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  1. yup I hear you sort of sucks 1 year with chap 4 years with who knows who. Mine is elite package in 2015 had some gelcoat issues chap said they fixed it dealer said there guy didn't I got screwed know trying to find a honest dealer or repair guy I figured it be under warranty but both are pointing fingers
  2. here's a link https://photos.app.goo.gl/KYNwtCgX2JJs2rup7
  3. Sorry here's a link https://photos.app.goo.gl/KYNwtCgX2JJs2rup7
  4. just wonder if anyone can see pics
  5. Just got my sea deck delivered a few days early to boot I think it looks good just installed
  6. I recommend you ask in the boat talk forum, you will reach out to more peeps
  7. My boats been in its slip for 3 weeks and its been snowed on 3 times and it been cold. 3 days in the 80's and lows in the low 30's or upper 20's my SeaDek is coming tuesday can't wait but like to put it on when its warm out , Skiing is over its boating season, it may be short but its sweet.
  8. who did you end up using On SeaDek website my template wasn't available so I called and they said they had it, there sending the dry fit template for 5 bucks
  9. http://bigairwaketowers.com/accessories/flag-holder/ This is where I got mine very strong endurable They tell you how to measure diameter and have great customer service, bought mine on holiday sale saved 25%.
  10. Great boat you will love it I have the same but with the elite package It was chaparrals 50th anniversary
  11. Nice boat Every time I see a boat in the garage I miss my H20, I never had a big issue just with the fuel gauge , just treat it well and it will return the favor
  12. thanks for the comment I will try to check out the food places, I hope the red tide isn't there Kid is getting married next married
  13. Just put our Chap to bed for the winter and headed to Madeira Beach out side of Tampa . Does anyone know of a good place to rent a boat close by, I see there is a marina close by our hotel but I figured maybe someone here may know Thanks
  14. Looks like its time for a little mitigation at least far enough back so nothing touches your gem, At least you will have alot of fire wood in the coming seasons
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