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  1. Mi3sons

    1st New Boat purchase Advice - H20 Surf

    Wasn't trying to rain on your parade, just stating that being a boat owner is quite expensive. The outflow of cash never seems to stop.
  2. Mi3sons

    Engine noise - “popping” or “missing”

    Walk in the park.
  3. Mi3sons

    Engine noise - “popping” or “missing”

    That is absolutely ridiculous! Do they wear masks while they are robbing you? 4.5 hours also for diagnosis? While it's a known issue with the fuel pumps. Pay your bill and get out of there. Find a known good marine repair service. At least maybe try Plano marine, I heard they are good.
  4. Mi3sons

    1st New Boat purchase Advice - H20 Surf

    If your worried about depreciation then boating may not be for you, especially if you are looking for new.
  5. Mi3sons

    Uncle Chuck Schumer reponds to Ethanol

    That's the most I read in a long time.
  6. Mi3sons

    2003 243 Sunesta in choppy water

    Your good up to 2 1/2 to 3 feet more than that keep her on the trailer.
  7. Mi3sons

    Engine noise - “popping” or “missing”

    Maybe we just need to drink about it a little longer?
  8. Mi3sons

    Uncle Chuck Schumer reponds to Ethanol

    Being from ny we know C. S. All to well. Not a fan.
  9. Mi3sons

    Where to post a chaparral for sale on here

    Boattrader.com Popyachts.com
  10. Mi3sons

    Engine noise - “popping” or “missing”

    And who the heck paints the inside of a fuel pump???
  11. Mi3sons

    Engine noise - “popping” or “missing”

    Ok that now sounds more realistic
  12. Mi3sons

    Engine noise - “popping” or “missing”

    Give it a shot. Just doesnt seem like that would be the cause of such a narrow rpm band issue.
  13. Rough uneducated guess NE 28 LA 24
  14. Also have to think of the resale value on the older boat. No bank cares about hours on a boat only bottom line value. If your going out on the finger Lakes a 22' won't be so bad. If your out on Oneida then bigger is better, I've seen 1 footers rise to 4 footers in a half an hour out there. The SSI With the higher dead rise will accommodate rough water much better and I wouldn't be on Oneida with anything less that 24 feet.
  15. Mi3sons

    Can a TACO pull my 244 Sunesta?

    Guess I'll just keep quiet.