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  1. Hydro Mike

    Help identifying reservoir

    Thank you very much!
  2. Hydro Mike

    Help identifying reservoir

    Dumb question here that I really should know. I get annual maintenance on my boat every year and all fluids are changed by my mechanic so I am a little unfamiliar. I have put on 45 hours in the past 2 months since maintenance and noticed the reservoir in pic might need to be topped off. I looked thru the Chap parts identification pdf but can't find any info. 2003 Sunesta 223. Can somebody please help point me in the right direction? Thanks!
  3. Hydro Mike

    Sink Faucet on Sunesta 223

    I was having trouble with my Scandivik faucet not turning off and on properly and I could not fix it (knob would spin and remain on at times). I ordered a new one this past Wednesday from iBoats with 2 day ground UPS. I didn't receive confirmation so I checked in and mentioned that I was hoping to get the part before the weekend. They responded that the 2 day shipping would not make it in time and they took it upon themselves to overnight it to me at their expense. I'm just here to share a great experience with the customer service at iBoats. Happy boating everyone. Flying my flag proud this weekend for all those that fought for our freedom. Happy Memorial Day!
  4. Hydro Mike

    JBL MR145 Stero audio volume issue

    Yes, It was a simple swap out from the original (MR15B) to the other MR145, both JBL. It has been some time since I swapped out the stereos but I do not recall that I had these issues with the first stereo. I have just been dealing with it but it gets a bit annoying. Anytime that anything is used (sink/shower/power from cig lighters/etc) The audio lowers to almost nothing and I have to turn it back up from the hardwired remote or from the face of the unit. Thanks for your response!
  5. Hydro Mike

    JBL MR145 Stero audio volume issue

    Hello, I replaced the original stereo on my Sunesta 223 (2002) with a newer version JBL MR145 from I believe the MR12B. The stereo works fine but whenever the water pump is used for the sink/shower or any other device is using power, the volume on the stereo lowers significantly. Does anybody know what might cause this and how I might fix it? Thanks in advance.
  6. Hydro Mike

    Stereo cuts out when water pressure is on

    Wow thanks for all of the replies! It is a 2003 Sunesta. It was a very basic upgrade just to allow for ipod connectivity. The newer stereo is the same brand just slightly upgraded. No extra wiring was done just unplugged the old and plugged in the new. The old one never had this issue. Thanks everyone, I appreciate getting some direction from you all.
  7. Hi all, I swapped out my stock MR15B JBL stereo with a MR145 on my Chap/Sunesta 223 and now any time the water pressure is on the stereo cuts out. The stereo was simply swapped which didn't need any additional wiring just unplugged the old and plugged in the new. Has anyone experienced this issue before? I appreciate any responses