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  1. Happy New Years. 
    so my wife and I take our boat on lots of vacations and explore new lakes. The farthest from us here in central Illinois is to Lake Cumberland. Usually twice a year. We have done the Ozarks and Lake Erie. These trips can sometimes be as short as a long weekend. 
    My question is do you take yours on trips like this? If so how far away, how long?

  2. All the lake are closed here in Illinois. I would normally be getting ours prepped for the season. Won’t even get it out of storage until this changes. With the terrible spring we had last year I was really excited for this year’s boating season. We had a Table Rock trip and a Lake Cumberland trip planned. Frustrating to say the least. I have been riding my bike more so I guess there’s a silver lining. 

  3. Well as this spring boating is up in the air as well as the summer we have cancelled all of our summer trips. I know many of us are in the same situation. I’m just thankful to have my health and families health. It goes without saying I’m thankful for each of you all on this forum. We will get back to what we love doing in the summer months. Hang in there.
    All the best friends. 

  4. On 9/20/2019 at 10:04 PM, Jerico said:

    Send a pm if you’d like and I can give you my email.  I watch it more than here and am glad to help a fellow boater. If you’re looking for a beautiful lake Table Rock is hard to beat. 

    Thanks a bunch. As the time gets a little closer I’m sure I will be reaching out to you. We are looking forward to getting to the lake and exploring. 

  5. As this boating season is starting to come to an end, we have talked with friends about another lake vacation. We have all settled on Table Rock Lake. We have rented a houseboat for June 2020. Non of us have been to the lake before. We have heard good things. What hasn’t been talked about are places to checkout like the party coves or gathering spots as well as cliff jumping spots. We have rented the houseboat bear the town of Kimberling. 

    We have rented houseboats on lake Cumberland for the past 7 years and the group wants to checkout a new spot. Hope this is the right place to post this and thanks in advance for your thoughts. 

  6. I have an inboard mercruiser. I want to put my boat in the mid Chesapeake area around Baltimore and or the Kent Island area. Would this hurt the block and drive with the brackish water. If I did this would a really good flush after using it do the trick to clean it out. Thanks in advance for the advice. 

  7. It’s a bummer. We where really looking forward to this trip. We will try for late next year. Summer just now sprung in the Midwest. Anytime below 70 is uncomfortable to me so 52 was out of the question. 


  8. Well unfortunately we are postponing our trip to Torch. Was really hoping the water temperature would come up but the trip is in 3 weeks and the water temp is 52 degrees. 

    Soooo we are heading south to warmer water. We will plan a Torch trip for next year in August. 


  9. 12 hours ago, TexasPilot71 said:

    It's only 42 miles Ft. Lauderdale to Bimini.  VERY easy crossing if the weather window holds.  As others mention, go with a group.  @jeffk is spot on about the flings.  I went with him last time and it was great.  You're a corporate pilot, so your risk assessment is already built into your DNA.  Use it and you'll be just fine.  Get SeaTow or BoatUS towing package for piece of mind.  I even took an aviation liferaft for added piece of mind.  Pick up one at National Jets FXE (via my friend's company FBO Logistics).  If you go in the May-July period, there is a TON of other traffic within radio range between there and the coast.  It IS an epic trip.  Highly recommend, but have a "plan B".


    Thanks TP. The risk assessment would be definitely high. Like the idea of a plan B. I also like the idea of going over for the first time with a group. Thanks for your reply and insight.


  10. Thanks for the info. We have a small group of us going. Staying by the sandbar. Good thinking on the clothes. I can believe it gets a little chilly at night. 

    Thanks again. 

  11. Well we usually go to Lake Cumberland every summer for either a week or a long weekend. Well this year we are changing it up a little. Us and a group of friends are heading to Torch for a long weekend in July. We have never been to this lake. Has anyone been? Anything we need to check out other then the “sandbar”? We are staying on the south shore of the lake.

    Thanks for the info fellow boaters!!

    Here is to an awesome boating season!!!!

  12. Hey Guys. After ready the post last year about the Bahamas Fling and really wanting to join in, it had me thinking. I see so many people doing trips to the Bahamas on boats around my size. (21ft open bow Chap). They seem to be jet boats, outboards or cruisers however.  I have a little time on my hands for next year and thought it would be a blast to go over on my boat. I know about being mindful of the weather and wave forecast and customs etc. I guess what I’m asking is..is this possible and worth it. Just seems like an epic trip to do. 

    Thanks in advance 

  13. Well we have just spent the last three weeks at our home and now headed back to IL. We did bring our new to is SeaDoo. It was a disaster. We bought it from a dealer and did a checkout on it. My son was riding and within 45 mins the thing filled with water and almost sank. Got it fixed and cleaned the salt water out. Fixing dealer said there where hoses not attached and the selling dealer should have noticed that right away. The dealer I bought it from said basically sorry about your luck. 1K repair bill later. Put such a bad tast in our mouth we are selling and going to just stoke with our trusty little Chap. 

    Anyways the weather was perfect and was awesome to spend the holidays with my family and parents at the house. 

    Heres to a great 19 boating season everyone. 

  14. 12 hours ago, Denny said:

    My E Z-Loader trailer is painted only on the outside. If you have concerns, find a water drain hole at the back of the trailer and hit the insides of the tubes with fogging oil through one of the holes, it will form a moisture barrier.  Denny.

    Denny. That’s an awesome idea. Never thought to do that. I also like the idea of having it forklifted of the trailer and put in the water. A friend also though to fine a freshwater lake a splash the trailer and boat in that. These have really peaked my interest to bring our boat on holiday with us. 

  15. On 9/2/2018 at 9:42 AM, Hatem said:

    Do it and enjoy the boat.  Take it, launch it and have fun and don't worry about the trailer paint.  Rinse it down with a sprayer hose as best you can, even scrub and wash it with soap if you want and enjoy the boat. If you worry about these kinda things, you'll limit yourself in getting the most out of your boat.  The inside of the trailer tubes are bare anyway, aren't they?  I doubt they got in there with a sprayer and painted them inside unless they dipped them in paint which I highly doubt they did that.  Nothing is going to stay in mint condition forever so do the best you can and get the most out of your boat. 

    Thanks Hatem. You are right that things won’t be mint forever. I like your way of thinking on this to get the most out of the boat. 

  16. Hello. So my wife and I recently purchased a vacation home on the golf coast. We live in the Midwest and that is where we boat. We will be vacationing for three weeks over the holidays and was think it would be fun to bring our boat or Jetski with us. I understand that after use I would need to flush the engine with salt away and give the exterior a good bath. But what about the trailer. They are painted and have surge breaks on the boat trailer. Have any of you taken a painted trailer and put it in salt water. Anything special you did other then wash it. Or is this just a pipe dream and I should not do this. Thanks for your help and input. 

  17. 4 minutes ago, Wingnut said:

    Maybe you rent to us. Ha...  We are going to spend a season or two neighborhood shopping.   W

    That’s a possibility. It’s mins from the boat ramp and beach. Has a big fenced in backyard with a double gate to drive a boat through. 

    Keep in touch. 

  18. On 7/4/2018 at 8:53 AM, Wingnut said:

    We are right behind you. Port Charlotte is calling our name. Rented a place for a month in Cape Coral starting mid November so we can do some neighborhood shopping. W

    Congratulations on being able to do that. You will love it. 

  19. It is surreal for us. Going to rent it out a little until I retire. We have a jet ski that will spend it’s winter here. Illinois is depressing in the summer and incredibly depressing in the winter. 

    Thanks for the comments. It’s nervous doing this but once it’s said and done it will be fine. 


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