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  1. Thanks for the guidance. I got it off and was able to wire it together. Appreciate all the help.
  2. THANK YOU! I’ll look for that. Off chance do you know what size the nut is?
  3. Toddler, Thanks. Mine is prewired also. I’m trying to figure out the easiest way to the backside of the switch to plug into it.
  4. Hey all, I’ve installed some underwater lights and would like to control them with one of the available accessory switches on the dash of my 2009 Sunesta. Does anyone have an easy way to wire this up? Opening the panel in the cubby is near impossible, and going up from the helm is worse. Suggestions?
  5. Thanks that's a good thought. I'll try that.
  6. The pump you reference is designed for the small block and non HO big blocks. I spoke to Carter and Volvo, and they have not changed the manufacturing process according to their support. Here is the pump that my Volvo uses. http://www.cecilmarineonline.com/1429-95-genuine-volvo-fuel-pump-assy-23386773-a-signature-is-required-for-delivery-in-stock-ready-to-ship/
  7. Yes but it doesn't seem to move. I've tried wiggling it, tapping with a hammer, but it doesn't move. Not sure if it needs to be turned at an angle or some trick to allowing it to set free?
  8. I literally just went through this. I bought a replacement pump from Troy at Mancave Mechanic. I did a ton of research before doing so, and the bottom line is that Volvo (Carter) still manufactures the pump the same way, meaning they still paint the inside of the pump. Because of the ethanol content in fuel these days, I would expect an accelerated rate of failure on the factory replacement. The best price I found on a new one is $1,500. I replaced my pump last week, and it runs great so far. Troy was great, and had great customer service. The only issue I had was the valve stem inside th
  9. The port side windshield on my 2009 Sunesta is separating from the port front windshield. Most of the rivets have broken out already. I'm attempting to fix them before biting the bullet and buying new ones. I've gotten it broken down to this point, but I don't know how to separate the frame on the front windshield so I can get the rivets out. My plan is: Remove rivet parts from frame fill the holes on the port side windshield frame drill and tap new fasteners to connect the side to the front Rivets? Screws? Reassemble If anyone knows how to s
  10. No, I am not sure it is electrical. I don't have PerfectPass, and I replace the fuel filter every year. I have two Optima Blue Top batteries that are about a year old. This past weekend it happened more consistently, and seems to be when I am towing.
  11. Thanks sorry for overlooking. 8.1 GXI completely stock. Just under 300 hours and have done all maintenance. Happened more frequently today than normal. Once actually required that I shut the boat down, shut my battery completely off, and then start over. That being said, I'm going to figure out how to look at the throttle linkage. I thought that the 2009 was a drive by wire, but I never looked into it. Any other ideas are also welcome! Thanks again. Steve
  12. I've searched and haven't found any referring to my specific issue. Here is what is happening. Intermittently, when accelerating from idle, the boat tops off about 11mph. The engine isn't over-revving when it happens, and like I said, there isn't any way to consistently reproduce the problem. Correcting it is usually accomplished by doing one of the following, in this order: Take the drive back down to an idle (not neutral), and then gradually re-engage throttle (fixes about 60% of the time) Take the drive down into neutral, and then gradually re-engage the engine (fixes about 35% of the time)
  13. The incline from So Cal to Havasu is primarily going up the 15. Once you get to the 40, it's pretty down hill, although the Cajon pass is really steep, and then the grade from Victorville to Barstow is pretty big as well. We usually go out the 10 to Desert Center and across. We used to tow, but now we have a house in Havasu, but we still go that way. Way more consistent traffic, the grades are pretty casual. Hope you had fun!
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