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  1. Mi3sons

    New trailer advice please

    Have you checked out Loadrite trailers?
  2. Mi3sons

    Towing Survey/Question

    All those cars in Europe are mostly if not all diesel powered
  3. Mi3sons

    Can I tow it? PLEASE HELP

    How much does the trailer weigh? IMO opinion I strongly recommend you do not tow with your vehicle. Your going to be right at the max weight or over. What condition are your brakes and brake lines in, any rust? Just sounds like not a good idea. I would even be a little weary with a half ton truck. That's just me though.
  4. Mi3sons

    Bravo 3 not engaging - Can I get some help?

    Ain't boatin fun!!!
  5. Mi3sons

    WOT and top speed

    Put the hammer down and see what happens.
  6. Mi3sons

    Hull Cleaning

    I highly at least recommend a 3m respirator mask you can find at an automotive parts or paint store. The fumes can rapidly overcome you while spraying or rolling it on. Get a excellent set of safety goggles or glasses also. Don't mess with your vision it truly is priceless. Now you can get to cleaning.
  7. Mi3sons

    Thru Haul Exhaust

    Hair nation all day baby!
  8. Mi3sons

    Flat Tire Question

    Tires that come on our new cars tend to be due for replacement at 25k or so. No matter what model car or brand of tire. Tires now are not just engineered to last a long amount of miles, they now concentrate more on fuel mileage and ride quality. If you do try to start a mileage claim against them the first thing they want to see is proof of regular rotations and alignment checks and adjustments. Generally the higher mileage rated tires do last longer but you can expect that you will only reach about half the rated mileage they claim.
  9. Mi3sons

    Hurricane Florence.

    I'll stick with my weather rock.
  10. Mi3sons

    H2O 19 200 hp or H2O 21 250 hp can't decide?

    Get the BIG one now. Or you'll be buying two boats. Trust the forum.
  11. Mi3sons

    230 SSI Recommendations

    It is definitely going to handle your conditions muck better. 3-4 footers are about the most I would want to see with it though. The 5.7 is the setup you want as the big blocks are very hard to find.
  12. Mi3sons

    Anyone put boat and trailer on a garage lift?

    You got allll the money
  13. Mi3sons

    Anyone put boat and trailer on a garage lift?

    Now your makin me think to hard.
  14. Mi3sons

    Anyone put boat and trailer on a garage lift?

    Also you boat on the trailer has got to be close to 34' at least. Not goin on a drive on lift.