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  1. That's a good question. If Chaparral offered to buy it back I'd take that money and never look back.
  2. So since buying this boat I've had the entire interior replaced because the vinyl was "pinking", (which it's already begun to do again in places) I've had the engine removed so they could install an oil filter relocation kit, (since the oil filter was not accessible for service) and now I have cracks in my gel coat all around the bow under the cushions and all across my swim deck. I really don't see any way for Chaparral to fix this one. Is it time to just punt and sell this thing? Thanks
  3. I just asked this over on the Sea Ray forum about oil for my 454 Mercruiser. The consensus over there was to use Shell Rotella 15-40. Funny how different forums have different recommendations and opinions. If you guys ever want to go down this rabbit hole here is a great place to learn: http://www.bobistheoilguy.com/
  4. My H2O 19 Sport fits in my garage easily. Maybe buy a smaller boat.
  5. Thanks Shepherd for the info. I did call Chaparral and their customer service rep said they would contact my dealer and "have it taken care of" which I hope means pay to have the filter relocation kit installed. I stuck my cell phone camera down there and the filter has been changed somehow. It has a black Mercruiser brand filter installed.
  6. Sounds about right. Totally normal for an H2O. Their H2O line is garbage. I say this as an owner. After complaining for over a year about my discolored interior vinyl they finally replaced all of it but the port seat (which is now discoloring) I've chased fuel leaks for years and had screws poke through the cushions into my knee and had my radio replaced. I have cracks spreading all through my gel coat on the bow. I have the same issue as you on the gauges only mine don't all light up anymore. Now I've discovered my oil filter cannot be changed and I'm likely driving around on the one th
  7. "2. Due to the engine compartment space and layout, the stock oil filter location on a 4.3L TKS makes it pretty much impossible to change the oil filter without installing the remote oil filter kit on the 18' and 19' H20 models." Amen to that. I'm stuck in this situation without a remote kit and I can't change my oil filter. It's impossible to get to and it makes me wonder if it's ever been changed at all. (despite me paying the dealer to do it yearly) What should I do?
  8. Trying to change my oil and discovered the oil filter is located on the bottom rear of the engine where it cannot be reached. This is the first year I've attempted the oil change myself and it makes me wonder if it was ever changed at all by the mechanics that were charging me for it. I can lay in the engine bay with my shoulder down against the heat exchanger and barely be able to touch it. There is absolutely no room to reach it between the fuel tank and the engine. Can anyone advise me as to how Chaparral thinks this should be done? Sorry to everyone for the duplicates. Every time I hi
  9. I just bought one of these removable pylons. It obviously doesn't look that great but can be set up or taken down in just a minute or two and breaks down and stores easily. It has no problem pulling my 200lb $^& over the wakes, I've even had two boarders behind it at once.
  10. I'll tell you what it looks like. I have a similar gouge on mine. I was riding a buddy's jet ski and he decided to move my boat which was anchored in about 8 feet of water. When he to it going fast enough the anchor came up and slammed the back of the boat at which point he realized the anchor was out. Looks just like yours and I haven't fixed mine yet either.
  11. I've always done my own service on my own vehicles. I'm one of the few weirdos out there who actually enjoys it. While my boat is sitting in the garage this winter I feel I should give it a go however one look under the engine cover gives me second thoughts. It looks like I might need longer arms with a few extra joints in them to get to the drain plug. What manner of sorcery is utilized by the dealers to accomplish this? Also I should probably change out my gear lube too, right? What else am I missing. Boat is a 2012 model, carbed, and has 120 hours. This is the first year since I bought
  12. Stay tuned I'm going to try it next week when we go wakeboarding weather permitting.
  13. I just took it this morning with my DJI Phantom and Go Pro camera. That's my boat second from the left back row. http://s1083.photobucket.com/user/CABurdette/media/Trojan1.jpg.html
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