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  1. Before I start tearing into things, the end of the starboard grab rail on my Sig 240 has popped loose. It terminates about even with the instrument panel. Has anyone else had this problem, is it nothing more than a loose nut, is it accessible from somewhere? It's still connected to the nut just pulled away a bit.
  2. 2006 Signature 240. On the AC panel there is a breaker labeled refrigerator outlet, which I take to be the plug beside the refrigerator. I don't see anything in the battery switch compartment for the fridge. I have not hooked it up to shore power yet to see if it works on AC power.
  3. That's what is odd, there is not a CB on the helm unless it is the ones for cockpit or courtesy lighting but even with those on I don't get power to the fridge. I would have thought there has to be a DC circuit breaker somewhere.
  4. I can't get mine to turn on. I turn the switch clockwise from the detent but it never gets power.
  5. Put the boat in the water for a short 30 min test run. Everything worked fine. Took the boat out of the water to flush the motor and it wouldn't start. I checked all the usual suspects, neutral, deadman, batteries, and all appear normal. Everything works except volt meter and it won't start. Blower works, alarm comes on when i turn the ignition on, radio works. All I hear is a click from what I think is the slave solenoid when I engage the starter. Any ideas?
  6. How long should the butterfly valve stay closed? Is it electrical or vacuum operated? Haven't seen a carburetor in so long I don't really know how it's suppose to work.
  7. Any way to clean up the yellowed instrument cluster?
  8. I've got the boat and have pulled the risers, which looked very good, changed the oil, the fuel filter, and I have been using Starbright on the seats. Some improvement and the boat is beginning to feel like mine. I hope to put her in the water Friday or Saturday. Next project will be shining up the hull. Can't wait. If anyone makes it to Crab Island in Destin look for "Southern Agenda"
  9. That's what I discovered, polarity doesn't matter to the solenoid
  10. The picture is sideways with red wire on stbd and yellow on the port side.
  11. I pulled both leads off the solenoid to clean them, yes I know better but I did it anyway,now I have doubts as to whether or not I have them correct. 2006 mercruiser 5L. Can someone check and let me know how theirs is wired? Photo of mine attached. Thanks
  12. When I turn my nav lights on, either position, the lights come on momentarily and the circuit breaker pops. Obviously I have a short, but is there a common short location on the Sig 240 for the nav lights?
  13. My mechanic told me to use brake cleaner on the flame arrestor
  14. The vinyl is both dirty/stained in places and shows significant sun damage, particularly the top of the back bench seat. It's being sold by an individual and I'll either have a survey done or take it to the local Chaparral dealer for them to go over. The boat came from a lake in Louisiana but now resides in Destin.
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