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  1. Some people like projects, some don't.
  2. Should have been one of the first things done.
  3. Lucky man. Enjoy your summer of boating !!
  4. He would not know that answer, unless he had a tech scan the ECU.
  5. Glad to here my suggestion worked for you as well as it has for me. You can even get an off brand at dollar stores for less than what you paid, It works just the same.
  6. Probably not much help here. Hardly any members with IPS powered boats. Ask here: You will have to join and provide info on your boat to ask questions, get answers, etc.
  8. Yes, but DO NOT use the same wax you would use on your hull. For non-skid , always use Woody Wax.
  9. May not be your issue, but our starboard manifiold had a crack in it. Boat ran fine, but was pumping water into the bilge when underway. Bilge pump was running after we got off plane. Replaced the manifold, and no more water in the bilge. If you are running the boat, and checking under the lid, as long as you are on the water , at speed when doing this, you are seeing no leaks, you probably have a different issue. If you checked it while on muffs, probably would not show much if any leaking. Good Luck
  10. Top speed with those engines is 36.7 mph which is 31.9 knots. It will easily produce those numbers with a standard load of passengers, fuel , gear and water. At 350K, there are quite a few boats to choose from, both bigger and smaller. Chap / Intermarine set up at FLIBS.
  11. Have always used Soft Scrub on stubborn swim platform stains. Not while boat is in the water of course. Our swim platform looked like yours' did (actually worse), Soft Scrub and 5 min. with a brush and looked like new when I took the boat to storage last week. Been using Soft Scrub for 20 years. Best.
  12. $220 will buy a decent amount of gas. More enjoyment there than 1-2 mph at WOT.
  13. Nice looking boat !! Congrats .
  14. Bilge pump failure on this SR last weekend at one of our local marinas.
  15. Search.... 256ssi 264 Sunesta