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  1. Mityvac MV7400 works excellent. And for more than just the boat.
  2. Mi3sons

    Bogging issues

    Have seen it before, I would first check the anti siphon valve for plugging, on top of fuel tank where hose attaches.
  3. Both banks, sounds like all the rings are stuck.
  4. Make sure you check the grounds,grounds,grounds... Just as important as the power wire.
  5. There is a good looking one on central New Jersey Craig's list. Volvo.
  6. I would try grand sports center and see if they can service it for you. They deal a lot of performance boats. GRANDSPORTCENTER.COM. Check them out
  7. Knocking and won't turn over. Could have bent a connecting rod. Pull it and have it inspected, it may or may not be worth fixing.
  8. Did you say wife and daughter? No such law or luck there.
  9. I had that same boat, same motor with the same props. They were pretty much perfect for the boat topping out at 55 gps at 4800 rpm. I would not go up to 28's. I bet you lose top end and have a bit harder time getting on plane and fuel consumption will be higher as your lugging down the motor to much. Do yourself a favor and try to find a set to borrow at best. I bet you won't like them.
  10. Another thought, just because you have voltage at connector doesn't mean you have enough current to operate the solenoid. We see this with frayed or rodent chewed wires or loose terminal fit within the connector. Try a 194 bulb in a holder and see if will light the bulb dimly by going across the terminals or do a voltage drop test.
  11. Remind me to not get on that plane. In the auto world any pitting, chipping, scoring, eccess heat marks on any transmission gear, bearing or friction surface is deemed non usable and requires replacement. Just saying.
  12. I would say there is no tolerance for pitting on gears
  13. That's the right stuff. Also keep an eye on the bilge for any sign of oil that's not normally there.
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