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  1. Thanks so much for the awesome response with the steps you take! Is the 1000 deposit usually refundable if survey or sea trial results are unacceptable? I guess that is a point ot discussion/negotiation with the seller.
  2. So I have been away from boating for the last 15 years except for the occasional bowrider rental. After doing a lot of research I am sold on Chaparral and have a pretty good idea of what I want....a 2012-2018 227ssx or 226ssi. Since these boats are so popular they tend to sell rather quickly. I understand the importance of getting a survey and consider it money well spent. But I also know many purchasers forgo this step and that is where my confusion sets in. Say I go see a boat and really like it, then what are the sequence of next steps in terms of scheduling a ride and getting a survey done? It would seem to make sense to ultimately make an offer contingent upon the survey? If I do that how do I avoid losing out to buyers willing to skip the survey? Any help here is much appreciated. Bow
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