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  1. Thanks for the info guys. We will keep a close eye on the weather. It would be something totally different for us to see the show from the water.
  2. Not sure if this is in the right forum. But the Chicago Airshow is August 19/20th. Has anyone ever gone and watched from the water. I really want to do this as it seems like a great atmosphere. Or is anyone planning on going? Any tips on where to launch and park my truck and trailer. Thanks folks in advance.
  3. My inlaws own a place in Port Clinton. I would be in for that. Not sure what Labor Day is like but the sandbar across from Sandusky is a decent place to hang or PIB.
  4. Heading to the lake Sept 15-18. Staying at Jamestown Marina. If anyone is in the area let us know and we can hook up.
  5. Hey TP PM sent. It would be nice to meet other Chappys. Hope I get there and we can link up. Blue Skies and Tail Winds my friend.
  6. I fly for a living. Sometimes I just don't want to see airplanes if I've been super busy. Other times I get excited about them. However this is on my list to go see. I'm a few hours drive away. I will get there in the next few years. It would be very cool to meet some fellow Chap folks at the show.
  7. We put a swim platform on the ol chap. Best addition I have ever bought. Next will be a bimini.
  8. We live in central IL also and boat on Clinton and Shelbyville Lakes. However we do travel a bunch with our boat. A few trips to Sandusky Ohio (6 hours) and our annual trip to Lake Cumberland (7 hours). We have done the Ozarks once. We plan on going to Torch Lake (7 hours) late next year.
  9. I would love to do a Keys cruise. I'm just worried about salt water in my motor. (It's a Merc). Did you fresh water guys on this trip have to prep or do anytime the engine after you pulled out of the water.
  10. As soon as they open the registration for this we are signing up. Making it a guys weekend. Never done something like this. Looks like a blast.
  11. Thanks guys. I really like what Boat US had to say. I have United Marine Underwriters and they have been good but figured I would shop around this year. They can only go so low and my trailer is not covered whatsoever. Boat US gave me a very low deductible for the same as what my premium is now and the cover my trailer totally. Mad of right now I think I will go with them but will check a few other places.
  12. Well for me it's about that time of year to renew my insurance. Just got a quote from Boat US. Wow is all I can say. They seem to have the best deal by far and I get my trailer covered as well. What are you folks using for your insurance?
  13. With all the great advice I have received I will be heading to the Chicago Boat Show next weekend to take a look at some skis. I won't buy one but will get a good look at what's new. Thanks everyone.
  14. This is all great information. Do you folks work on them yourselves? I do my own work on my boat. As far as what I'm looking for is one that is fun and not a maintenance headache. I guess that puts me out of the supercharged/turbocharged ones. I don't need to be a speed demon but something around the 60mph range. This winter should be fun looking for one and boat show season is almost here. Hope to get a few ideas there. Thanks again.
  15. Thanks guys. I have not towed my boat to Florida. It has a painted trailer and its fresh water cooled so don't want to run salt water in it. I believe we would use the PWC a good amount during the summer along with our boat. We rent them all the time when we go on vacation to Florida so though maybe I should just buy one. My tow rig is a GMC Yukon so I'm not worried at all about gas mileage towing it. Are the trailers good enough to tow that far is my worry as well as is it a hassle. I also believe we would start with one as see how much we use it then get a second if it was the right thing to do. I do appreciate all the advice and information. It really helps my decision making on this.