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  1. I can almost guarantee, no one has considered that particular mod. You should do the same.
  2. We have been boater's/campers for years now. pretty easy to use both if you plan properly. The $$streams are nice TT's, but most don't have a slide out. Glad our TT has one, makes a smaller, easy to pull camper much more roomy. But if you have a 30 foot $$stream, then you already have plenty of room. Enjoy !
  3. Mount it on the swim platform. use flush mount floor receptacle, but put that in the compartment where the swim ladder stows. Add a pole to the grill and you have the best set up.
  4. Then you are fine. Continue to use the ext. cord for your current needs. Perfectly safe.
  5. Their L series yachts are beautiful, but just like everything in their line, they are priced much higher than competitors. Both domestically and abroad. They will trim their offerings down to what is selling, or fail miserably going forward. No matter who buys them.
  6. If it helps at all, our 235SSi with 300 hours on it, aluminum trailer, very good condition overall, was purchased for $19.5K last spring. Our's is a 2004. One good thing about this model, there are not very many for sale, any year, anywhere. And it is a desirable size for a cuddy. Looks like the OP just got the boat in May of 2016. Short term of ownership......
  7. OP showed some thin skinned tendencies when he asked these questions on iBoats. Members there were not as sympathetic as here.
  8. Some people like projects, some don't.
  9. Should have been one of the first things done.
  10. Lucky man. Enjoy your summer of boating !!
  11. He would not know that answer, unless he had a tech scan the ECU.
  12. Glad to here my suggestion worked for you as well as it has for me. You can even get an off brand at dollar stores for less than what you paid, It works just the same.
  13. Probably not much help here. Hardly any members with IPS powered boats. Ask here: You will have to join and provide info on your boat to ask questions, get answers, etc.