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  1. I'm not thrilled about the SSi morph either. They appear to be grasping at straws to salvage some respectability for the often maligned H20 line. I suspect that most new boat owners ( target demographic for H20) line) will not even know that SSi was the premium line from Chap once upon a time.
  2. No boat is perfect in every respect.
  3. It should be noted that Volvo really does almost nothing themselves to their engines, they come to them almost completely assembled. Same with their propellers. Volvo sets their specs, and the outsourced vendors do all the work. Wheras, Mercruiser casts their own blocks just a few miles from the plant, assembles them with their own personnel, and most of their propellers are also cast in their own foundry. But they do outsourcing for some of their product line as well, but no where near to the extent that Volvo Penta does.
  4. You may equal that 50 mph after break-in. But that is with a light load. Put 4 people in it and you will be mid to upper 40's at WOT. So just tell yourself it's a 45mph boat, and smile if you can see a 50 mph reading on GPS on a rare occasion.
  5. ENGINES HAVE A 10-HOUR BREAK-IN PERIOD AS FOLLOWS: 1ST HOUR // Warm up engine to operating temp. (5-10 minutes) Zero - half on the throttle Vary your engine speed between zero-half throttle. (5-10 minutes) No tow sports 2ND HOUR // Zero - 3/4 on the throttle (5-10 minutes) Vary your engine speed between zero-3/4 on throttle. (5-10 minutes) No tow sports 3RD - 10TH HOUR // Zero - full on the throttle (5-10 minutes) Vary your engine s
  6. "What do you do on a 4/3? Does it matter?" No, per Mercruiser Engineering. Asked them years ago, and that was their reply.
  7. This is the company you should ask. https://www.sureshade.com/ They make shades like these for Sea Ray, and several others manufacturers.
  8. Not sure what a CXL boat size is but maybe this ? http://rnr-marine.com/auto/Chaparral_198-CXL-IO,-No-Arch_(1988-1989).shtml#products
  9. If your wife is willing to let you take off her Bikini, I see no issue with that. You will have to remove the Bimini and support poles to fit a storage/trailering cover over the boat. I bought our cover through RNR. Fits like a glove, great service. See link below for your boat. http://rnr-marine.com/Purchase.php?product=Boat-Cover-CSF-Model&manufacturer=Chaparral&model=226+SSI+WT+Sport,+No+Tower&yearfrom=2009&yearto=2017&partno=78122A
  10. Chaparral and Robalo parent company Marine Products Corp. generated net sales of $83 million for its first quarter, a 7.1 percent increase compared to $77.5 million in the same quarter a year ago. The increase in net sales was due to a 14.8 percent increase in average selling prices and an increase in parts and accessories sales, partially offset by a 6.8 percent decrease in the number of units sold. In general, sales of smaller boats accounted for the decrease in unit sales during the quarter. “Sales declines were concentrated in our smallest Robalo models and Chaparral H2O models,”
  11. The company that supplied Chap in 2000 no longer makes that same color/type of vinyl for that model year. You will have to get a local shop to find something close.
  12. I usually prefer paper plates when on the water, but corelle is better.......
  13. NMMA’s latest New Powerboat Registrations Report shows new powerboat registrations were up 4.2 percent in 2018 compared to 2017. Tow boats and personal watercraft remained growth leaders, up 10 percent and 8 percent respectively and accounting for nearly 30 percent of new boat unit sales. Registrations of new outboard boats, which comprise 64 percent of total new boat sales, were up 3 percent YOY.
  14. If I were you, I would seriously consider the Monty. I have owned two. Would have a third if I could have found a cuddy. Same power considerations as the Chap however. 4.5L is adequate, but 300HP + V8 is preferred. That is why the 224FS is "leftover" . And, unfortunately the 4.5L is the only engine option for 2019, and maybe 2018 as well. With a V8, the 224FS would be closer to $50K.
  15. Financing may have contributed slightly to higher prices, but only marginally. Cost's are driven up same as always has been, material costs are up (resin, aluminum, etc.) technology is more expensive and better than ever ( electronics, etc) and labor is much higher than ever before, so to get the boats profitable, prices have to go up to compensate. Dealer margin has always been high, and most dealers are not making significantly more on a new boat than they did several years ago on a similar sale.
  16. Make sure you bring all 5 people with you on the sea trial. It's not "how fast" you can go, it's more a function of will the engine be capable of doing what you want with a full load. While the Wellcraft may have been fast enough, how was it with 5 people on board and pulling a tuber ? Still "fast enough" ????
  17. SSi are Cuddies and Bowriders. Odd numbers = cuddies (i.e. 235 ssi, 255 ssi) Even numbers = open bow (i.e. 226ssi, 256ssi, etc.)
  18. SSi is heavier than H20 with same engine. The 4.5L would be "adequate" but V8 would be preferred in 226ssi.
  19. This exact same post is on 3 or 4 boating boards. If it helps at all, many people responded to the poster with sincere answers and comments, same here. Could be legit, but likely not/
  20. White, or White, or even White. All good choices.
  21. A little more on the OSX line from Chap. https://www.tradeonlytoday.com/manufacturers/chaparral-unveils-new-line?utm_campaign=TOT Newsletter Campaign&utm_source=hs_email&utm_medium=email&utm_content=68925455&_hsenc=p2ANqtz-_eD_dKA7JmkjDF1B6LIz19salfaBaB6SU7db30nlb_tKrst6AoFw3ll_Ao6FBqHQtVgcpOYR6h6SHwTC9hW3XiUWt4ZQ&_hsmi=68925455
  22. Rip5

    255 SSI

    You just answered your question. And, they are built so well, they last, and people just keep them. I was lucky to find our 235SSi. We are keeping it until we are done boating (3-5 years more I think)
  23. Warranty work has to go through a dealer. Keep the pressure on your dealer, it's his responsibility.
  24. Agree with Brick. Cosmetic only, and factory likely considers that normal wear and tear on a 4-1/2 year old boat. Easy fix with gel coat patch kit.
  25. Rip5


    Build a Pole Barn.
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