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  1. mullhaupt

    Madeira Beach

    thanks for the comment I will try to check out the food places, I hope the red tide isn't there Kid is getting married next married
  2. mullhaupt

    Madeira Beach

    Just put our Chap to bed for the winter and headed to Madeira Beach out side of Tampa . Does anyone know of a good place to rent a boat close by, I see there is a marina close by our hotel but I figured maybe someone here may know Thanks
  3. mullhaupt

    My season almost ended today...

    Looks like its time for a little mitigation at least far enough back so nothing touches your gem, At least you will have alot of fire wood in the coming seasons
  4. mullhaupt

    H20 vs. SSI

    Thats why I said look for another ssi with a tower Also I did pay double for mine but the admiral isn't worried about crushing the wakes anymore with her back, and either am I, The weight difference will make our old bodies last a few more years longer then if we would of kept the light h20, also we purchase the elite package that only came out for the 50 year anniversary. We like the upgrades from the entry level boat
  5. mullhaupt

    H20 vs. SSI

    I had the h20 now the ssi i would never go back, twice the boat just add the tower or get another ssi with a tower look for the 300hp they don't use as much gas as you might think, only at full throttle not at 3k rpm's
  6. mullhaupt

    signature pics

    thanks for the advice
  7. mullhaupt


    our newest
  8. mullhaupt

    signature pics

    wow I guess your right thats weird its only temporary Sorry about the miss info what are you guys using
  9. mullhaupt

    signature pics

    Im sure this might have been brought up but you can use your photos if you use google photos just right click and click copy image address then add to profile where it say insert other media then click image from url its free and simple, I thought everyone has a google account same thing with just adding your pics click on insert other media
  10. mullhaupt

    Who has a pellet smoker/grill?

    I have a wsm smoker and a Traeger, both have the pluses and minuses, The traeger is great for holding a consistent temp, especially in winter, smoke flavor is weak, so I use what they call amazen tube , where you fill with pellets and they slowly burn for about 4 hours to give you a good smoke flavor,, Its super convenient in that it takes 10 minutes and your ready to go. I like a smoke flavor but the rest of our house just like a lite smoke flavor so if this is your family this is the way to go, don't believe anyone if they say there pellet smoker sears, Use a propane grill and go for 550 to 600 temps, Thats why I have a weber grill. The traeger does a great burger to, in about half an hour. Now the weber smoker is great Has great smoke flavors , uses water bowl to keep meat moist but one draw back, you can't set and forget,, you'll be up early in the morning adding wood if your doing brisket or butts need to adjust to temp swings and wind, They tell you to use kingsford ,but I don't know who does , Just hard wood for me and flavored wood chunks I Love using real wood compared to pellets but sometimes I don't feel like tending a fire for 20 hours I got my traeger at costco for 699 and my weber smokey mountain on amazon 299 I know there are better ones but you might get one and next year you don't use it again so if you do like then in a few years upgrade to a real good one,. I only smoke about 150 lbs a year so these 2 work for me, And a word of advice Buy a good vacuum sealer, like ones at cabbalas not the ones at costco or sams, they can't handle lots of sealing at a time and if you do 2 butts at a time use different rubs, until you find a great one then you can perfect it, every smoke you do the meat won't be the same as last time, its not like cooking a burger
  11. mullhaupt

    Proper Boat Launch Protocol

    This year we have a slip, but what we do isn't to complicated we back down the ramp, dunk the trailer so fender on trailer just covered with water I get in the boat lower trim start motor and while its warming up hang fenders ,put lines on rear and midship cleats toss lines to admiral on dock then lean over and unhook bowstrap back boat off trailer then put in neutral ,get off boat via swim deck grab rear line from admiral while she has midship line and walk the boat to end of dock, tie up , get in truck and park walk back ,untie and have a great day
  12. mullhaupt

    Sell on Craigslist?

    You guys have titles for boats, Not here in Colorado only for trailers
  13. mullhaupt

    Do buyers expect a test ride?

    Not being mean or anything but wouldn't you want a test drive I Know I would on a used boat, new might be a little different Maybe you can set up a few test drives on the same day
  14. mullhaupt

    Got a slip

    Just wanted to say thanks and we got a foot of wet heavy snow I went down to the slip to take the snow off the cover it weighed a ton other boats canvas poles couldn't hold up the snow they had some big slushies in the front of there boat, mine was unscathed due to me coming down twice . Thanks for the advantage of me living 10 minutes away. Also did a good deed helping a old timer with his big cabin cruiser was listing badly from the heavy snow, He forgot his gloves and was freezing, He came from 60 miles away
  15. mullhaupt

    Got a slip

    Got a slip and its my first and loving it so far. But now were expecting snow 7-15 inches tomorrow is my boat ok covered in the water, everyone here says yes because its only getting down to 30 and the waters a insulator . Any input will help, usually mothers day is our cutoff for snow but its a wacky year, we were 8 feet shy of snow from last years totals