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  1. Anytime I hop on someone else's boat I offer to buy the gas or the drinks. Not sure who makes out the best, always seems to be even at the end of the day.
  2. The stick does not go to the bottom of the pan. The tube does so as you can see the threaded fitting on top of the tube, you can hook an extractor right to the top like most marine shops use. The Mityvac MV7400 extractor hoses are more than long enough to reach the bottom of any pan I have ever used it on. Might want to return your west marine one. Mityvac rules.
  3. Nows the time to make some friends with Bravo 3's with the props you want to try. A 12 pack may go a long way. Try before you buy.
  4. Sounds like you were propped right before you switched. Don't have quite enough horsepower to turn the labbed props up to correct rpm. The non labbed mirage plus 27 are more like a true 26. Going up will just make it worse.
  5. You are going to need to check base timing and total advance. I wouldn't want anymore than 34 degrees total.
  6. How many hours on the new motor? It has to break in a little bit although it's not going to give you that if any more rpms. I would first check ignition timing and verify that it's adjusted properly.
  7. Should be interesting at the gas station to!
  8. Seems like end of August not September here in upstate NY
  9. I also had a leak where the oil line went into a trim cylinder. Had to replace cylinder.
  10. I have 3 that are 32 1/2 inches long. Send me a pm if they will work. If not call taylormade. They should be able to make the right length.
  11. Hold on to your trim tabs here she comes!
  12. Ive played with the ssi hulls, I don't seed 80 coming from them and its going to be a scary ride up over 65-70. they are wide and heavy, don't have enough dead rise or a hull pad.
  13. You may want to call Brett at bblades.com
  14. That's cheap. I do side work for $50 per flat rate hour and buy all parts but don't mark them up. I have had to many problems with people getting wrong or substandard parts.
  15. 70 an hour is pretty cheap.