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  1. Matching the same vinyl you have, may be a bit more difficult.
  2. It was an Option. Have them made at local upholstery shop. Rare to find any on a shelf being that old.
  3. They have been around for many, many years. They carry stuff for a number of boat brands.
  4. That will be me, until they get this SPAM off the site. Not worth scrolling through all the junk just to find a legit topic.
  5. Yep , GFC ( of CSR) posts the same threads on multiple message boards. Good article.
  6. I ordered a Westland cover from RnR. Cover came in 7 days. Supposedly made as an "exact fit" for our boat with ESP. Getting the boat out of storage tonight. Hope it fits. 1/2 the price of any local canvas shop.
  7. Also a chuckle about the drive. SX drive is only a single prop.
  8. We have Pettit bright white on our 235 as well.
  9. Top speed should be low to mid 50's with 200hp Yammie
  10. Gorgeous boating area. Looks like fun.
  11. "pick options you want, what looks good for your price and move on?" This. Buy what you like. GMC/Chevy would be my pick
  12. I can almost guarantee, no one has considered that particular mod. You should do the same.
  13. We have been boater's/campers for years now. pretty easy to use both if you plan properly. The $$streams are nice TT's, but most don't have a slide out. Glad our TT has one, makes a smaller, easy to pull camper much more roomy. But if you have a 30 foot $$stream, then you already have plenty of room. Enjoy !
  14. Mount it on the swim platform. use flush mount floor receptacle, but put that in the compartment where the swim ladder stows. Add a pole to the grill and you have the best set up.