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  1. annenet

    Indoor Storage Cost?

    It costs about $1400 a year for inside storage in our area - that, of course, includes winterization, getting ready for spring and launch. Not a bad deal.
  2. annenet

    How many boats have you owned in your life?

    One now but raised around a bunch of them! My Dad had pontoons, ski boats, cabin cruises, sailboats you name it! We had our own lakefront then but I really like just having one dock slip across the street to worry about.
  3. annenet

    Lake Wallenpaupack PA

    Just got word out docks are going in the end of April. Woodland Hills are in and Lighthouse Harbor have started. Perfect, we'll be up the last weekend in April!
  4. annenet

    Lake Wallenpaupack Marinas

    Capri is a Chap dealer. We keep our boat there off season.
  5. annenet

    Lake Wallenpaupack PA

    Lighthouse Harbor has there docks going in and Eharhart's reports the ice is off the lake!
  6. annenet

    Better call Saul

    I loved Breaking Bad and am watching Just Call Saul - I'm already hooked! Glad Bob Odenkirk didn't get the part in The Office all those years ago! I did see the Signature - pointed it out to DH.
  7. annenet

    Lake Wallenpaupack PA

    Now that the lake is low and the docks are out I wonder if we'll find my Husband's glasses or Blackberry that went into the lake when we were docking. I know the Blackberry is toast but it wouldn't be bad if he could get the glasses back.
  8. annenet

    Lake Wallenpaupack PA

    Our docks came out on September 30th so we pulled ours on the 21st. Since we don't have a tow vehicle (not happening with a Prius) or a trailer we store ours at Capri. They winderize it and inspect if in the Spring. Since it's 20' it gets stored indoors too. It's well worth it to us. Sea Monkey 2, we did the same service with Capri in the Spring and I will say the boat was a lot more reponsive this year than last. And the depth finder worked. I can build a computer from scratch but I don't know the first thing about boat engines!
  9. annenet

    Lake Wallenpaupack PA

    Actually you can dock at the side or end. They have boats renting the actual slips.
  10. annenet

    Lake Wallenpaupack PA

    When we were up this weekend we saw Gresham's now has a dock and dine. They open at 4 Tuesday-Sunday but it's a good place to cruise to dinner to!
  11. annenet

    Another Insurance Question

    I ran this through my agent at the house where the boat is kept and Progressive is what we got. Our house up there is under Countyway and cars and VA house are under Erie. Progressive seemed like the best deal when the agent ran through it. It's pretty reasonable and we have deductable that goes down 25% each year.
  12. annenet

    I'm stupid, stupid, stupid!

    I've seen people in the theatre take the wrong seats on a regular basic - the second tie up should take a lot less time.
  13. annenet

    10 Weeks and finally here!

    Congratulations! And many happy hours of boating ahead!
  14. annenet

    Another bad day

  15. annenet

    Oldest Chaparral Boat on Forum

    Love seeing these wonderful vintage boats! My dealer has a nice used 1988 Chaparral 178 in great shape on the floor but it's a little too small for our lake. Nice boat though for someone. They've maintained and stored it it's whole life.