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  1. gnarlykaw

    Need help with 2003 Chaparral 240 Signature

    sounds like it needs a scan tool. the fact that you pulled the throttle sensor lead, and it stayed running? leads me to a possible shorted sensor. but i would need some scan data to validate that.....
  2. gnarlykaw

    252 sunesta chap

    you could start by swapping relays first to see if the contacts are bad.....
  3. gnarlykaw


    Jesus! I need to start a new profession! I hope that includes putting in a climate controlled warehouse, complete with lounge, and waiters! We have weekend winterization parties in the hood. everybody pitches in to help.....
  4. gnarlykaw

    fuel filter help

    Thank you VERY much!!
  5. gnarlykaw

    fuel filter help

    Ok, heres the skinny, the boat is 250 miles away at a vacation home, and i left ALL the paperwork there as well. All I want to get is a friggin fuel filter, and all I know is that it is a genIII cool fuel. the closest chap dealer is 80 miles away, and I have NO time to get it in person. I would love to just buy it off of Ebay, but I have NO serial numbers. Is their an easier way to get maint parts??? 2012 SSI 350, 300HP, Bravo
  6. It has been pretty spotty on this lake, some had them, some not, but seems like this spring, their ALL over! one ruined outdrive at my dock, and the foats are covered! my lift is two years old, and we had NONE when i pulled out in the fall, but this spring, WOW1 I got some work ahead of me!!
  7. gnarlykaw

    256 ssi starting cold

    gas, its fine now. gas. water enter somehow when you changed the fuel filter. mine did it too. will probably do it again this year. mine sits in a enclosed barn. it goes hot and cold all the time in there....
  8. gnarlykaw

    New Boat Delivery Checklist

    We bought our chap in the early fall, and did not take delivery until april. our dealer wanted us to wait , because of kickbacks we would get from the factory. nice perks, nice of them to do that for us, longer warranty and all, I only skimmed through the posts, and we all had our woes when we got our boats. by now, your dealer has the boat, you may have already done your walk through, 1, keep a good rapore with your dealer. you WILL see them again at some point. 2. the checklists when you pick it up are nice. excitement WILL kick in when you lay your eyes on it, and you might forget some key things, hence, back to item 1. 3. warranty work will come up.stay calm. it might not go smooth. wrong parts due to new models, in general, delays. take it in stride. your gonna have this boat for a long time..... 4. develop a secondary relationship with another dealer, close to where the boat is. you might be buying at one dealer, and need service done at another. [we bought in another state}. you may have bought it from one, but the other dealer gets the service, and they will want your you as a new customer, and will go the extra mile to keep you from the other dealer. bottom line, just take your time, take it all in stride, it will all work out. This is suppose to be a fun thing!
  9. gnarlykaw

    246 on a lift....

    its a pull in..... no, not too deep in the water. just going to trim up a bit. looked fine when i pulled in last weekend.
  10. gnarlykaw

    246 on a lift....

    the lift is an ozark, and its 24feet. We did a mirror set up from the boat trailer, to the bunks on the lift. I have NO bow guide to stop my travel, and have been trying to find that mark on the dock, to the boat, to make sure i'm at the right spot on the lift. i'm really close to the mark now, within 1 inch. thats measured at the lower unit to the frame of the lift. bunks DO NOT extend past the hull. No sun reaching the stern of the boat.......maybe 1/2 hour sunrise. I picked the slip based on that. Were dealing with one REAL anal person here! I'm going to move forward with what Richard says, a minor trim up will do just fine.
  11. gnarlykaw

    246 on a lift....

    simple question......... can i leave the drive UP on the lift, while its out of the water............for two weeks at a time. I feel i already know this answer, but when in storage for the winter, the drive is down. I have been told by a few folks that this is really bad for the bellow. "it will get memory if you leave it up for that long" is what i'm told... Reason im asking this is due to the fact that a 246SSI is the same depth as my slip. Three times, when i lift it out, the drive got hung up on the lift, and has put three nice dimples in the skag...... even if i left the trim at 1/4 up, it would solve the problem! THANKS FOLKS!
  12. gnarlykaw

    Nixa, MO/Springfield, MO

    They were good to us, but they had a problem getting the right sender for our boat................. took three trys........ parking is a bit of a effort too. call ahead. We come out of AR to have ours serviced there...
  13. gnarlykaw

    On-water gas price

    bull shoals in AR. lead hill 4.85, and 125 marina, 4.80
  14. gnarlykaw

    Boat lift decking....

    Ok, so, the lift id a ozark, and I am wanting to put some sort of decking on the bow portion of the lift. I have seen 2 X6 boards screwed to the lift, and I have seen 2x4 set up in a deck. i was thinking about liquid nails on 2x4s to the frame of the lift, and then putting decking down. I'm just not sure about drilling into the lift frame. What have you guys done????
  15. maybe a good spam blocker program on your p.c.?