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  1. Well I think I'm going to get the boat out of storage tomorrow and start getting it ready for the season. (That might be in another month) I have a few little things to do to it and get it all cleaned up.
  2. Hello Scolba 

    my name is martin. Seen your post. I'm also in central IL. Peoria. We boat mostly at Clinton Lake but also go on some really fun trips. Maybe we can link up this summer. 

    1. scolba


      Hey Martin! We hit Clinton a ton too! We normally run from Parnell to the intake side of the plant, and then anchor and swim, chill, drink, and eat there. Pretty laid back most of the time. Haha. That would be cool to meet up some time. 

    2. Challenger604


      We put in at the Clinton lake Marina. We go to the discharge side early in the season then head to the intake side as the season goes on. If you see us definitely stop me and say hello, or let me know when you are heading out and we can meet up. We leave our boat a bunch in the grass on Saturday night is we know we are going back out on Sunday. That way we don't have to haul the boat back to Peoria. But yeah we definitely like to chill on the lake. Lol

  3. Seeing all these replies makes me want to start on mine now. However they are calling for snow on Sunday. Grrrrrr
  4. Now that's a shiny boat. That looks great.
  5. What's the best wax or rubbing compound you have used on your boat. I'm ready to really give it a good waxing before we splash it this year.
  6. Well...snow is in the forecast this evening again here in central Illinois. SMH. I really want to get a few maintenance things going on the but it's to cold. I have a hunch we are going to skip spring ang go straight to 90 degree weather. At this point I will gladly take it.
  7. Not sure if you guys are feeling this way but here in the Midwest the weather is terrible. We are about 25-30 degrees below average. Today the high was only 35. There is even a little snow in the forecast. SMH. I have major cabin fever and feel angry and have low energy. This winter has been tuff but I was hoping the end was in sight. Now with these temperatures I'm not sure when it will end. There is a few projects I have to do on the boat but it's to cold out for me to work on it. I have a houseboat trip planned for mid June and that's what I have to look forward to but if the temps don't increase the water is going to be a little cold. Does anyone else feel this way?
  8. Lake Cumberland to the south of me and Torch Lake and Lake Erie to the north and east of me.
  9. Not to many places to stay away from. It's deep just about everywhere. The weekends in the summer around the falls and Harmon Creek might not always be "G" rated if you have young children. We have the HB down to a science. It has turned into more of an event. The boat we rent has 6 rooms. So 6 couples. If more people come get another boat or they can stay in the lodge. It really is one of the most fun and cheapest vacations we have done. If you decide to do this and have question let me know. Hope this helps. -M
  10. Absolute wijeff It's impossible to not have a good time at Lake Cumberland. We go every single year, every other year we do a houseboat trip, on the off years we stay at the lodge at Jamestown marina. I believe it is some of the clearest water in the Midwest. There are two waterfalls that we go to a lot. We sometimes just go cruise up the lake for 20 miles or so. We know the lake very well It's very deep fairly wide in many coves that you can get peace and quiet in for those awesome afternoon naps. I'm assuming you are from Wisconsin and I am from Central Illinois and it is a very easy tow to get to the lake. If I can help anymore please let me know. We are going on another houseboat trip there this June with 15 other people. We can't wait for summer time.
  11. Thanks for the info guys. We will keep a close eye on the weather. It would be something totally different for us to see the show from the water.
  12. Not sure if this is in the right forum. But the Chicago Airshow is August 19/20th. Has anyone ever gone and watched from the water. I really want to do this as it seems like a great atmosphere. Or is anyone planning on going? Any tips on where to launch and park my truck and trailer. Thanks folks in advance.
  13. My inlaws own a place in Port Clinton. I would be in for that. Not sure what Labor Day is like but the sandbar across from Sandusky is a decent place to hang or PIB.
  14. Heading to the lake Sept 15-18. Staying at Jamestown Marina. If anyone is in the area let us know and we can hook up.
  15. Hey TP PM sent. It would be nice to meet other Chappys. Hope I get there and we can link up. Blue Skies and Tail Winds my friend.