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  1. This may sound silly but did you check the oil in that motor? I have had cars come in overfull of oil and has caused a low rpm vibration. Crank slapping to much oil around.
  2. Love Marine spray nine.
  3. Put the hammmer down, she's got a rev limiter. I hit 56-57 best.
  4. +1
  5. Tough call on what to do with boat. One of my best pals has a house in Naples, got through the storms ok. He likes it down there a lot. A lot of hard thinking to do. You know what you have now. I would have to think about giving up the known for the unknown as far as boats go. On the rest of us side, in my opinion would be to take her down there and try it first before you give up your baby. Once she's gone good luck getting another in the same shape. You won't. If it doesn't suit your needs then make the switch. Don't make a decision you'll regret. I let my 265 go for something I didn't want and that was my favorite boat.
  6. I'm not sure why that's listed in Binghamton, I'm here and it looks like it's a good 4 hours away from me. May want to watch out for that one
  7. Wingnut are you selling her?
  8. Can we use the dredger for the Chaparral boat forum cruise?
  9. That would be nice but impossible. You have to remove in order to drop the steering pin. We're sure the seal and pin are junk also. The JR ubolt can be tricky as you HAVE TO BE SURE you use all the lube on the threads or the nut will lock and break it.
  10. Yes he has a place down in South America or Panama or something. Hardest part of the kit is the time it takes to drill and knock out the piece. About 2 hrs to do the complete dissassembly.
  11. I bought a 5 star from Dinbokowitz marine over in Allentown. He had the lowest price and was very easy to deal with. It was a 6000 lb trailer and was built well. I would definatly buy another.
  12. Also gives you time to repair during the winter and not run into this the week before you want to use it.
  13. JRMARINE has a kit I have used before to replace worn gimble rings and steering pins but I'm not sure you can get the steering arm out by doing it that way. If you call Ron there he should be able to tell you for sure. Also a good time to replace the bellows and bearing while off.
  14. That's great. The best one was we had a customer come in with a Pathfinder with a strange white liquid leak coming from the rear of the vehicle. Turns out the culprit was 2 tubs of ice cream that were left in it for several days leaking out of the floor drains. Never did smell right in there again.