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  1. Who manufactures the ski tower for the matrix 19'. I need a few parts for it and am trying to figure out how to get them. thanks.
  2. Thats what has me me worried. While in reverse, i can turn it by hand both ways. Makes a loud clank noise when i turn it. Its turning the staft, hub not sliping.
  3. so its normal to be able to turn it both directions while in gear? and the very loud clank?
  4. sorry for the multiple post, i was having computer issues. Dont know how to delete the other ones.
  5. Alpha one drive. Last weekend i was on the lake, i tried to take off in shallow water, and i believe my prop hit the muddy bottom. I let off of the throttle and idle out further. I tried to take off again and it started to climb on plane, and then just reved up and wouldnt go, tried again and same thing. I then put it in reverse and gave it some throttle and it did fine. Put it in drive again and take off fine. I stoped and took off 2 more times trouble free. I then put it on the trailer and went home. Today i was checking it out, and when i put it in drive, i can turn the prob by hand in the
  6. I think this is my issue. I took it to the dealer and they couldnt find anything. All last summer it would randomly die, very aggervating.
  7. where did you get a replacement? how much did it cost?
  8. i had a previous post about this and everyone prety much said just buy a new sending unit. But, is there any way to test the guage to make sure it still works. I hate to buy a sending unit and it be the guage be bad. or is there a fuse for this? thanks
  9. im sure its just the sending unit. but is there any way to test the guage to make sure its the sending unit. Hate to buy it and the guage is broke.
  10. is there a fuse somewhere for this?
  11. fuel and batterie are good. ive used it a few times since it quit working. warenty just ran out rite before i got it back
  12. i got my boat back from the dealer from replacing all the cushions, and when i got home, i tried to start it. The batterie was weak and barely turned over. I jumped it off and had it running and noticed the fuel gauge is sitting at empty. The boat was full and worked before. Any suggestions?
  13. me either, i was furious. #$^%, even when im at the sandbar, i have a towel over my dash protecting the guages from the sun.
  14. good as new, only thing, they didnt keep the cover on the boat while it was there and the dept finder screen foged up.
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