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  1. I own a 243---the same as a 254 just a different model year. My friend has the 263---the same as a 274 just a different model year. I love my boat. I would purchase it all over again. Absolutely no complaints. Having said that, if I had more room to store my boat, I would go with the 274. The bow of the 2 boats is exactly the same. My cushions interchange with my friends. The extra 2' is in the rear seating. If you are going to have several people on board the extra 2' would be nice to have. If your standard load is 7-9 people, you will never know the difference. The 254 should be less money than the 274, so depending on the number of people in your boat, you could save some $$$ and get virtually the same boat for a better price. Either way, you will love your new boat. Enjoy Aaron
  2. morgan1

    Dale Hollow

    We will be there late July/early August
  3. morgan1

    Seadek update

    Jealous of my sexy toes????
  4. morgan1

    Seadek update

    650 deer by the time you add shipping and the logo. Make sure you don't use their template for the rear ladder hatch. It won't work. I am sending a template to them today, so by the time you get yours, they should have it.
  5. morgan1

    Seadek update

    I was finally able to get my new seadek installed. It turned out great. I ordered using the template that they had on file for a 2004 254. Everything fit perfectly except the pad for the ladder hatch. I have sent them a template and will install when it arrives. Here are the pics. They are poor quality since I only had my iPhone at the time.
  6. not yet....I was confident enough to order...I confirmed their dimensions with my boat. you can always have them ship you a dry fit version before they make the real thing....but adds more deer and more time.
  7. thanks for the invite...I say every year that I am going to check out Monroe, but it never happens....I even have 2 kids at IU...
  8. No pricing discussions allowed.....having said that I paid 590 deer for the complete sea deck package. I went with storm gray over cool gray. I will post pics of the completed project.
  9. As you already know, water is hard to come by in Indiana. We spend most of our time at Raccoon SRA. It is always too busy, but it is the closest to us. We usually make an annual trip on the Ohio River and at least one trip to Dale Hollow.
  10. I just ordered the full sea deck package for my 243. I verified the measurements that they had for the 254. I will have mine in aprox 10 days if they are on schedule. I can let you know how it fits.
  11. They are the same.... I have the 243, My cousin has the 254....no worries, it will fit fine Aaron
  12. I have an '03 243. Same boat just different number system. Mine has the Merc. 350 mag. Same as the volvo, just a different brand. It is not uncommon for us to have 8-12+ people on board. While a bigger engine is always better, the 350 Mag is, at the very least, sufficient. We use our boat for cruising, water sports, and on the hook. We fill it with mostly adult sized people. It pulls 2 slalom skiers at the same time or a tube with 4 people on. I've never had power issues. I love my boat for all the above mentioned activities. I am not sure that I would ever want a different boat. As far as trim tabs.....I don't have them. My plane time is great. I have 24pitch props. I don't know the volvo equivilent. Good luck Aaron
  13. I clean and wipe down the boat then put the cover on. I trailer my boat, so after it is home and inside for storage I open the cover at the walk through area and at the bow door. I place a fan at the walk through and let it run for a few days. This will dry any moisture that might have made it's way into the interiior of the boat. Hope that helps. Aaron
  14. Very Nice.....a lot of enjoyment is ahead....CONGRATS
  15. I've been tossing the idea of signing up for the Chicago Loop Cruise. Is anyone planning on going? Anyone that has been before, can you tell me if it is worth the trip? I Think that Toddler has mentioned this before......What info can you tell me? Thanks in advance Aaron
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