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  1. The ice chest insert comes out. A lot of room behind it.
  2. Some of you may know. Why is city chicken made with pork?
  3. Try a good glass cleaner out of sunlight if possible then dry it with plain old newspaper. Seriously . Paper towels and rags tent to leave residue. You'll see what I mean.
  4. Load rite 5 star. Had one for my 265ssi. Very nice
  5. My pal hat a 285 SSI with twin volvo 350s that would do 57-58
  6. Rough guess, I'd expect to see 57-58 mph under perfect conditions.
  7. Isn't there a tension screw you can adjust on the throttle to hold it? I'd check around the throttle area.
  8. Need more info than that. My first thought is worn out cam.
  9. All right brick, finally..
  10. The exhaust doesn't completely seal shut and when you hit the gas to get up on plane the outlets will go under water until it comes up on plane underpower. That is likely what the difference is that you are noticing. If it seems unreasonably loud then you may have a flapper problem.
  11. Those are the stock props. Same as I had on my 265. They are perfect for that boat. 55 mph at 4800. My bet is you won't like the 28 props. Make sure you don't have a dinged prop on there
  12. Maybe I'll design a Swiss army paddle equipped with a marlin spike, spark plug wrench, bilge plug wrench, wine bottle opener, distributor cap driver, prop socket, flare launcher and a bottle cap popper. Yes I'm bored.
  13. I believe a paddle is required by some states. You can also use it to hold up a distress flag.
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