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  1. Thanks for the reply. As well as the advice. The move would happen in the next 2 years or so. Boating consumes a big part of our life so being in the right area is key for us. Thanks again
  2. Definitely. Always a great time with friends that life to be on the water.
  3. We are actually heading there this summer right after the July 4th holiday. We are coming from Illinois and meeting with friends from Cincinnati. Really looking forward to this trip. Have heard nothing but great things about the lake.
  4. We own a vacation house in Clearwater Florida but I don’t have the guts to bring my boat down and put it in saltwater. I’m terrified as to what it will do to the engine and trailer.
  5. Hello All, Well the time seems to be approaching that we might be relocating to Dallas/FW this year. I’m a northern Midwest boater and frequent many lakes here. It will be nice to have my season extended a few on both ends in Texas. Since I have never been boated in the area we have been looking at the Lewisville Lake surrounding area. What can you tell me about that lake and other lakes I should be looking at or staying away from. I have a 21ft Chap if that makes a difference. Thanks
  6. Happy New Years. so my wife and I take our boat on lots of vacations and explore new lakes. The farthest from us here in central Illinois is to Lake Cumberland. Usually twice a year. We have done the Ozarks and Lake Erie. These trips can sometimes be as short as a long weekend. My question is do you take yours on trips like this? If so how far away, how long?
  7. All the lake are closed here in Illinois. I would normally be getting ours prepped for the season. Won’t even get it out of storage until this changes. With the terrible spring we had last year I was really excited for this year’s boating season. We had a Table Rock trip and a Lake Cumberland trip planned. Frustrating to say the least. I have been riding my bike more so I guess there’s a silver lining.
  8. Well as this spring boating is up in the air as well as the summer we have cancelled all of our summer trips. I know many of us are in the same situation. I’m just thankful to have my health and families health. It goes without saying I’m thankful for each of you all on this forum. We will get back to what we love doing in the summer months. Hang in there. All the best friends.
  9. Thanks a bunch. As the time gets a little closer I’m sure I will be reaching out to you. We are looking forward to getting to the lake and exploring.
  10. Thanks for the insight and responses. We are looking forward to this vacation as it’s a new spot for all of us. I’m sure there will be questions coming and I will lean on you guys for guidance.
  11. As this boating season is starting to come to an end, we have talked with friends about another lake vacation. We have all settled on Table Rock Lake. We have rented a houseboat for June 2020. Non of us have been to the lake before. We have heard good things. What hasn’t been talked about are places to checkout like the party coves or gathering spots as well as cliff jumping spots. We have rented the houseboat bear the town of Kimberling. We have rented houseboats on lake Cumberland for the past 7 years and the group wants to checkout a new spot. Hope this is the right place to post this
  12. I have an inboard mercruiser. I want to put my boat in the mid Chesapeake area around Baltimore and or the Kent Island area. Would this hurt the block and drive with the brackish water. If I did this would a really good flush after using it do the trick to clean it out. Thanks in advance for the advice.
  13. It’s a bummer. We where really looking forward to this trip. We will try for late next year. Summer just now sprung in the Midwest. Anytime below 70 is uncomfortable to me so 52 was out of the question.
  14. Well unfortunately we are postponing our trip to Torch. Was really hoping the water temperature would come up but the trip is in 3 weeks and the water temp is 52 degrees. Soooo we are heading south to warmer water. We will plan a Torch trip for next year in August.
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