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  1. 21"-22" from the pavement to the top of the ball usually levels most trailers
  2. Try a cushoned draw head it will take most of the clunk out of trailer pulling away from a stop
  3. The dial indicator is reading .002 rotate the shaft with the indicator in place zero the indicator at the low spot then rotate the shaft again the high number will be the amount the shaft bent .if there is a smooth area on the end of the shaft where nut threads are that would be a better place to check the the shaft for trueness
  4. What have you used to the clean the seats ?
  5. I have a aluminum 2013 Venture trailer . Its been trouble free in the three years I have used it. I believe they are located in Baltimore MD. Trailer tires are designed to to be ran at max pressure . On a long distance tow I always stop around the first fifty miles of ths the trip and lay my hand on all the hubs and tires to check for over heating and check them every time I stop after that . If you have any of the four tires that blew out you need to check the date of manufacture to make sure they didn't sell you old tires
  6. Bellows failure
  7. I have a Venture . Put over 900 miles on it last summer with no problems
  8. I would look at my bill of sale. If lists 190 HP then you got what you agreed to. If its says 200 HP I think your dealer needs to make it right for you
  9. I had a similar problem with may boat last year . Look under the dash look for a black rectangle shaped relay about inch square maybe two to three inches long grasp the relay in one hand and then grasp the the plug the relay plugs into with your other hand and fully seat the relay into the plug . This happened to me the second time I put my new 216 in the river. The owner of my dealership came to the boat ramp and helped me get it going
  10. The 226 with the 5.7 will be a real performer. If your towing capacity is 5000lbs you will need a bigger tow vehicle. I would find something with a capacity of at least 6500-7000 lbs to be safe
  11. Boat dry weight for Chaparral sterndrives includes the weight of the largest engine option
  12. EVC is electronic throttle and shift control . The 5.7 will have CATS also .
  13. Idle speed maneuvering will be better with bravo 3 . The hole shot will be better also but the sx will not disappoint you with its hole shot. The sx is going to give you more top end. Are the boats optioned the same except the for drive system ? You will have a great performing boat with either drive . You should be able to work a good deal on either boat since they are 2012 models
  14. Turn the key to the on position look under the dash and for a relay box about 1' X 2" make sure it is fully engaged into the wiring harness plug while holding the plug push the relay into the plug. I had a similar issue with my new 216 SSI the relay wasnt fully engaged into plug no warning beep or no starter cranking. I called my dealer and owner came to the ramp and got it going. Wayne McGee at Nautical Marine knows the meaning of great customer service.
  15. Larry, I would look at the volvo 380 small block with varible valve timing. hp to weight ratio is great weight of the engine and out drive is less then the big block alone. if you are thinkiing about the big block you have to consider it . The cost is a few hundred herd less then the bigblock . Ron