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  1. I can't tell you how grateful i am for all the information everyone has posted. I am getting more info on this boat, the current owner i am to understand had the boat detailed several times a season. So fingers crossed on the wear issue. The problem is going to be the service records. I am to understand they boat the boat two years ago and have maintened it well. However, prior to that it was bought by the mariane sales person at auction. It is fresh water now, and from what i can gather was fresh water prior in Colorado. As i live in Colorado i know our boating season is short but we o
  2. I have spent months looking for the perfect 290 signature. I found a boat that could be it but am concerned about the hours. It is a 2006 with 380 hours. Don't want to buy a maintenance nightmare! Any feed back would be great.
  3. Rokc, no pm received. Direct email is colleena@thecrestwood.com. Thanks.
  4. I just putting it out there if anyone is looking to sell their 290 signature. I have a 25 foot now but really want to upgrade. Looking for 2004-2007 to use in Lake Powell. Already been down once this year but would love to get back on the water in a new boat. Let me know. Colleen colleena@thecrestwood.com
  5. I know this is a heated topic to some degree. I just think it would be great as people are always considering a change in size. Where else can you look/offer just Chaparral boats and know you are dealing with people who seriouisly love and take care of their boats. I'm after a 290 Sig. What are you looking for?
  6. I know this is an old post. But were you trying to sell your boat? If so did you? I am trying to find a good used 290 to upgrade to. Feel free to contact me colleena@thecrestwood.com
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