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  1. Got any friends in Colorado?
  2. Mi3sons

    New H2O sport

    That's the way to do it. Make sure you open one up and pour it all over so you get the first spill out of the way! Also a good time to see just how many cans those compartments will hold! Let's see some pics with Christmas lights hung on it.
  3. Just when you thought you had seen it all.
  4. Is that store bought or one you popped?
  5. Mi3sons

    The Baja

    + 1000
  6. Mi3sons

    Engine noise - “popping” or “missing”

    Well here's my 2 cents. Secondary ignition problems don't show up within a norrow rpm range, they are more susceptible to engine load and get worse as load increases. Not a camshaft as they also worsen under rpm and load along with weak valve springs.Is it popping from intake or exhaust? Next I would get a DVOM and find the signal wire on the throttle position sensor. Unhook the cable and sweep the throttle plate open to close. Use a tpin to backprobe the wire. With key on you should see a smooth increasing and decreasing voltage sweep. You are looking for approx half a volt closed and 4.5 at full open.If anything looks un ordinary you can also take the sensor off and do an ohm reading across the supply and signal terminals. When installing make sure your base voltage reading remains the same. If that checks out I would next get a good timing light and check your base and total timing and also watch for any odd variations as the timing increases and decreases. You should not see more than 34 or so degrees of total timing. This may be very difficult to do but you can do it in neutral. If you see the timing wigging out it could be an ignition module issue. Hope this helps.It doesn't sound like an engine mechanical issue. Also a crank sensor usually only acts this way when there is debris on the signal plate and won't resolve under higher rpms. JK.
  7. Mi3sons

    Loose Bravo III drive

    Look at jrmarine.com for the gimble ring repair kit
  8. Mi3sons

    New trailer advice please

    Have you checked out Loadrite trailers?
  9. Mi3sons

    Gear lube for alpha drive.

  10. Mi3sons

    Towing Survey/Question

    All those cars in Europe are mostly if not all diesel powered
  11. Mi3sons

    Can I tow it? PLEASE HELP

    How much does the trailer weigh? IMO opinion I strongly recommend you do not tow with your vehicle. Your going to be right at the max weight or over. What condition are your brakes and brake lines in, any rust? Just sounds like not a good idea. I would even be a little weary with a half ton truck. That's just me though.
  12. Mi3sons

    Storm damage - Can I get some help?

    Ain't boatin fun!!!
  13. Mi3sons

    WOT and top speed

    Put the hammer down and see what happens.
  14. Mi3sons

    Hull Cleaning

    I highly at least recommend a 3m respirator mask you can find at an automotive parts or paint store. The fumes can rapidly overcome you while spraying or rolling it on. Get a excellent set of safety goggles or glasses also. Don't mess with your vision it truly is priceless. Now you can get to cleaning.
  15. Mi3sons

    Thru Haul Exhaust

    Hair nation all day baby!