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    2014 270 Sig

    Not sure if we're still considered Newbies? but just purchased our first cruiser, moving up from our 216 ssi! So excited I'm not sure if I can wait till we can get the keys and get out on the water! We are in the 1000 Island/Lake Ontario area and are still new to boating (purchased 1st boat in 2013) so would like some advice/info as to places to see and islands to dock for weekend overnighters? Thanks!
  2. Would be interested in meeting up with other Chaparral owners in 2014. We are fairly new to boating and did a lot of boating in the St. Lawrence last year in our 216 ssi but just traded it in for a 2014 270 Signature so really looking forward to doing some overnighters. Will be checking this post now and then for dates and times! By the way, I also enjoyed looking at your pics!
  3. After careful thought, we decided to go for a new 2014 270 and trade in our 216. Even though the 2008 was in great condition, we would have to sell our boat privately and I really wasn't looking forward to the hassle and the storage costs. Thanks again for your input!
  4. Has anyone purchased a 2013 270 or thinking of buying the 2014? What are your thoughts on this model?
  5. Okay .... got the survey lined up for Monday and we'll see from there. Really hope everything works out as we are already getting excited for boating season next year and doing some weekenders! The only negative is we have to sell our amazing 216 ssi ..... so sad about that .... lot's of great memories and my first boat ever! If we lived on a smaller lake we would probably keep her!
  6. Do you think a marine survey is necessary on a 2008 if it's been treated well and I have the service & maintenance records which look A-1?
  7. I've really enjoyed reading your comments and we are very close (95 %) ready to make a deal on 2008 250 signature. They've accepted an offer of 53 deer, 5 deer less than their asking price but the boat is about 4 hours away and they need to know by tomorrow as they will have to haul it out by Wed. The boat is in excellent condition and was treated with TLC. Any advice you can give at this point would be very much appreciated. It means we will be carrying 2 boats until we sell our 216 ssi. Any offers (lol)
  8. Thanks everyone for your advice. Wish I had joined this forum before buying our boat! Anyway .... I really love our boat and have had some great times on the water. I agree with buying used and saw a beautiful 2008 250 Chaparral the other day that was like new. Unfortunately, the bank only recognizes the book value, which was 8 deer under the asking price so not sure if the financing will work. If I had to choose, that would be the way to go!
  9. Having a tough time trying to decide what to do? We have a 2013 216 ssi that we've thoroughly enjoyed this summer but as I've mentioned in another post, we really should have bought a cruiser. Being new to boating, we really weren't sure what kind of boaters we were but have found out the hard way that our boat is too small. So this is the tough decision .... since we will take a major hit if we trade it in, we are looking at maybe a more affordable option ie a Rinker. I've heard they are a good boat for the money and we liked the layout of the cockpit (only have seen pictures)but IMHO I stil
  10. Just wondering what you use to clean your vinyl seats. I was using the product that was suggested when we bought our boat this year but I find it has actually caused some reddish, pink marks on the seats that are impossible to remove. Would soap & water with a good scrub brush work. I don't want to use anything too harsh. Also, what would be a good cleaner for the hull? Thanks!
  11. Thanks for your input. I don't know if you remember us but if I'm correct, you took us for a test drive when we bought the boat on the July long weekend. I remember being scared out of my wits when we hit that big wake! Such a newbie but trying to learn as much as I can and just love Chaparral boats! The ad says it has a 350 mag bravo 3 but that's it and it has 449 hours on it. One owner and for the first couple of years was serviced at the Chaparral dealer where it was bought but due to unsatisfactory customer service, was serviced at the marina where it is now. I will ask them about the ot
  12. Going to look at a 2007 250 Signature in a couple of weeks and really need your input. Not too sure what questions we should be asking. They recently replaced the drive as it had been stolen so this kind of concerns me. Very nice looking boat but wondering if you know if there were any problems with this model??? Thanks!
  13. We are actually considering buying a 2007 250 and this post has me concerned. Do you know if there was a recall? Is this something a surveyor would catch? Sorry if my questions sound silly but really new at this boating thing and don't want to buy a lemon :\
  14. Thanks CJ-Orca for your input! I can tell you really love your boat and being a newbie to boating, I can see why. I noticed you have a yellow lab in your pic. We have one too as well as a Golden Retriever but they are not as relaxed as yours. I'm hoping in time and maybe a cabin they can chill in will help! By the way, how do you add info to your profile???
  15. So sorry to hear the sad news about your beloved Jed. We had a Golden that we had to put down a few years ago and it was one of the hardest days of my life. Still think of her often and shed a tear now and then. Goldens (and labs,we have both)are such a lovable breed and judging by the pictures, he was a beautiful boy and well loved. Take comfort in the wonderful memories you have and I agree with Buddydog44, he is running around up there with other pups, like our beloved Katie!
  16. Considering buying a 2007 Signature 250 and hoping to get some input on this model. It would mean selling our 2013 216 ssi, which I'm already in love with, but just need the comfort of a larger boat on the big waters that we boat on. I think the price of the 250 is pretty good but we would take a big hit on ours unfortunately. Thanks for any advice you can offer. Really don't want to make a mistake!
  17. Thanks Shepherd! Looking for a boat with a cabin so we can do some overnighters. Lots of places to explore in your stomping ground, the 1000 Islands!
  18. Thanks everyone for your input and lots of great advice for us newbies on this forum. My husband and I will be going out on the boat today but hoping the marine forcast is right this time as they haven't called for their usual small craft warning. By the way, we dock at a marina in a bay on Lake Ontario and in the open water it can get pretty nasty until you reach the St. Lawrence. I think a 256 ssi would be a great size and wondering why Chaparral doesn't make them anymore. Will keep our eyes open for next year, maybe a 27 footer and just enjoy the boat we have now!
  19. Hi Sinniss, Congrats on the purchase! We just purchased a 2013 216ssi a couple of months ago and love it. Can't beat the quality and having looked at a ton of other boats, we are glad we chose a Chaparral. Just a bit jealous that you will be boating on Lake Rosseau! We were there a couple of times and had a great time. Unfortunately we're unable to trailer our boat as our jeep cannot handle the weight. We will have to settle for the 1000 Islands instead! Enjoy your boat!
  20. We just bought a fabulous 216 ssi and love it. The problem is we're finding too small to handle the lake and wish we had bought a bigger boat. Is this common for new boat owners? My husband use to boat in his younger days but it's pretty new to me. Just think a bigger boat would handle the waves better. Would appreciate any suggestions!
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