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  1. Signing a contract today contingent upon sea trial (weather permitting) in a week or two. Boat is really loaded with both the premium package as well as the convenience package along with filler cushions, upgraded stereo system, remote controls on transom, factory installed ESP, canvas package. I am looking forward to seeing the boat but live six hours away and not able to schedule going there until the week after Thanksgiving. Dealer is also offering some warranty, don't know details just yet. I bought my last one long distance from an individual and it worked out well for me. So I'm optimistic about getting back on the water in my favorite Chaparral come spring.
  2. So glad to see a bunch of optimistic responses. Just to let you know, this is a one owner boat and service was provided annually by the same dealer every year with all service records available. The couple who owned the boat since new were an older couple and they used the boat 3 or 4 times a season at a fresh water lake. The reason for a new trailer is that the original owners never purchased a trailer. The dealer would drop the boat off each season at the couples lake property and then pick up at the end of the season and store it at their dealership. The boat was only used at this fresh water lake. The boat is equipped with just about every option available. I have owned several boats over the years and am not new to the buying experience. So rather than look for the negatives, just wish me happy boat in the upcoming season.
  3. Have been boatless for a couple of seasons and have really missed not having a boat. Looking at purchasing a 2006 Chaparral 220 SSI. I owned one of these ( an older model) a few years ago and really loved the boat. The one I have my eyes on has a 5.0 M.P.I. with a Bravo 3 drive. Single owner boat with only 110 hours and only used in fresh water. Pictures look great and it is pretty loaded including the extended swim platform and also comes with a new Venture trailer. Making my decision in next few days. Any words of wisdom? Thanks.
  4. Ddharrel

    Garage question

    For all you nay Sayers, I was in fact able to get my 220 SSI in my garage. Surprised myself ! Let just a little air out or tires and made it in. Will be adjusting bunks to get more clearance. I am a happy camper.
  5. Oh, and price ended up being deer, which from what I have seen online is a great price. Particulary for one with only 137 hours.
  6. Thanks for all the comments. I did end up purchasing the 2004 220 SSi. It checked out great and was only used in fresh water. Interior of the boat is like new and has all the add ons: Filler cushion for bow, premium package, convenience package, table, all covers, snap out carpet (barely used), fairly new stereo with Sirius, IPOD port. I travelled 400 miles to get this so I was a little anxious as I had worked out a deal without seeing, but needless to say it all worked out great. The seller was a great guy and the boat was even better than presented with the pictures and discussions we had. Only down side was that on one side of the boat the graphics were beginning to peel off. But this should be an easy fix if I can find the graphics.
  7. I just purchased a 2004 Chaparral 220 SSI. It's a great looking boat, both interior and exterior. On one side of the boat however the vinyl graphics are starting to peel. Other side is fine. I would be interested in replacing with identical graphics that are original. Problem is that I can't seem to locate. Any ideas on where I might get? Or do I need to look at replacing both sides with something new?
  8. Sorry, good to know about deer.
  9. I'm looking to purchase a 2004 Chaparral 220 SSI that is pretty fully loaded. It has both the premium package as well as the convenience package. It has 150 hours. Pictures all look good. Several discussions with the owner. Venture trailer is included and also appears to be in very nice condition. Engine is Mercruiser 5.0 M.P.I 260 H.P. with Alpha I sterndrive. Is a reasonable price for this?
  10. Ddharrel

    Garage question

    I was afraid that would be the answer. No problem with width or length, just height. Looks like I wll be looking for a good cover.
  11. Ddharrel

    Garage fit

    Yes, I'm talking about 7 ft door height as my concern. No problem with depth or width. Also, the boat has under 200 hrs pretty well loaded with filler cushion, tables, canvas stuff, Bimini top and pics are great and seller is presenting well. Is 19k for price reasonable?
  12. Hello, I am looking at purchasing 2004 chap 220 SSI with under 200 hrs and it is pretty loaded and has mercruiser 5.0 mpi. Includes trailer and both boat and trailer presented as in very good condition. Is 19K reasonable? Also anyone know if will fit in garage with 7 foot height opening? Thanks
  13. Ddharrel

    Garage question

    I am considering the purchase of a 2004 chaparral 220 ssi. Trying to find out if will fit in my garage. Boat is a distance away so unable to measure height. Just wondering if anyone is garaging one of these in garage with 7 ft height opening.
  14. Ddharrel

    Garage fit

    I'm looking at purchasing 2004 chaparral 20 ssi. I have a 7 foot height garage and would like to know if boat will have clearance. Anyone know? Thanks Dennis
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