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  1. They don't totally seal, a small amount is normal.
  2. Your buying a boat, your already taking on a problem. B.O.A.T.
  3. By the way, I got a bottle of this Revel Stoke peanut butter whiskey. It's very good and pretty interesting. Mix with coke. Or straight.
  4. I'm counting down the 21 days till deer season. And 20 days till Jagermiester season....
  5. Those readings are normal, those voltmeters chap uses always seem to read low
  6. Corsa makes a lot of the systems.
  7. Give him a six pack and tell him it's now a community pump..
  8. My 2002 had a 496 375hp. Drive was a 2.0 bravo3 with 26p props. Topped out at 55 mph 4800 rpm.
  9. I think you may have a running problem you need to address first. 4100 is to low with that setup. I would think you would be seeing upwards of 5000 with a 19 prop. Check the ignition timing and make sure that's right first. And also not advancing more than 34-36 degrees max. Then maybe a fuel or carb issue.
  10. I could send a few pics but can't figure out how to with my Samsung phone????
  11. We have Brewerton boat yard up just north of Syracuse. The do a good job. Or take it down to Wingnut.⁰
  12. Here's a quick story for you. Had a diesel Titan get towed in last week. Won't start and if it will it is low on power. Upon inspection found had low to zero supply fuel pressure. Proceeded to pull both fuel filters noticed they had both been just changed. I looked into secondary fuel bowl and found large chunks of brownish white material. Some about as big as a small fingernail. Sent it out to lab and it came back as urea, otherwise known as Diesel Exhaust Fluid. You know where this is going, owner denies ever mistakingly adding def into fuel tank and says it must have been vandalized. He tur
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