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  1. Sounds like your all set for a gasser then. Don't blame you.
  2. Can't remember where I read it, no one seemed to have a problem with the suspension. Those weights I would definitely look twords the diesel. However they do require more maintenance if that doesn't bother you.
  3. We have gone off topic again but I do remember trying to get dad to put headers and side pipes on our 78 Caprice Classic station wagon. 350 4 barrel. Of course never happened.
  4. If I go that far I would own a Baja or Velocity. I love going fast on land but I like to keep my boat as STOCK and reliable as possible. It's hard to get out and walk home with the crank broken and pistons shattered. Cobra power also has some nice drop in motors for 75k.
  5. I was told to figure 1000 bucks for every mph faster you want to go. Sounds about right.
  6. If it came with 26's then the 24's should be good. You won't get maybe a mile or 2 mph at best by switching props. A decent increase in hp is the only thing that's going to make a speed difference. That hull just wasn't meant for it.
  7. Did it happen all at once or over time?. Your description sounds to me like it is possibly leaning out. Also a worn camshaft will do the same thing or if the timing chain has severely stretched.
  8. Mine revs to 4900 with the 24's. What is your drive ratio?
  9. West Marine in Syracuse also no longer open
  10. I would expect to see 54-55 mph on that setup. How's the bottom of the hull? Is it painted or dirty?
  11. Came with 26, went down to 24 for better watersport performance. 1.81 ratio drive.
  12. You may want to also to check the gimble ring where it connects to the steering pin. They are known to loosen and wear if not properly re torqued every season. A commonly overlooked maintenance issue.
  13. 8.2 and don't look back.
  14. Pretty much normal
  15. Anytime I hop on someone else's boat I offer to buy the gas or the drinks. Not sure who makes out the best, always seems to be even at the end of the day.