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  1. i would think, if i had a sensor failure, it would come back at either the same temp, or the same run time. same goes for the connection. i have chased my fair share of "wonky" sensors and connections, and when one goes bad, its either a wonky reading, or a connection problem, but will be consistent on the fail point. Im leaning towards the gas i just put in. I have not gotten gas from this pump before. and this happened right after the fuel was put in. I have a 45 mile run on thursday to the dam for lunch, so Ill see if it comes back again. so, if the alarm goes off, did the fault go away? Im guessing the PCM will log and store it, and I have smartcraft guage package, so Im hoping it will show me the code there if its logged?
  2. Boy, this might be vague, but here goes. 2012 246SSI, 350mag, 300HP. ran 30 miles up the lake and back, and used 18 gallons. 3400rpm, 30-32MPH. ok, not a big deal, i always start the day with a full tank of fuel, due to a guage problem long ago, but it works. so i put the 18 gallons of fuel in, idle out of the marina, throttle up, all is FINE. 5 minutes in, i get the alarm, and the dash is flashing "knock sensor1 fault" a few long beeps, dash message center flashing the code. i throttle down. i NEVER shut it off, I know this is either a true noise/knock, possible carbon passing through, or maybe some water may have passed through. about two minutes pass as im just idling back to the marina, and the message goes away. I have NO clue on the operating parameters of a mercruiser PCM, does it log the code, and store it? I went ahead and shutrit down, and did a quick inspection, saw nothing, so i fired it up, and ran it a bit. felt nothing different in power, no missing, so i slammed the throttle down, and ran around for two minutes like this, and ran fine. we then went ahead and ran a twenty mile day. no alarms, no power loss, no noises... looking for some input. Thanks!
  3. Real quick, I'm not near the boat. whats the battery group size? Interstate green tops..... Their 7 years old, and they gotta go! Pretty sure they are both starting batteries. only run a radio when anchored.
  4. ok, your tech is right. start with the cap and rotor. look close at the dist when its open. make sure there is NO corrosion anywhere. green in color. I use dielelctric grease, sparingly, on the wires to cap points... take it for a run and see.... if still there, try the plugs.
  5. LOL! i just took my helm seat home for this very same reason! but mine is from a slacker mechanic, that folded the bolster up, and over the old waterpump impeller, and it left a perfect outline of the impeller on my seat! i tried some weak cleaners on it, and just brought it home to be looked at....
  6. how about the inverter setup, and a dock float pump motor? i inflate all the toys off the boat lift blower...
  7. sounds like an idler pulley on the port engine.....
  8. How many hours on it? backfire on decell? i listened to the video a few times, and I think thats all i heard. how about at idle smooth? does it start ok?
  9. sounds like it needs a scan tool. the fact that you pulled the throttle sensor lead, and it stayed running? leads me to a possible shorted sensor. but i would need some scan data to validate that.....
  10. you could start by swapping relays first to see if the contacts are bad.....
  11. Jesus! I need to start a new profession! I hope that includes putting in a climate controlled warehouse, complete with lounge, and waiters! We have weekend winterization parties in the hood. everybody pitches in to help.....
  12. Ok, heres the skinny, the boat is 250 miles away at a vacation home, and i left ALL the paperwork there as well. All I want to get is a friggin fuel filter, and all I know is that it is a genIII cool fuel. the closest chap dealer is 80 miles away, and I have NO time to get it in person. I would love to just buy it off of Ebay, but I have NO serial numbers. Is their an easier way to get maint parts??? 2012 SSI 350, 300HP, Bravo
  13. It has been pretty spotty on this lake, some had them, some not, but seems like this spring, their ALL over! one ruined outdrive at my dock, and the foats are covered! my lift is two years old, and we had NONE when i pulled out in the fall, but this spring, WOW1 I got some work ahead of me!!
  14. gas, its fine now. gas. water enter somehow when you changed the fuel filter. mine did it too. will probably do it again this year. mine sits in a enclosed barn. it goes hot and cold all the time in there....
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