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  1. Hello fellow owners, here is an update, I spoke with Dan 2 times and he had agreed on the phone to take care of me in several ways. He apologized and said they would make it right for what happened to me and that given so many of the issues where Chaps and more importantly the dealer, there would be a resolution. We scoured my overcharges in the invoices for warranty items which were in error and I was in good spirits. Then, radio silence, not even a call back since October.! Not sure why the effort initially to leave me completely hanging. If there are other 327ssx owners having issues due to
  2. Update, I stopped taking her to my Chap dealer that was just not able to get these issues squared away. I took to a Volvo only facility and holy mackeral, what a difference. I had prob 10K of warranty work done immediately and had her back in 3 days. There were so many sensors and thermostats and joystick issues, failed water pumps, EVC was basically swapped out along with several other EVC components . If you are in S Florida and need VP work, PM me, I have had a great experience with Powerhouse Marina in N Miami. My Chap dealer would have taken several weeks to diagnose and (possibly)warrant
  3. I sent a letter to Don Osbourne about my Chaparral issues, have not heard back yet. The drama continues, I now have after one year of ownership 2 8.1 L engines that need new risers and manifolds after constant overheat issues. The boat may have been used prior to being sold to me as I flush after every use and they are completely rusted out and she's going back in now for hopefully what will be Volvo warranty work. Keeping my fingers crossed that Volvo steps up as I have completed my 20 hour initial service and the 100 hour service and there were no issues brought to my attention. This boat ha
  4. Delaney, my 327 keeps getting sea grass in the impeller and Im about to change them myself to quit the alarms for high exhaust and coolant temp constant alarms. have you had to change them a few times? not sure why I keep having the issue, could be the my intake on bottom of hull was damaged by sitting on the racks. Do you buy the impeller kit online?
  5. I may have that same issue, the latch for the swim platform is removed as it failed and its just an open hole. I will check to see if there is water as well. Can you keep this thread posted as to what you find? Nobody having the high exhaust temp alarm?
  6. As some of you have read from my other posts, the first year of ownership has been a challenge, several manufacturer issues were left to the owners and dealers to shore up, kinked gas lines, EVC computer updates and errors, loose screws and hose clamps, malfunctioning auto return trim tabs leading to damage, generator repairs galore...reversed gauges and the list goes on. My newest issue is the exhaust temp sensors being triggered and reducing RPM's. I have had the corroded sensors replaced but it seems the engine gets so hot (Volvo 400HP w joysticks) that the sensors are being tripped to redu
  7. Thanks for the comments everyone. It truly is mind boggling. I just cant wrap my head around the labor charges for warrantied items, everyone says they are covered, but it still seems to play a factor. The belts are a continual issue with noise, corrosion on so many connections and latches only after 1 year have failed. The generator doesn't work properly even after service and the transducer failed and that along with the EVC issues has had this boat in for services that are lengthy and expensive. Shes a beautiful boat and super fun to be on, but be warned, It has not been an endeavor I would
  8. I purchased a 2011 brand new 327 SSX from a dealer in SC with the big block volvos EVC and joystick. My 20 hour service kept her in the dealer for 3 weeks to trouble shoot a faulty fuel sender and a host of other EVC errors as well as manufacturer issues, kinked gas lines, faulty battery wiring, broken gauges, snapped belts, basically if something could come loose, it did. Harttop screws, captains chair sliders broken, door latch falling off, spot light wiring faulty.Not This was a horrible first service. So after 3-4 weeks of finally getting most of this squared away, and although SOME of thi
  9. I had my latch on the cabin door replaced, apparently some had an issue and couldn't be opened from the inside. Much better now. Anyone have issues on their 327 with hot water and odor? Only the hot smells like egg, flushed it, but cant seem to shake it? Enjoy your new boat, ours is about 6 months old and after quite a few minor issues, shes humming!
  10. Seems as if I have a calibration and a sender issue. The fule senders are alos under the bench and not accessible from the garage, so its in the shop an most likely they will need to cut holes in fiberglass to replace. Tons of issues with vapor lock and fuel calibration. If I calibrate accidentally while full on an empty tank, it completely confuses the EVC. The fuel pump on port side also malfunctioned and lost an engine on way for 20 hours service. I may be having these issues due to the boat sitting at dealer, but I am certainly having quite few kinks to straighten out. My fuel guages are
  11. Any idea why on the 327 the tanks are independent? While I have been figuring out the calibration on a full tank, I had a port gauge showing 1/2 and it ran out of gas while starboard was actually at 1/2 still. Is this because the genset pulls off the port and empties first? Anyone else have the VP EVC system and trouble with fuel fill and gauges? Thanks!
  12. Has anyone unplugged all batteries to clear out a fuel calibration error? I think I calibrated on a full tank but chose the empty tank option. Both fuel gauges show empty on full tanks! Anyone experience this?
  13. Hello Members, just traded in 220 sea ray sundeck for 327 ssx and holy smokes, what a boat. we would never have gotten a crusier as the kids love the bow and jumping waves the most. getting them out of the south florida sun in the cabin was also a goal and the cabin on her suits this perfectly without eating up deck space. a few questions i need help with, what would cause blue water to come up through head on maiden voyage? also after a fill up on both sides, SB side shows empty on both the digital volvo gauge and the analog and the deafening alarm wont letup. at first there was an engine syn
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