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  1. Why don't you just contact BRP and ask for it ? Not something a Chap/Vortex dealer would have just laying around I would guess.
  2. Rip5

    Duo Prop Repair

    Those are an easy fix. We do it here at work all the time. Even on 96" diamater props !
  3. Rip5

    Prop Recommendation Thread

    For a 4 blade, generally go down one pitch to achieve same max RPM as the 3-blade you have. 4 blade will give you the holeshot and pulling power you are looking for. But since you do not mention the pitch of your 3-blade. We can't help.
  4. Rip5

    2016 Chaparral H20 Interior Issues

    That is the answer.
  5. Rip5

    New 2019 H2O Sport

    Doubt anyone here has a 2019 yet, except you. But you never know. Gauge may be different, but mechanically they operate the same.
  6. Rip5

    21H2O Question

    Normal for any bowrider less than 24 ft LOA.
  7. Rip5

    New 2019 H2O Sport

    Have dealer fix under warranty.
  8. Rip5

    Can I put dye in holding tank?

    Your adding too much. Not everything you read on the internet is true.
  9. Rip5


    They offer a "Fish Package" on the 210 Suncoast. You can fish and ski out of it, but it is NOT a true fish & ski equipped boat. And Chap had no intention of making it fishy when it was designed. To the OP: Wrong boat for your expectations. You were an idiot for buying it in the first place, and only further confirm your status by continuing to beat a dead horse. Give it a rest Johnny G.
  10. Rip5


    Yep, classic pot stirring troll. Several similar posts have showed up recently on other brand specific sites. Must be the weather.
  11. Rip5

    Bimini tops

    RnR is your source. Price is fair. $450 is a pipe dream, so is used.
  12. Rip5

    CRAParral Never buy!

    Yep, a troll trying to stir the pot and blow off steam. It Worked.
  13. Rip5

    Sea Ray also getting out of the yacht game:

    Yep. L-Class yachts are history.
  14. Rip5

    low oil pressure alarm.

    Unplug the drive lube bottle, then see if the alarm still goes off.