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  1. 63 Shelby

    Sea Deck

    I was able to get my boat templated, the guy was extremely helpful and actually came to me to get it done!! Picking colors and pattern next, I will include photos when done....
  2. 63 Shelby

    Sea Deck

    That's it ….I knew there was one. Thanks Todd !! And thanks for everyone else's comments and suggestions.
  3. 63 Shelby

    Sea Deck

    Hi All, I have a 2003 Sunesta 243 , I am looking to install the Sea Deck product but they don't have the templet for my model on file and I don't have access to boat to make templets . I know my boat has same exact floor plan as another model ….. it cross-references so to speak but I can't for the life of me remember the model ??? Anyone know what it is plz ?? Thanks very much !!
  4. Hi, I need to find out the name or color code of the Gel coat on my boat as well as the tape trim (scratched it up on a tree) so I can repair it. I don't have access to boat right now but its a 2003 23-24' Sunesta, white with the blue and yellow trim, the blue gel coat and yellow tape is what I'm looking for. I do have Vin # if that helps, any ideas where to look would be appreciated ! Thanks Pete
  5. Thanks guys, and thanks very much again Indy ! I see exactly what I have to do now, I can get that material at West Marine and fabricate it easy enough. That looks like some horrendous weather !! We have a place in Lake Havasu, have hade several 100+ degree days already but never had to hide from lightning under the London Bridge lol !
  6. Thanks very much Indy...just looking for something to get me headed in right direction.
  7. Hello again all !!, I had a question a few months back that several members were very helpful on, I'm hoping you guys can help again . I have a 2003 Sunesta 243 and would like to add the bow filler cushion option to my boat, I'm very handy with my hands and have a good / affordable upholstery guy...what I need is some photos of the "system" as I've never actually seen it. I'd like to see the cushion and the way it's supported (bars or rods I think ?) and any advice you may have. If its easier photos can be sent to my email. Thanks very much in advance, really don't want to pay the big deer the
  8. Any luck yet Morgan ?? Looking forward to seeing your boat...sure it's going to be great !
  9. I'm a newbie myself and no expert...yet lol. But why not just turn your batteries on, hit the little water pressure switch on dash and drain or pump it out via the sink, or front & back wash stations ?
  10. If anyone wants to see this product installed on a 254/243 you can go to seadek.com then under ''photos'' click on ''swim platforms" on the top row third photo from the left is a Sunesta 254 with Seadek installed.
  11. Morgan, that would be great thanks !! Also include some photos please ? We have the exact same boat ( except motor/drive ) what color combo did you go with ? I'm sure I included the pricing I was quoted in my previous post but its not there now ....are we not supposed to talk about money on this site ? Don't wanna break any rules before I ask how much or tell how much again lol. What colors are you considering Chap243 ?
  12. That is the plan they sent me as well, looks to be the exact same floor plan as the 243 however I don't have access to my boat to check measurements . I know the carpet fit in your boat Todd but none of these measurements have to do with the inside of boat where carpet would go. I want to be sure because the price for everything shown on that plan is extra for the Chaparral logo. I may wait till end of this month when I'm with my boat again to measure it all off ( Desert storm poker run in Havasu...plus Laughlin Harley run !!! Can't wait ) unless someone with a 243 reading this has access to t
  13. Thank you guys very much for the good and fast advice !! I will call tomorrow and inquire about the 254 set. I tried to upload a few photos but it's telling me photo is to large ? Will try and find a way to get some up as well as before and after of seadek install. Thanks again !!
  14. Hello All, I'm new to Chaparral boat's and new to this forum, I just purchased a 2003 Sunesta 243 and we love it so far ! I have been reading several interesting and helpfull posts here but can not find the info I need so far. Has anyone installed Sea Dek on this model boat yet ? I've seen some stating that a 232 and 243 are the same buy have not been able to verify that yet.. Ultimately I would like to do the whole back of boat (swim platform /walk through passage etc.) and front of boat where swim ladder is located. I would really rather hear from someone who has done it as opposed to making
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