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  1. Mi3sons

    New guy, dumb question?

    Any idea what drive ratio you have? My Baja 7.4 Bravo 1 with a 1.50 drive ratio ran a 21p 3 blade stainless Mirage prop. 55.1 mph at 4800.
  2. Mi3sons

    Towing Survey/Question

    I'm not sold on all these 7,9,10 speed automatics. Constant shifting. I like the old shift and pull then shift and pull. #%^$&%$ EPA with all these fuel mileage requirements. I guess it keeps the planetary gear builders in business.
  3. Mi3sons

    2 new engines, overheat alarm

    Hit em hard and heavy. No Excuse for using cheap and aftermarket parts to try to save a buck. No. Xcuses!!! This is what you go to work for...
  4. Mi3sons

    Upper Chesapeake

    A lot of rain in southern PA. Hershey park was flooded for several days. Maybe it's not just brown water.
  5. Mi3sons


    Laka laka hi laka hidey hidey ho.
  6. Mi3sons

    bravo 3 XR props

    Your pretty much topped out now. Want more speed add more horsepower or get a faster boat. Props won't help you now.
  7. Mi3sons

    bravo 3 XR props

    I looked into them, they were made for larger cruisers if that what you have
  8. Mi3sons

    Notice how little I post ?

  9. Mi3sons

    Here we go again! Boat off trailer!

    I just figured the boat didn't know what to do at a traffic signal.
  10. Floating a valve refers to when the frequency of the valve overcomes the spring pressure and the valve stays open letting some compression out before it can reseat usually causing a misfire in that cylinder.Usually caused by weak springs and/or large cam profiles and steep lift angles. It can usually be rectified by better springs. Excessive floating can lead to a broken valve. Anytime there is interference contact within a cylinder it usually leads to catastrophic engine failure. By running a motor with a load on it keeps the mated surfaces more in contact with each other and proper oil clearances. No load at high rpm can cause oscillating vibrations throughout the rotating assembly. Not the best thing for it.
  11. Mi3sons

    Help identifying reservoir

    Trim pump res. If the drive is up at all the fluid will go down. Recheck with drive bottomed out.
  12. Mi3sons

    DUKW " Duck" Boat Tragedy -17 die

    I would have kicked out a window and got out way before it went down. No matter what anyone said
  13. Mi3sons

    Bravo 3, replace 26P with 28P prop?

    Go on eBay or Craigslist and get the correct prop
  14. Mi3sons

    Boat won’t start! Please help!!!

    What do you mean by low reading? Sounds like next you should take it off and ohm test across it
  15. Mi3sons

    285SSi won't break 43 mph or 4100 rpm

    My buddy had one with the Volvo 5.7's and would run up to57-58.