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  1. Well so far looks like you guys were right. The guys at Cecil were really helpful but they said that a local canvas fabricator was my best bet since my enclosure is somewhat custom to the boat. So the best price I got for a new SS frame complete was and in Aluminum. That was trying to replicate the old one. One local company thinks he can fix it with just replacing the one bent bow for around so lets keep our fingers crossed.
  2. Well guys I messed up this weekend. I backed my 2005 215ssi into the garage and left the bimini up and bent two of the bars. The canvas is fine and all the mounts are fine. First what are my options to fix it, next what size bimini do I have and what's the best place to buy a new one that will work with my enclosure?
  3. krmartonik, What LED lights did you use at the step from the swim platform? Also what switch are they connected to? I was thinking about connecting them to the cockpit light or the wiper switch since I don't use that nor have wipers. Regards
  4. Also I recommend buying the extended tray for the front so you don't have to put your utensils down every time you check the food. It was the best 54.99 I ever spent. Regards
  5. I have the same setup as Ric, but I installed it on the inside of the support so your first step on the swim platform is not on the mount if your docked port side. Thanks again Ric for the Idea!
  6. Wingnut that is awesome, very comprehensive. I owe you a beer! I think I have been to Still Pond before, there is a recreation center on a point in there on the north side but it looked private. Hey since you live down that way is there any nice marinas to spend the night at. Like Betterton, MD dock, is that public? Also someone told me they have a nice bar & grill there. Thanks much,
  7. What's the best place to anchor up and relax in the northern Chesapeake? I go to the Bohemia a lot but I was wondering if there was any other shallow areas that had a sandy bottom. Also where are all the chaps in the Chesapeake I barely see any?
  8. Well I debated and debated, and here's where it ended up. Any closer to the compass and it was messing up the heading. Not sure if I like the mount but man does this G2 card enhance it!
  9. One thing I forgot to mention was I do most of my boating in the Delaware River/Bay and the Northern Chesapeake so its not as smooth as some lakes you guys run if that makes a difference.
  10. It looks like there is a 14" diameter and a 14-1/8" diameter at a 20" pitch, which one do you guys suggest. The guy that advised me on it said 14-1/2" dia but I don't see them anywhere. Thanks a bunch guys.
  11. The pup loves the boat!
  12. Ric what is the stock prop on our boat? is it 3 or 4 blade and the pitch.
  13. Chaps, I am in the market for a new prop because the one I have has a lot of wear and some pretty big dings. I have a 06 215 SSI with a 5.0L Merc Cruiser. I have a little trouble getting on plane with four or more people and it is not very responsive at idle when docking. The suggestions I got so far were a 14.25 x 21 3-blade and 14.5x20 4-blade. Any suggestions or advice. Regards
  14. sloaty215

    215ss Mods

    Ric, did you need the amp to run the third set of speakers or was it something you wanted. I have a JBL 60x4 headunit and I was wondering if I could add the third set over the engine compartment without adding a amp. Or will it not be loud enough.
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