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  1. Mi3sons

    Help me make the right boat choice

    Sounds to small and underpowered for what you are asking it to do.
  2. Mi3sons

    prop selection help

    My opinion go with a 14"x19 4 blade. Just keep an eye on the tach the first few times to watch for over revving
  3. Mi3sons

    prop selection help

    four blade 19 should put you closer to what you are looking for. current rpm's will help us a lot.
  4. Mi3sons

    89 Villain III losing power and plug wires

    Cap and rotor unlikely. Looking more twords distributor module
  5. Mi3sons


    I bet you find a few lures in the bottom of several gin and tonic glasses also.
  6. Mi3sons

    Chaparral's quality going downhill

    I wouldn't have taken delivery
  7. Mi3sons

    Jet skis....friends riding and liability.

    In New York you have to take a safety course before you can ride one and have to have proof on you at all times.
  8. Mi3sons

    89 Villain III losing power and plug wires

    Could be an ignition module starting to fail after a heat sink. Also have had similar issues with a bad anti siphon valve.
  9. Mi3sons

    WOT on 8.2L Merc?

    Do you know if Merc is still using the 1.81 ratio drives?
  10. Mi3sons

    WOT on 8.2L Merc?

    6-8% slip is considered quite good.
  11. Mi3sons

    1 step foward. 1 step backward.

    That Evin sure is rude.
  12. Mi3sons

    trim switch works one way

    A lot of the time the switch can get a little corrosion across the contacts after it sits all winter. I wiggle the heck out of the switch and usually clears up shortly.
  13. Mi3sons

    How Fast Does Your Boat Go?

    Sounds like you need a prop change. Those numbers don't add up.
  14. Mi3sons

    Vibration between 900 & 1200 rpm

    Shes fixed, that's all that matters.
  15. Mi3sons

    Vibration between 900 & 1200 rpm

    Aftermarket junk.