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  1. Mi3sons

    Trim and Tilt fluid?

    Sorry I was thinking mercruiser.
  2. Mi3sons

    Trim and Tilt fluid?

    I believe the spec is 10w30 motor oil.
  3. The go fast boats are running 24 deadrise, Baja, fountain. More stable in high seas and ability to cut the waves rather than slam them and usually have a stepped hull or hull pad to really keep them up out of the water at high speeds. Also waxing you boat to make them go faster is getting to be a myth also. Watch the race boats, they actually sand the hull to create an area to hold air against the hull rather than water. Think of it as pulling a 2x4 through the mud. The Chap SSI only uses a 21 degree rise on the bigger ones.
  4. Mi3sons

    Sea Ray vs Chapparal

  5. Mi3sons

    2013 Sunesta 244 with 1997 Vortec 5.7?

    I guess if you caught it the first season you might have had a case but over 5 years later you just have to fix and move on.
  6. Mi3sons

    SO..... I'm being told a need a transom assembly....

    Yes the hinge pins have a small amount of loctite on them. You should use a small torch to gently warm up gimble ring to melt the loctite. Gently that is.....
  7. Mi3sons

    SO..... I'm being told a need a transom assembly....

    I have done several of these. You should be able to have the gimbal ring out in less than 2 hours. And you also need a special socket for the bell housing bolts and get yourself a 1/4" drive 5/16 u joint socket for the clamps.
  8. Mi3sons

    Where to get the best prop for my boat ?

    High pitch noise from prop? That doesn't sound right. What power plant do you have? Better have someone with experience check it out a little better.
  9. Mi3sons

    SO..... I'm being told a need a transom assembly....

    jrmarine.com for the kit and he has all the other parts to
  10. Mi3sons

    SO..... I'm being told a need a transom assembly....

    Is the transom worn out or has the gimble ring worn out from where it goes onto the steering pin? This is a common issue and is a result of not keeping the u bolt torqued properly, probably the most overlooked maintenance on an outdrive service.
  11. Mi3sons

    Ideas remove fuel from tank

    He's just using a pump to empty the tank, not to run the boat on. Calm down
  12. Mi3sons

    Ideas remove fuel from tank

    Holley electric fuel pump.
  13. Mi3sons

    Signature 350 engine banging

    Could be over advanced timing, lack of fuel leaning out, worn cam shaft or as TEXAS PILOT Ran across was a dirty throttle chamber. That fix was to clean the throttle chambers with carb clean. Easily done and may want to start here. You can search his post for a lot of good info on the same issue.
  14. Mi3sons

    Oil capacity of a 8.1

    I've been known to hold 12 pints.
  15. Mi3sons

    Oil capacity of a 8.1

    Not that it's worth three quarts but I always check with boat in water. Different reading on the trailer.