an hour or two to install it.
  9. Gregoryszabo

    Swim Platform

    I have a '97 260 and installed mine from swimplatforms.com about 4 years ago. Highly recommend them. Fits great and has held up well.
  10. Gregoryszabo

    Too Windy!

    I stayed in on Sunday too. Whitecaps in the river. Did some work on the boat so not a total waste of a day. But getting tired of this weather.
  11. Gregoryszabo

    03 Chap 260 signature keys question.

    It's been a while, but think it was about 200 deer for both. The ignition switch is easy find. Order from any marine ".com". The cabin latch was a little harder to find. And that took a little longer to fit too. Think that was about 150 deer.
  12. Gregoryszabo

    03 Chap 260 signature keys question.

    I could not find them either. So I replaced the ignition switch and the cabin lock with new ones. I figured by the time I find the keys, I could have been done with it and onto another project. Albeit with less money in my pocket.
  13. Gregoryszabo

    1996 signature 24 HELP!!

    Your boat is probably similar to mine. I do not have AC so can't help there. For the head, there's most likely a seacock under the steps to the cabin. You would have to open that to siphon the raw sea water to flush the head. If the boat is new to you, I would check the rear bilge after a test flush with water only to see if the waste holding tank has a leak. Check the front bilge too make sure no leaks there. The water heater is powered by shore power or by the engine when under way. Add water to the water holding tank and check to see if the cold faucets work first. Make sure the pump works. Then check the hot water heater when hooked up to shore power. Also check that for leaks as my heater was leaking and just replaced it I assume you checked all the mechanicals first. Engine runs? Did you have a compression test done? No over heating, misfiring? No leaks? All fluids changed/new? Outdrive ok? No rumble from gimbal bearing? U joints? Sure I'm missing a bunch of stuff here. Greg
  14. Gregoryszabo

    Holding tank removal

    Justdirt, take a look at my recent post on a fuel leak. My waste tank was rotted when I bought my boat 5 years ago. The bottom had dozens of holes and the waste leaked all over the fuel tank, for years and years. The previous owner may not have known about it. Anyway, the waste ate my fuel tank from the outside and the fuel tank was leaking. I would suggest you keep an eye on your fuel tank too, especially if the waste tank is mounted above your fuel tank like mine.
  15. Gregoryszabo

    Fuel leak

    I'll give you one guess. Is this the surface of the moon OR the bottom of my fuel tank?