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  1. Plus one on a cracked or torn shift cable boot.
  2. Good luck. I got a charge on my account from back in January from a tunnel in NYC from a plate I turned into dmv a year and a half ago. Sent in an inquiry twice and am still waiting for a reply. I don't know how they don't know that. Of course we know how screwed this state is.
  3. A lot of coyotes in upstate NY. A lot of large cats released by DEC to at the request of insurance companies. You won't here about that though.
  4. Have to start calling dealers, maybe you can find an nos one. Try Cecil marine first.
  5. Your boat gonna fit in that?
  6. They don't totally seal, a small amount is normal.
  7. Your buying a boat, your already taking on a problem. B.O.A.T.
  8. By the way, I got a bottle of this Revel Stoke peanut butter whiskey. It's very good and pretty interesting. Mix with coke. Or straight.
  9. I'm counting down the 21 days till deer season. And 20 days till Jagermiester season....
  10. Those readings are normal, those voltmeters chap uses always seem to read low
  11. Corsa makes a lot of the systems.
  12. Give him a six pack and tell him it's now a community pump..
  13. My 2002 had a 496 375hp. Drive was a 2.0 bravo3 with 26p props. Topped out at 55 mph 4800 rpm.
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