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  1. Did Don tell you that ?
  2. As long as they are rolled up with a towel in between, a duffel bag may work ok. Never fold the isinglass panels.
  3. Since your boat is not painted, do you mean bottom painting it ? Surely you can't mean painting over the gel coat .
  4. Old , dead thread. Order your pieces from a local supplier. Factory canvas for a 2007 boat may not even fit, since they do shrink over the years. Skip it. Order what you need from a local canvas shop, that way they can make it to fit exactly. And, it will be much less expensive.
  5. Yep, whomever owned it had a nice boat and camper top.
  6. So are building materials.
  7. Yes, have the isinglass front and sides made at a shop. Will be much cheaper than OEM, if you can even order for a boat that old from a dealer. We just had the isinglass, sides and rear curtain made locally for our boat. Money well spent.
  8. Really cool video. Looks like you had a good summer boating.
  9. 354 hours. Note to self: Think twice before posting .
  10. This mini van was submerged so deep, the roof had propeller marks from two boats on it. This was from Harvey.
  11. Generally, with a TT that size, you have an under #1,000 lb. limit with a hitch installed on the TT bumper. So your's will likely not handle a boat of your size. You can do as others have, have a custom hitch welded to the sub frame, and that will allow more weight to be attached. I think you may find that double towing the TT and boat is a no go, for more than a couple blocks.
  12. 25.00100 LIGHT-SURFACE MOUNT UNDERWATER W/BLUE 2 EA Ask your dealer to get the manufacturer for you, he will likely have to call Chaparral customer Service.
  13. Texas allows you to pull a 2nd trailer behind a travel trailer ? Illegal in many states. You can pull another trailer behind a 5th wheel, or Class A , B or C, but NOT behind a travel trailer here in Michigan. Make sure your insurance covers a "double-pull" Many do not cover that in the event of an accident. Of course, heavier load first, then lighter load 2nd. I would never even consider towing a boat behind our travel trailer, even if it was legal.